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I am so excited for this trip! I can’t wait to see Colombia, from the photos I’ve seen it’s a beautiful country! I haven’t heard much at all about the RHONY reunion. There is a rumor that Bethenny came hard for Carole, but that script was pretty obvious from the seating chart. Both Bethenny and Carole tweeted implying that they were somehow victorious at the reunion.


It’s time for the ridiculous packing scenes made even more ridiculous Carole packing something that has been worn by Beyonce (allegedly) and Ramona letting us know she sprained her ankle in a walking while texting incident. Bethenny is moving while she is on the trip. Remember because of Luann’s arrest the original trip was cancelled and this new date put in place. It seems to have messed with everyone’s plans.

Bethenny says that Brian, aka red scarf guy, has been texting her non stop asking her out. Bethenny says that she thought he went out for drinks with Ramona afterward. He said he was going to drinks with the matchmaker and Ramona saw them and abandoned her Uber and jumped into his car and invited herself along. She stayed for a few drinks and left early. She’s a nice woman but he has zero interest. Bethenny said that Ramona is not the best look so she is just going to steer away from the whole situation. 

Countess Sophia Vergara

Luann describes Cartagena as a mix of New Orleans and Cuba. That sounds about right. Their house is gorgeous. There is a weird room selection process involving Tiffany boxes that of course Tinsley thought up. It seems to go smoothly. Then Ramona starts bossing the help around. Starting in the kitchen where she tells the chefs that she doesn’t want to eat anything with butter. I’d just give her a single stalk of celery or maybe a boiled potato at every meal.She’s just so difficult. Then she makes some guy hang everything up. Or tries to. He just walks away. Then Ramona lets Bethenny eat fish soup. She’s allergic. She has to hunt down some Benadryl. She is sick as a dog on the bathroom floor with no one checking on her. Ramona should be sued for this. She literally said to Bethenny, “Tell me how the soup tastes.” Such a bitch.

Tinsely brought her own hair and makeup. Scott paid for it. She admits it. The ladies are getting dressed to the nines. Why?What is the point of that. Karma comes quickly for Ramona. She is stuck in an elevator and the cameraperson is not helping. Luann comes out in a wig looking like Sophia Vergara.

At dinner, Carol announces that Brian of the red scarf took her to dinner and he seems to really like her. Carole is having another party with Cosmo about her article about….wait for it…the marathon. Carole says Brian is coming. Bethenny says that Brian is running game.  Carole says he’s not running game he is friends with Bethenny. Bethenny says they are not friends. Carole says that is how Brian described it. Bethenny says so you believe Brian over me. This is just a ridiculous discussion. I think these girls need to be forced to transcribe these pathetic dinner conversations once in a while. It’s excruciating to type. Bethenny tries to point out that it’s odd that Brian is coming after three women in the same circle. And that is true. But Bethenny is not interested in the guy, so just sit back and shut up and watch it all play out. There is nothing to be gained by talking about how many times you turned him down.

All these women dressed in Beyonce’s hand-me-downs brawling over a beautiful dinner is just ridiculous. Bethenny bails and wants to go back to the house; however, she hates the house. I should point out that house looks a lot like one that she simply loved when she was in Guadalajara working with the Volcano relief situation. Dorinda runs straight to Tinsley and tells her that Bethenny doesn’t like the house. Luann and Sonja go with Bethenny. Luann convinces Bethenny and Sonja to explore the town a bit. Bethenny is fine with it now that Carole isn’t around. Somehow they all end up back with each other for drinks. Immediately, Bethenny and Dorinda fight because Dorinda told Tinsley that Bethenny didn’t like the house. Bethenny is melting down. Carole leaves with her side of the house and Luann. Bethenny stays with Sonja. Bethenny is crying. I think it is the allergy stuff. Plus she is moving houses without being there to control everything.

The next day Bethenny apologizes to Tinsley for hurting her feelings. She says she is just under a lot of stress. There are things going on with her custody case, and she is moving to a new apartment while out of the country, she’s on a trip with someone she used to be very close with that she is not close with anymore so that makes her fell awkward and more tension and she feels trapped inside. In her talking head we see the real issue is that Bethenny is on a trip designed by Carole’s new best friend with Carole and she feels like an outsider.

At breakfast, Tinsley gets a giant heart-shaped red rose monstrosity with white roses spelling out TM+SK. I could not be more mortified for her by this juvenile display of tackiness. Yet, she thinks it is great because she has the mental age of around 13 years old. What adult person would want this? This is like a billion times worse than when the TGIF waitstaff sings happy birthday to adults!  Are there still TGIFridays? It looks like a funeral wreath. Apparently he sent 365 roses for 365 incredible days. I need to bang my head on something. I can’t with this. Luann said the same thing. It’s a funeral wreath. Scott gave Carole a gift for Tinsley to be given when the mortuary delivered the left over wreath. It’s a Cartier bracelet. Could these fools be drawing anymore attention to themselves in a country known for its drug cartels? Bethenny feels the same way and politely excuses herself with congratulations to Tinsley. In her talking head Bethenny says if she sees jealous it’s because she is. Basically, Tinsley has everything handed to her and Bethenny works her ass off for every dime she has.

Bethenny talks to Dorinda a bit later and says she is so stressed out she can’t deal. The restraining order on Jason is up at the end of the month. They are still in a custody battle. She is moving. She tells Dorinda not to repeat things that she says to her other people.

The group is getting ready to go shopping and Bethenny goes into a full-blown 20 mind-blowing multi color sandals 2018 panic attack. She can’t go. She’s crying and breaking down. I hope someone stays with her. But she doesn’t want anyone around her. I get that to.

To be continued..


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