Black baby boy with green eyes 2018

Date: 14.10.2018, 22:48 / Views: 63152
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Jazmine 2016-11-20 10:23:30

I am 14, dreaming about having a green baby, and raising one, its weird really, because i lived in a castle and my baby lived on a boat amd i would go visit him every day after school, i would always want to take hime to the castle, and my friend had a baby at the same time and she would stay in the boat with her baby, and it was weird becsuse moana, the new movie, and the big dude are in it, and i am taking my baby to the castle, me and my friend are taking our babies to the castle, so the dude from moana wont let us go and he tries to bite us with a fucking turtle, and than we magically appeared in the castle, and then after that, my dreams black baby boy with green eyes 2018 are always changing, and so than there is a party for my baby, in LA where my aunt lives, and there is always a creepy lady staring at us through the window, so when i go get my baby bag, she opens the window and holds me by the neck and tells me something about my baby, and i had a sore throat where i can not scream at all, most of my voice is gone, i start yelling out, MOM, but she didnt hear me, the lady than jumps out the window, and than i get back to where my baby is and i just hold him tightly, and than i woke up

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