Coconut Oil as Lube?

10 Ways to Use Lube During Sex

Lube is the unsung hero of sex. It's galaxy brain-level sex-having, because it's so obvious, yet so brilliant, and once you know about it, you'll think back on the time before you did as the horrid "before years."

For some reason, lubricant has this fuddy-duddy reputation as something that's only for people who've "dried up." But there's absolutely no truth to that. Lube, in all its glory, is for everyone—as in, everyone should be using it more times than not. And not justusing it, but using it creatively.

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No shade, but if you're new to the lube world, there are a few things you need to know. First, lubricant can be made from four different materials: water, oil, petroleum, or silicone. Water-based is the safest option if you're using condoms (since it won't break down the rubber), plus, it can be easily washed away from your bodies, sheets, whatever, post-coitus.

Silicone-based lube is great for shower or pool hookups and anal sex because it generally stays slicker for longer and won't wash away in water. Just know some silicone-based lubes can break down condoms, so use a backup birth control method and communicate clearly with your partners about STIs.

Now for the fun stuff: Here are 10 ways you probably aren't but totally should be using lube. Go forth, and enjoy the slippery ride.

  1. Use it before sex even happens.Lube has this reputation as being something you pull in off the bench during penetrative sex when a partner is having a harder time maintaining their own lubrication, and this is total BS. Help break this taboo by bringing your new slick friend out during foreplay. Have a partner place some in their palm and grind your vulva and labia against it for a new twist on a hand job for women

2. Use it for a warming massage.The first rule of using warming lube (it heats up with any body-to-body contact or friction) is to never use it without telling your partner first (unless you want them thinking you've just put Icy Hot in their private parts). Other than that, there really are no rules–go forth and heat things up! One suggestion? Use a few dollops on your partner's (or your own) nipples for nipple stimulation that's literally hotter than ever.

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3. Use it to amp up his orgasm.During sex with a male partner, dab a few little droplets of lube onto his perineum—AKA the extra-sensitive spot between his scrotum and anus. Just before he orgasms, lightly tap your finger on the lubed-up spot to change the whole damn game and send him over the edge.

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4.Use it when you masturbate.Yes, even sex with yourself can be improved with lube. If you have dry hands, no need to use a moisturizing lotion that could contain unwanted chemicals, especially because you don't want those ingredients inside you. Just apply a few drops of a water-based lube to your finger before touching yourself for a smoother feel.

5. Use it when you masturbatewith a vibrator.Imagine the electrifying pulse of your favorite vibrator hitting all the right spots. Now imagine using that same toy to gently glide over your clitoris with the same power, but a totally different, more fluid sensation. A dab of lube on a vibrator is a total game-changer. Just be careful: If your sex toy is made of silicone, you'll definitely want to use a water-based lube, since silicone lubes can deteriorate soft rubber.

6. Use it during vaginal intercourse, obvi.There's no wrong way to use lube during intercourse. You can apply it directly to your body, or to the penis or condom itself. My personal rule of thumb is to start with a dime-size dollop and work up from there. Sure, you may encounter a point at which it's too much (he's slipping everywhere, it's dripping excessively on the sheets), but that's easily remedied with a paper towel. You don't want to reduceallthe friction, but that threshold is personal for everyone and you'll know it when you feel it.

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7. Use it inside the condom.First off, no guy should ever whine about how using a condom "ruins sex." Buck up, my man. But if your partner is looking for more ways to increase feeling while being protected, Eric Garrison, sexologist and author ofMastering Multiple-Position Sex,has a suggestion."Many guys complain that a condom diminishes the sensation," Garrison previously told "Adding a little lube ups the sensitivity he feels inside the latex." If you put a drop or two inside the rubber before you unroll it, that might unlock a world of feeling, and it should certainly be enough to shut him up.

8. Use it during anal intercourse (obvi).While you might hit a limit of "yeah, too much" during vaginal intercourse, that threshold will be much lower with anal sex, because unlike your vagina, your booty does not create its own lubricant to make things slidey and glidey. SO LOAD IT ON THERE! When it comes to any butt stuff, too much lube and precautions are never enough.

9. Use it during a blowjob.This might sound counterintuitive, but it's true! Sex therapist Gina Ogden, PhD, author ofThe Return of Desire, previously explained: "Women often use spit, but it can be hard to muster up enough. A flavored lube provides enough wetness that your jaw won't get as tired." So there you have it...

10. Use it for a sexy massage.

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