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color Do you want to color your home interior with gray paint but feel tired of gray paint choices that do not stay gray because of the undertones that make it harder for you to find the right interior color scheme?

Are you facing some difficulties in looking for true gray paint colors with no undertones?

If yes, you should not look any further since the most remarkable choices are given by Benjamin Moore, an American paint producer that was founded at 1883 and is also known to be one of the most popular paint brands at this point of time.

This post will tell you complete information about Benjamin Moore true gray paint colors that come with no undertones.

Besides, you will also find some other related information that will make you understand better about paint color undertones, especially for gray paint.

What Is True Gray Paint Color with No Undertones Look Like?

Before talking further about the choices of true gray paint color with no undertones, first of all, it is best for us to talk about what the meaning of no undertones is.

Surely, this also means that we will discuss a bit about paint color undertones since both are actually inseparable topics.

First of all, let us talk a bit about what undertones actually are.

To start with, you need to know that every interior paint color has two different types of tone in it. Those are mass tone and undertone.

The mass-tone is not hard to understand because it can simply be explained to be the predominant color of each paint color. This can be black, charcoal black, gray, cloud gray, green, olive green, and so on.

Usually, when people are looking for some paints to apply on their interior wall they only focus on the predominant color without realizing that basically, all predominant colors have undertone(s).

Undertone can be explained as a hint of another color that presents behind the predominant color or a different color that is showing the predominant color.

In other words, it can be said that when you apply a certain predominant color on interior walls later you will see that it looks like some other color can also be seen slightly through it and it looks like the predominant color does not really stay the same because of it. This color is called as the undertone.

In order to make it easier for you, let us talk a bit about some example. Since in this post the main topic is about gray color and Benjamin Moore brand, let us take an example of this brand.

benjamin moore revere pewter HC-172

The example is and how this paint looks like approximately can be seen in the picture above.

This paint color can be included in the category of light gray paint color and for you to know, this is, as a matter of fact, one from about 9 most favorite gray paint colors from this famous brand.

When it comes to undertone, Revere Pewter can be said to have a warm undertone.

Particularly the undertone is faint green or greige, which is known to be the combination of grey and beige colors. It is reasonable then if when we see this color there is some kind of beige color also pops up from it.

benjamin moore rockport gray HC-105

Another example is, which is another favorite choice from the brand. Unlike the previous example, this one has a different undertone. It is purple..

Now that the explanation about undertones is (hopefully) clear, we can go back to the main question. What is true gray paint color with no undertones look like?

In simple words, a true gray paint color that does not have any undertones can be described as gray paint color that does not come with other tones popping out after we apply it on the interior wall..

So, it can simply be said that gray paint color with no undertones, which is also called as the true gray color, will stay as it is after you apply it on interior walls and no other colors will be showing through it.

Now that the question is answered, the next question then is; are there any gray paints that really do not have any undertones?

Well, it is too bad to tell you that actually there is not really gray paint color that does not have any undertone at all.

Although so, you do not need to worry because gray paint colors that only have super subtle undertones that they are very suitable to be considered as true and neutral are actually available.

Benjamin Moore is known to be the brand in which such gray paint colors can be found.

In the following, you will be able to find out 5 true gray wall paint colors with no undertones by Benjamin Moore.

Complete information about each color will also be included especially for you so check them out.

#1. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

benjamin moore stonington gray HC-170

The very first choice in the most remarkable gray paint color with no undertones is. This one can be found in the Historical Collection of the brand.

As explained previously, even this paint color choice is included in the category of no undertones gray paint you always have to remember in your mind that there is actually no gray paint with any undertones at all. As for this one, the undertone is blue.

Even this Stonington Gray paint has a blue undertone, there is a reason why it is also suitable to be included in the category of no-undertone gray wall paint.

It is because the blue undertone is very subtle that the gray paint looks more like neutral gray paint instead of one that will show blue undertone after being applied to walls.

As a gray paint, this Stonington Gray is not actually the one that shows warm look. It shows cool look in the contrary.

This is maybe something that cannot be separated from the fact that it has a very subtle blue undertone.

Based on the fact, the elegant and timeless gray paint color is more suitable to be used in rooms in which cool atmosphere is found to be beneficial.

This also makes the cool-looking paint is not really suitable for bedroom area since warm look usually makes bedroom area better for comfortable rest.

master bedroom with benjamin moore stonington gray HC-170 wall paint

Signature Staging

Although so, it does not mean the paint totally cannot be applied in bedroom walls because it can if you want to.

Pairing it with white or black tones can even make the bedroom area gains a stunning contemporary look as shown in the picture above, in which the gray wall paint is paired more with white tones.

Other than white and black, this gray color paint by Benjamin Moore is also suitable to be paired with different shades of gray as shown in the same picture above.

Of course, some other colors other than gray can also be chosen as pairing for the gray wall paint. Some examples of the other colors can be seen in the two pictures below.

modern living room with benjamin moore stonington gray HC-170 wall paint


small coastal casual living room with benjamin moore stonington gray HC-170 wall paint


#2. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52

benjamin moore gray owl OC-52

The next most awesome no-undertones Benjamin Moore gray paint is this. This paint color can be said to be included in the category of light gray paint.

When talking about undertones, it cannot be denied that this gray paint also has undertones. To be more specific, those undertones are blue and green.

Although so, you need to know that these undertones are super subtle that they are almost invisible to out bare eyes.

This is, as a matter of fact, something that makes the gray paint color generally acts like a light gray color.

Surely, this is also the reason why the paint color is suitable to be called as true gray paint color that will stay gray after being applied to interior walls.

Creating a beautiful interior space by using this Gray Owl color paint is not a hard thing to do. Here you just have to know the right color to be paired with the light gray wall color.

narrow eclectic bathroom design with benjamin moore gray owl OC-52 paint color

Buckminster Green LLC

Naturally, pairing this paint color with white will create not only soft but also beautiful look. You can see an example of this in the eclectic bathroom design shown in the picture above.

The white color that is paired with the Gray Owl paint does not only come from the color of interior trims. It also comes from the color of bathroom appliances and accessories, including also the curtain and towel.

traditional bedroom with benjamin moore gray owl OC-52 wall paint color

Buckingham Interiors + Design LTD

Of course, this Gray Owl wall paint is not only suitable to be used in bathroom interior.

Basically, it is suitable to be used in any room of the house, including also bedroom as you can see in the picture of the traditional 5 bedroom paint color 2018 gray-themed bedroom above.

As you can see in the picture, the existences of two sofa chairs with bluish-gray color, which seems to be flint gray color, is quite prominent.

However, it does not seem to affect the Gray Owl wall paint and does not make the super subtle blue undertone to pop up and become visible.

#3. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168

benjamin moore chelsea gray HC-168

Next, we have as another option of remarkable no-undertones gray paint. Just like Stonington Gray, this one also belongs to the Historical Collection.

Unlike the previous two paint colors, this one is not light. It is more suitable to be included in the category of darker gray paint colors instead. However, this paint color is not too dark.

For the undertones, these are very little. This is surely also the main reason why the paint color tends to act in a neutral way.

This makes the paint color to be suitable to use in both small and spacious room. Moreover, this is also known to be the paint color that is suitable to use not only in the interior but also exterior.

Using this paint color especially for home exterior can result in a fantastic look. This is especially when the paint is applied to the housing body.

When you are about to apply this Chelsea Gray paint in one or more rooms in your house, there is a useful tip that is recommended for you to follow.

The tip is none other but to provide an adequate lighting in every room when the paint color is applied.

The reason why adequate lighting is needed is related to the fact that the paint color absorbs light quite well. Without the adequate lighting, the interior space will only look rather heavy.

If you need some inspiration in using this gray paint color, you can check out some ideas below.

First, let us start with the following contemporary bedrooms for boys.

contemporary boys shared bedroom with benjamin moore chelsea gray HC-168 wall paint

Holly Bender Interiors

The bedroom shown in the picture above is a proof that Chelsea Gray paint, even it is considered a darker one, is also suitable to be used in the bedroom area. This paint does not even reduce the comfy atmosphere in there.

From the bedroom, we also know that natural light can also be taken advantage from in order to manage adequate light in the room. This way the paint will not make the room looks heavy.

The last but not least inspiration from this example is about color compatibility. It is very obvious that the Chelsea Gray paint looks very compatible with black and white color.

contemporary dining room with benjamin moore chelsea gray HC-168 wall paint

barlow reid design

Another idea can be seen in the picture of contemporary dining room above. Even with darker gray wall paint, the dining area still looks inviting.

From the same picture, we also know that the gray wall paint can also look quite nice when paired with natural materials.

In the picture, the examples can be seen in the natural wood dining table and medium tone hardwood flooring.

#4. Benjamin Moore Storm AF-700

benjamin moore storm AF-700

Here, another choice of true gray paint that is recommended to choose is. This one is considered to have medium gray tone.

There are two types of undertones that this gray wall paint has. Those are greige and purple.

Since this paint color is included in the category of no-undertones, the greige and purple undertones are also known to be very very slight. It is reasonable then if these undertones are very hard to notice.

Being in the category of medium gray paint color, Storm still has the ability to absorb light although it is not as strong as the ability owned by darker gray paints.

Although so, there is no need to worry that applying this paint on your interior walls will create a too heavy feeling in there. Still, you are needed to consider about lighting properly when you choose to use this paint color.

If you choose this paint color, you should really consider pairing it with white interior trim. The reason is none other but that the combination of both will create a very decent look.

transitional living room with benjamin moore storm AF-700 wall paint color

Niche Interiors

The first idea you can check out when about to use this Storm gray color by Benjamin Moore is shown in the picture of transitional living room above.

In this picture, the greatness of neutral characteristic of the gray wall paint is clearly show, which means that the very slight undertones are not an obstacle at all.

Here, the gray wall paint is not only paired with white color but also some other interesting colors. Those colors are not only some different shades of gray but also black, navy blue, caramel brown, and crimson red.

transitional kitchen with benjamin moore storm AF-700 wall paint color

Breeze Giannasio Interiors

The next example is this not-so-spacious transitional kitchen.

As told before, the combination of Storm gray paint and white interior trim creates such a good look in the kitchen area.

The use more white color and more natural light in the kitchen area also makes the rather narrow space to look more spacious.

#5. Benjamin Moore Silver Chain 1472

benjamin moore silver chain 1472

The last but not least no-undertone gray wall paint is this Benjamin Moore Silver Chain 1472.

This is also known to be the true gray paint that will stay gray on wall regardless other items you place in the same interior space.

Of course, the meaning of no-undertone nickname given to this wall paint is not that the paint really does not have any undertones. As told earlier, factually all paint colors have undertones.

The nickname is given because the undertones of this gray wall paint are very subtle and are quite hard to notice.

The best thing about Silver Chain is that it also owns the characteristic silver color. It is making any interior space gaining a significantly elegant and luxurious look.

The example of this can be seen in the picture of transitional bathroom below.

luxurious transitional bathroom with benjamin moore silver chain 1472 wall paint

Martha O'Hara Interiors

The Silver Chain gray paint really helps in building the luxurious look in the bathroom design.

This is also supported well with the choice of the bathroom vanity, dressing table, tub, lamp, and even the choice of flooring.

transitional living room with benjamin moore silver chain 1472 wall paint

Carl M. Hansen Companies

Another example can be seen also from this picture of airy transitional living room design.

This design example proves that Silver Chain gray paint is not only suitable to choose to create a luxurious look. It is also a choice that you can pair with bright colors easily because of its true and neutral characteristic.

The collections of true gray paint color with no undertones are remarkable, aren’t they?

All of these paint colors act neutral, which means that even if they cannot totally be said to have no undertones, the undertones they have is very light or very subtle so it will be very hard for us to notice them.

While your curiosity about whether or not there are some gray paint colors that do not have any undertones is already answered, is there any choice from the list above that arrest your attention the most so you want to apply it on your interior or even exterior walls?

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