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4 Pics 1 Word Solution

Updated to: Level 3132

Please find below all answers to “4 Pics 1 Word”, an ios game developed by LOTUM GmbH.

Find your answer INSTANTLY using this word solver!

Note: In some cases you’ll be shown more than one answer. Please look through all potential answers and try the one that best fits your pics.

Try all of them if you have to.

PLEASE NOTE: The levels corresponding to each set of pictures are probably different than what you see on your device, because the pics are presented in chinese staircase braid bracelet photo a different order with each install.


You can use these other methods to find the answer:

1)Scroll down to see the answers & descriptions for all levels, and find one that matches your pics, then click the corresponding link to see if the pics match what you’re looking for, OR

2)Using your browser’s “search” or “find” function, search this page by inputting a word that describes one of the 4 pics you’re looking for.  For example, if you see a cat in one of your pics, search for “cat” on this page.  Avoid doing searches on phrases – one or two words will work best.  OR

3)Count how many letters your word has, then click on the corresponding link below to browse through all the pics with answers made up of that many letters.



– DRINK – woman drinking from cup, woman drinking bottled water, cat licking stream of water, baby drinking from baby bottle

– JUMP – man high-jumping, person with skis jumping in the air, woman jumping, person jumping

– SWEET – colorful lollipops, chocolate, smiling baby, puppy and kitten looking at each other

– BAT – flying bat, baseball bat and ball, bats & graveyard & moon & haunted house, bat and ball

– PAIR – 2 burgers, 2 ladybugs mating, a pair of shoes/boots, a pair of socks

– CAN – unlabeled aluminum can, blue plastic container (gas? oil?), milk (?) can on grass with yellow flowers, cucumber slices and other food in a full trashcan

– FISH – fish with open mouth, fish hook, long pier, cooked fish fillet and greens

– WATER – water being poured, spraying water against sun, white figure holding watering can tending to a money tree, shower head sprouting water

– SIGN – hand writing with fountain pen, wooden arrow pointing to the right, hand writing with pen, a yellow sign with a kangaroo and the words “NEXT 100 KM”

– WAVE – little girl with backpack waving, seagall flying above water, woman in a field waving, person surfing the waves

– TRAIN – Train Tracks, Exercise Training, 2 girls a guy and a computer, boy holding one finger at a dog

– BALL – Soccer ball through a net, Basketball, Golf ball being placed on a pick, Ballroom dancing

– CHILDREN – 5 kids holding hands and jumping in air, 2 kids colouring/drawing, a class room of kids in classroom raising hands, a happy girl and a younger baby boy

– DIRTY – Bride and groom playing in a wet muddy field, a lady doing laundry, 2 dirty pgs, someone riding a bike through mud

– DATE – Calendar marked with thumb tacks, a man thinking of a girl in a heart bubble, a bunch of dates, a woman cheering white wine with someone

– CROSS – A form marked x with a red pencil, a red first aid box, woman holding boy’s hand and crossing a street, a cross

– ROUND – A blue globe marked with destinations, a pregnant belly, a orange marble, a basketball on an empty court

– QUIET – A woman whispers into a man’s ear, a little girl sleeping with her teddy, someone tip-toeing in the dark with a flashlight, a woman places a finger to her lips to “sshhh”

– ADDRESS – Screenshot of http//:, a double set of blue doors, a woman speaking to an audience, a @ letter in a mailbox

– SOUR – Lemons, red cherries, a little girl eats a slice of lemon, sour cream with onions in a baked potato

– HARD – Man rides a bike up a mountain, a stack of flat rocks, a topless man with ripped body, a walnut

– PULL – Office employees playing tug-a-war, a man pulling a pallet, a woman exercising, a toy horse with a string

– PUSH – A man in a suit point a finger, a man in orange doing a push-up, a woman exercising, a child playing with a truck in the sand

– FAN – A person in the audience stands in stadium, a metal fan, a man with Brazils flag painted on his face in front of Brazil’s flag, a woman with her hair flowing

– SQUARE – A brown photo frame, a white ice tray, a red and white cloth, a black and white checkered flag

– CRANE – A construction crane, a construction crane, 2 cranes flying left, 2 cranes flying right

– CODE – A bar code, a opened number lock, lined up individuals dressed in black, a computer encryption with a magnifying glass looking at a VIRUS

– CARD – A blank card with a red bow, a stack of credit cards, the Ace of Hearts up a slave, 3 Aces

– ROW – A man rowing, a team rowing, rows of empty red seats, a line of smiling individuals

– RIGHT – A green and white arrow pointing to the right, a justice balance beam with books and a judges hammer, a man checks a box, a girl gets A+

– BOW – A woman is playing archery, a man is playing archery, a woman is leaning forward in a red dress, 1 wooden figure bows to another

– LUCK – A 4 leafed clover, a golden horseshoe with a 4 leafed clover, a clear plastic box of ballets, a throw of 4 black dies

– SOFT – A woman dressed warmly in the winter outside, a brown teddy bear, a woman cleansing her face, a woman drinking tea in her bathrobe

– HOT – A chef flambays in a pan, a erupting volcano, a dog in a lawn chair in shades under a red umbrella in the sun, a man and a woman in the sauna

– PLENTY – A wall full of random pictures, a long white table with lots of empty chairs on both sides, a lot of flying flags on poles, a crowd of people in the streets cheering

– TIP – A 5 dollar bill and a cup of coffee, a woman is shocked by a man’s whisper, change left on a plate setting, a thumbs up

– MIX – A rainbow splatter of paint, a sound control system, a colour spectrum of fruits and vegetables, colouring smarties

– TRIP – A man with a backpack trying to hitch hike, 2 girls touring, a falls hazards sign, a man carries a stack of books

– FAIR – Justice of peace statue, a judge’s mallet, the carnival, a girl playing at a games stand

– WET – A woman showering, a man with red umbrella in the rain, a custodian mopping with a machine, kids at a swimming pool

– BLACK – A black owl, 13 black in Russian roulette, a black panther, a man in black suit

– SPORTS – A baseball and a bat in the grass, a group of balls from sports of sorts, a woman plays tennis, two kids playing with a referee

– LEAN – A woman leans sideways into a chair, thinly sliced meat, a slim woman, a man leans on a tree trunk

– RAW – A plate of sushi, a raw egg yolk in egg shell, raw beef cubed, chopped up cabbage

– ROPE – A woman skip roping, kids skip roping, a crane’s arm, a window cleaner hanging in front of a building

– HIGH – A man stands on the edge of a tall building, human engineered ski slopes, high rises, mountains

– GESTURE – A man gives thumbs up, a woman gives the okay sign, a woman shushes with her finger, a woman presents with her right palm up

– BILL – A pile of US money, a woman is working with her books, foreign currency, receipts and a buggy

– YELLOW – A woman in a field of yellow daisies, a man with a yellow raincoat, cap and bag, a hive of honey comb and bees, a woman poses in front of a yellow car

– NET – A screenshot of a web address bar, a computer mouse and the letters ww., a tennis ball flies over a net, a net

– MATCH – A lit match, a line of unlit matches, a woman plays tennis, someone is playing tennis

– BOOK – A student carries a stack of books, a girl reads in the park, a concierge gives keys to a man, a man reading

– BIG – A fish with a big mouth, a boy reads an oversized book, a lady is cleaning a giants shoe, a man with a giant gift

– POLE – A landscape of snow, a woman pole dancing, two flags flying on poles, a landscape of ice and snow

– OLD – Two seniors on a laptop, rings on a ring trunk, pyramids, archaeological drawings

– BLUE – A blue ocean, a girl in blue, a blue sky, a blue budgie

– STAR – Coloured in yellow stars, a red carpet, starry sky, VIP in gold

– LIGHT – Daylight shines through a tree, a light black and white picture, 2 light bulbs, sun light shines on a woman

– HEAVY – An elephant, a heavy weight, hamster is heavier than another, pallet is pulled

– BASS – Musical symbol, type of fish, a bass is being played, a bass

– CATCH – A man is fishing, a boy diving for a baseball, a mouse trap, a man catches his baby

– LONG – A girl stretches her leg in the park, a traffic jam on the highway, a giraffe, long finger nails

– PALM – A swing bed between two palm trees, palm of a hand, palm tree leaves, light on the palm of a hand

– COLD – A woman is cold, an igloo, an ice cube, chocolate ice cream cone

– PARK – A park, a woman with head and arm out the window, a large building (palace?), a parking lot

– ROCK – A bridge between mountains, a rock star, rocks, mother rocks child to sleep

– SUMMER – A sunny day on the beach, a dog in the sun with an umbrella and shades, a lady in a pool, a sunny day in the woods

– STRONG – A bag of spilled coffee beans, ant lifts twig, man lift weights, boy lift weights

– TRUNK – A tree in the fall, an elephant, a dog in the back trunk of a car, a child hugs a tree

– RICH – A bag of money, a big house, gold bars, a yellow race car

– RECORD – A record player, a microphone, a stopwatch, a black record

– RED – A clown with a red nose, red grapes, red in test tube, red hair

– WIDE – Cargos under a bridge, a long river, a woman with open arms, a man and a big smile

– COLLECT – A collection of stamps, a collecting of shoes, a collection of Christmas soap, a little girl collects Easter eggs

– SINK – A couple doing dishes, a man fixes the sink, a boat is sinking, a sunken boat

– SAD – A sad woman, a woman rips a picture, a sad monkey, a sad man

– CHEST – A man’s chest, a wine chest, a treasure chest, a woman’s chest

– VACUUM – A vacuum, pressure gauges, a woman vacuums her car, a opened tin can

– OIL – Kitchen condiments, oil painting, a plate of olives, a woman getting a massage

– POUND – A pile of money, a woman measures her waist, piece of the England flag, a scale

– NEW – The re-fresh symbol on the internet, a new i-pad, almost a new year, a new office

– FAST – A sports car, a running marathon, a stop watch, a cheetah

– DRY – Wheat, a dessert, herbs hanging to dry, laundry hanging to dry

– GREEN – A man in a green sweater and hat, a jumping green crocodile, a soccer ball on a green field, a evergreen tree

– FULL – A briefcase full of money, a full glass of beer, a full shopping cart of groceries, a basket full of apples

– MORNING – A cup of coffee, two people waking up, sun is rising, breakfast croissants

– DOWN – White feathers, a girl holding a pillow with feathers flying, stock is going down, walking down the stairs

– SLOW – Snails racing, traffic jam, seniors walking, a man pushes his car

– HIPHOP – Girl posing in dance, boy holding up boom box, boy in hood against wall with graffiti, man in pose

– PLAY – A boy is pretending to be a pilot, a theatre play, man kicks a soccer ball, someone plays an electric guitar

– CHANGE – A one dollar bill and stacks of pennies, change on a plate with coffee, interchange on train tracks, a fat man turns into a skinny man

– ALARM – A alarm, a ‘press the alarm’ sign, a Doberman dog, the alarm system is on

– LOUD – A dog rides a scooter, a woman screams into a blow horn at a man, a crowd is cheering, a baby is crying

– GAME – Jenga, a man plays chess, a game of soccer, someone plays video games

– TIE – A man in a suit and tie, a man chooses between two ties, a knot in a rope, a ribbon bow tie

– PRESENT – A little girl holds a present, a man presents, a bunch of presents, a woman presents

– TEAR – A child cries, a rope rips, ripped pieces of paper, a crack in concrete

– COOL – A boy poses, a skater leans against graffiti, 3 ice cubes, a cold glass of water with lemon

– WHITE – A wedding photo, a white car, snowy mountains, doctor

– TIME – A man holding a clock, a calendar marked with thumbtacks, the year 2013, a family photo in white

– BED – A wooden bed frame with bed, a black modern bed frame with bed, a bed of herbs, a bed of flowers

– SUIT – A judge, a man in suit and tie, woman in a suit, royal flush

– DUCK – A duck, a man tries to fit in a box, a rubber ducky, a woman prepares to race

– BOX – A woman just moved in, a man holds a box, a boy boxes, co-operate boxing

– KICK – Someone kick a soccer ball, a woman karate high kicks, a man kicks a soccer ball, a pregnant belly

– TREE – An autumn leaf, tree barks, tree branches, rings on a tree trunk

– MOUSE – A computer mouse, a mouse, some uses a mouse, a mouse trap

– CLOTHES – A man in a blue polo, a woman in washed-blue jeans, a wardrobe of (women) summer clothes, a leather jacket

– FLOAT – Giant blue gorilla float, float, two men floats in space, man floats in space

– PAY – Someone writes a check, a red credit card, a pile of money, a woman checks her wallet

– STACK – A stack on rocks in water, a student carries a stack of books, two people plays Jenga, air emissions from two industrial exhaust pipes

– HALO – A ring of stars around the world, a man stands under a ring drawn with chalk, a girl with a fur ring above her head, a light bulb glows blue

– SHELL – Tacos, empty eggshell, a mussel shell with a pearl, chestnuts

– DOT – Three dies, a polka-dot dress, dot com, a dotted image

– BARK – A dog barks, a dog barks, a heart carved into a tree, tree barks

– USA – The American flag with the Statue of Liberty and a yellow taxi, American eagle, fast-food, 5 0 bills in American dollars

– SLICE – Cucumbers sliced, sliced bread, sliced cake, sliced lemons

– MATH – A man tries to do math, children try to do math, abacus, calculator and a pen

– BLUFF – View of the lake from high cliffs, a man jumps between cliffs, a man plays poker, a man plays poker

– FLY – An eagle flies, a man in the sky, two flies, zippers of black jeans

– FRANCE – A dog wearing French beret holding bread and wine, the Eiffel Tower, the French flag

– CAR – A car tire, someone driving a car, a transmission, car exhaust

– PAINT – Painting a room orange, rainbow paint colours, a little girl painting, painted hands

– ROLL – A roll of toilet paper, a roll of newspaper, spring rolls, a roll of 4 dies

– POOL – A swimming pool, billiard/pool table, a man swimming, billiards/poo; table

– BALANCE – Two people tight rope walking, a balance beam, a balance of yen, a woman rides bike on a beach with no hands

– HAND – A hand with an orange watch, a pocket watch, a man and his poker hand, a clock

– KEY – A key in a lock on a door, computer keys, keys and a toy house, computer keys with weeds

– LINE – A racing track, liner paper, an telephone operator, an empty road

– CHOICE – A man with an angel and evil, a man decides between three paths, a woman chooses between an apple and a cupcake, green check marked

– ICE – Ice cubes, girl eats popsicle, ice-caps/glaciers, snow tires

– BUNCH – A bouquet of daisies, a ring of keys, a bunch of grapes, a bunch of flowers

– CELL – Cells phones, a AA battery, solar power panels, red blood cells

– DECK – A deck of cards, a deck on a cruise, a deck of cards, a deck a ship

– MINUTE – A man pulls on the minute hand of a clock, a boy rolls his eyes at his miniature mom, a young chick just hatched, 60 seconds stopwatch

– WALK – 2 people in an open field holding hands, someone hiking, someone walks their Dalmation dog, models on the catwalk

– FALL – Slippery when wet caution sign, autumn, kid falls from the sky, drop zone thrill ride

– LETTER – A dog with mail in his mouth, an opened letter, alphabet cookies, the letter Y shrub

– HOUSE – A construction man is building, white door to a house, attic windows, inside a house

– WEATHER – A sunny day with sun flowers, a night with lightening, frozen leafs on a branch, raining hard

– COAT – A man outside is cold, a woman in a fur jacket, a wall is painted purple, a white peacock fans his tail

– SEASONS – Flowers are blooming, a girl eats ice cream at the beach, fall leaves, a couple is snow sledding

– DRAW – A soccer game is tied, someone sketches, someone drawing guns, a drawing of a smiley face sun with crayons

– STICK – A music conductor, a witch with her broom, a lady plays fetch with her dog, drum band

– IRON – A golf club to hit the ball, a man irons his shirts, gears, iron blows out steam

– MUSIC – A girl listens to her headphones, a music conductor, DJ at a club, music notes flying off the bar

– CUP – A couple have coffee, a cup cake with white icing and a pink rose, a man in a suit holds his champion cup, a woman in a pink bra

– SPIRAL – DNA, a spiral stair case, a spiral picture, a tornado

– GRIN – A man with a magnifying glass in front of his teeth, a girl laughing, a man chuckling, a devil grinning

– FACE – A green eye, a baby’s nose, a woman’s smile, someone is trying to hear

– SPELL – A witch practicing magic, a voodoo doll, the alphabet, a prince frog

– SLEEP – A man sleeps at his laptop, a baby sleeps in a swing bed, a dog is sleeping in a bed, a woman is sleeping in the yard

– CHIN – A woman props her head by the chin, a man tries to do a chin up, a man in a suit is smiling, a woman is smiling and touching her chin

– ARM – An arm, a woman holding an axe, people stretching their arms, knights

– ITALY – The Colosseum in Italy, a boat on waterways in Venice, pizza, the leaning tower of Pisa (white buildings)

– CRANK – An arm with hand on a crank, piece of metal (crankshaft), Foosball table, box with crank

– WINTER – A little girl blowing her nose, a couple snow sledding, cinnamon tea, a snowman

– BEAT – People dancing in a club, doctors listening with a stethoscope, a woman boxing, a man with stereo on his shoulders

– PUNK – A man with a pink mohawk, a girl with many piercings on his face, graffiti on a wall, a girl with and electric guitar

– DEEP – A woman takes a deep breath, a deep blue ocean, a blue starry sky, a deep blue sea

– TENT – A father and son in a camping tent, a circus tent, a tent under northern lights, a native american and his teepee

– BACK – A topless man with a sore back, a man sitting with is back to us, a woman’s back, a man is backing up his car

– INK – A ink pen with a jar of blue ink, a ink printer, ink cartridges, ink smudges

– EMO – Skills on purple wallpaper, the cartoon character Emo, a boy is sad with his girlfriend, a girl dressed in all black

– VOWELS – The letter A in gears, the letter E as a shrub, the letter I, and a wooden O

– CURL – A woman with curly light brown hair, curls of ribbons, a woman with curly blond hair, a strip of film

– FILE – A stack of binders, a mp3 file, file folders, a digital file

– SAND – A sandy boardwalk, a dessert, a sandbox with children’s toy, a beach

– ZIP – A man’s lips are zipped, colourful zippers, a leather jacket, an yellow apple unzipping

– BAKE – A whisk in a bowl of chocolate, kneeing a doe, a man in a bakery, different cookie cutting shapes

– READ – News on electronic tablets (ipad and ipod?), two girls reading in the park, a stack of newspaper, parents reading to kids

– BAR – Gold bars, chocolate, girls night out at a bar, bar tender

– WRECK – A car crash in a swap, an old abandoned ship, a plane crash, old car pieces/parts

– COSTUME – A woman dressed as a clown, a boy dressed as a cowboy, dogs dressed as clowns, a woman dressed for a mask party

– NARROW – A man is too big for his small office, a man’s arms is bound to his body, a narrow alley, a narrow door

– SNOW – A park with fresh snow, snow up at the cottage in the mountain, a group of people learning to skin, a snow man dressed like frosty

– GLASS – Pouring a glass of water from a glass pitcher, a scientist and this flasks, cleaning the wind shield, glass windows of a building

– GERMANY – White castle,woman in black and white holding up beer, the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin), cars speeding on a highway/freeway

– SHAKE – Two people shake hands, chocolate and fruit shakes, a martini glass and a cocktail mixer, a smiling woman wants to shake hands

– BARREL – Over flowing oil, a gun, a sniper, a kitten in a barrel

– PLAN – A to do list, group planning, a man proposes his ideas, a man thinking

– CROWN – A golden crown, a tree, the head of Statue of Liberty, outline of Queen Elizabeth’s head portrait filled with blue white and red stripes

– CAPITAL – The capital B, the white house, the Eiffel Tower, the word NEWS spelt with boggle letters

– LOAD – A woman lifting a box, a packed truck of an SUV, a sand timer, a hunter loading his shot gun

– GRILL – The front bumper of a red car, a stake on the grill, a man yelling and point at a woman, some one is barbequing

– DICTATE – A man of authority, a man writes down a woman’s orders, a woman is recording herself, a man tells tow women what to do

– PLAYER – A little girl plays a game, a baseball player, a man with three women around him, a CD/DVD layer

– CHECK – A man presses the green check mark, a woman examines a sale item, the king has fallen in a game of chess, someone writes a check

– OPEN – A man spread is arms wide open, the gate is open, a man is playing tennis, opening a can food

– AMP – Someone is playing an electric guitar, amp, meter of some sort, a bunch of speakers

– STAGE – A horse pulling a coach at sunset, gestation process of a baby, red curtains, spot lights

– LIFT – A man carries a woman on his shoulders, a penguin lifts some heavy weights, a man lifts a box, a wooden toy lifts apples

– BRIDGE – A bride over a pond, two seniors playing cards, fake dentures, a bridge

– LEAD – Two people cross country skiing, a pencil, a speeding car, a teacher and a student

– SOLE – A man kicks a soccer ball, someone hiking, a type of fish, the bottom of ones shoe

– LACE – Red fancy lace patterns, shoe lace, tying a corset, a pair of shoes

– STUFF – A pile of dishes, a stuffed turkey, a man trying to close his suitcase, a boy stuffing his mouth with spaghetti

– LINKS – A man buttons his cuffs, a broken link in a chain, clicking on a web address, person in black with index finger pointing to a dot in a network of white lines

– MONITOR – A man watches the computer, 4 TVs in the lobby, a machine attached to patients used in hospitals, a computer screen

– PIPE – Construction and underground pipes, pipe valves, lighting a pipe, piles of pipes

– FLUSH – Grey bunny hugs brown bunny, a royal flush, flushing toilet, money down a drain

– SPRAY – A man graffitis a wall, a skunk, a ocean, mist from a bottle

– BUTT – A goat head butts another, a girl grabs a man’s butt, empty beer bottles and cigarette butts, the back of a handy man

– SCREEN – A woman at her desk in front of a computer, a screen, couples looking at TVs, a baker uses a sieve

– PLUG – A drain and a plug, a girl listens to her ear buds, an adaptor, a piece of the puzzle

– BUST – Head of a stone statue, two police man, a woman’s chest, a woman hitch hiking

– DEGREES – A thermometer, a geometric set, a graduating class, a ba gua measurer

– GOAL – Measuring tape around the waist, a woman in front of a net, a computer character holding a check mark box, a soccer net

– HOLD – A woman holding a baby, a woman on the phone, two people holding hands, a woman holds a glass of water

– SHAPE – A woman jogging, picture frames, someone is doing pottery, a triangle ruler

– CLUB – A man teaches to woman how to play golf, a group of people cheering, a soccer huddle, two girls dancing

– TORCH – A devil is holding a torch, a pile of burning wood, a man is running with the Olympics torch, a lit match

– SCOOP – 4 flavours in an ice cream cone, a newspaper, a dog picks up after himself, a ice cream treat

– COACH – A horse pulls a carriage, links of a passenger train, a tour bus, a game plan

– SMOKE – Smoking a cigarette, a girl with a red heart balloon in front of a smoky plant, a type of salmon, a camp fire

– BLOCK – Two people practicing karate, buildings, cheese and bread, mother and child playing with blocks

– TAP – A woman in heels, a telegraph, a dripping tap, a telegraph

– STATE – An ice cube, the 50 states, heating up a flask of liquid, flag (pegs) on a globe

– CAST – An arm in a cast, a man fishing, two girls dancing, someone voting

– PICK – A little girl picks her nose, a man chooses what to wear, a man is carving ice, men working in mines

– FIT – People in a spinning class, man tries on shoes, seniors lifting dumbbells, woman eats green grapes by the bunch

– CRASH – A blue screen on a computer monitor, two car crashes, man plays drum set, a crashed car

– FIRE – A fire, a shot gun, man is yelling at two woman, fireman

– DRAIN – Some pipes, fixing the bottom of a sink, a drain

– NEGATIVE – A sad woman, a film strip, a woman gives thumbs down, a urine test

– RECEIVER – The receiver of a phone, someone catches the football, someone gets a present, a cable receiver

– CHARGE – A woman checks her wallet, a charger, a bunch of batteries, two women in an office

– SEAL – A baby seal, a hand applying an ink stamp, wax being melted for a wax seal, a stamped wax seal saying “QUALITY 100%”

– LEAVES – A train in the station, green leaves, a man goes to the ext, a man with luggage

– SHOOT – A boy plays archery, a boy kicks a soccer boy, someone takes a photo, a boy plays with his sling

– ASSEMBLE – A huddle of girls with hands raised, a man kneeling down, a sign with 4 people in the middle and arrows pointing to them, a car assembly line

– ACE – 4 aces, a tennis player, the ace of clubs, a flying tennis ball

– GRAND – The grand canyon, the lobby of a hotel, a grand piano, a computer game with a man and green fields

– FLASH – A man takes a picture with flash, a strike of lighting, a drawing of lightening, many lighting strikes

– SPOT – A man points as a woman takes photo, a zit on a woman’s face, a woman spies with binoculars, the spotlight

– PINCH – A sprinkle of salt, a boy pinches a girl’s cheeks, some steals a phone from a woman’s purse, a woman pinches her belly fat

– METER – A measuring tape, a parking meter, an energy usage meter, a electric meter reader

– RALLY – A race car in the dirt, a group of people, a rally of people with picket signs, two cars in the dessert

– PERFORM – A operating team in the hospital, a woman in red dress sings, a chemist experiments, a child’s school play

– RULE – The word “unfair!” written on chalkboard with “un” crossed off, man with whistle in mouth holding up a red card (soccer coach), dog with yellow ruler in mouth, a tsar or king of some sort pulling a canon

– SPACE – An empty parking lot, outer space, a minor in a group of people, a key board

– COURSE – A desert plate, a teacher teaches his class, a man plays golf, two people uses a computer

– EDGE – A chef’s knife, two people climbs a cliff, a razor blade, a construction man is mad

– JACK – Jack of clubs, jacking up a car, jack of hearts, jacking up a car

– RAM – 3 cars collide, a ram, a computer part, a ram

– TRACK – Foot prints in the snow, a race track, train tracks, shoe tracks

– WIND – A woman in white and a white sheet blowing in the wind, the wind on the back of an object, baby plays with a roll of string, windmills

– SCORE – A basketball gets into the basket, a sheet of music score, an evaluation form with a smiling face a regular face and a sad face with boxes underneath and a cartoon green pencil with hands standing next to them, letters carved out on a stone tablet or written on sheet of very old parchment

– CHAIN – Gear on a bike, a bracelet on a woman’s arm, flower wreaths on girl’s head, falling dominos

– CARRIER – A mosquito bites, some carrying their grocery, a dove delivers mail, a plane takes off the navy

– GRAIN – A piece of wood, a bowl of sea salt, grains of wheat, grains of sand

– POWDER – A woman puts on makeup, baby formula, gun powder, canon

– CHIP – A bowl of chilli and nacho chips, a casino chip, a chip in the glass, a computer chip

– HOME – Playing baseball, a house, a couple behind a red see-through home frame, home base on the baseball field

– OVERKILL – A hammer to an egg, crowded street signs, little girl squeezes too much toothpaste, overloaded an extension bar

– CLUTCH – Manual car, a little boy begs by grabbing someone’s leg, a shimmer gold clutch, a group of students

– CAPTURE – Cuffed behind the back, shadow of someone cuffed, a man adjusting his camera lens to take a photo, a mouse and a mouse trap

– CHARM – A woman’s side profile, a piggy-bank with a gold coin in its mouth and a lucky charm behind his ear, a 4 leafed clover, a woman smiling in the sunlight

– PRODUCE – An assembly line, fruits and vegetables, black and white photo of buildings their lights on, fruits and vegetables arranged in a heart shape

– HIT – A gold cd in a case, 2 man fighting, a woman in a red dress performs under a spotlight, a car crashes into a tree

– BURNOUT – A motorcycle racer, 1 used match placed in the middle of 8 new ones, a man is tired from reading binders, a man is stressed at the amount of paper on his desk

– CONFLICT – A man debates good vs. evil, a woman debates family vs. money, an army of snipers ready to shoot, a man and woman fight

– RAGE – A man blows steam out of his ears, a woman is furious with her hair standing up, a woman in yellow with curls in her hair, a woman holding 2 polka-dot shoes

– UPSET – A man is bothered by what he see from is laptop, a man is knocked-out in boxing, a man is angry at this laptop, 2 (1 is ready to play hockey) man on the ice

– PEDAL – A man teaches child to ride bike, a tire pump, a woman controls the sound of a piano, a woman sewing with a white machine

– BASIC – A math equation, a girl stares at he plate and water, pH level indicator, dictionary

– MURDER – A crime scene with yellow tape, a woman is unconscious, an empty field with birds flying, a cartoon character straggles another

– STRIP – A beach, plane is taking off, different sized pieces of paper, a woman in a red dress and a man undressing

– DEAL – Two people shaking hands, someone is shuffling, a man on the phone with his thumbs up, a giant key is being handed over a home

– TAKE OUT – A couple is out for a meal, 2 bullies stands over a shitless man, a little girl takes a green binder from her backpack, fast-food container

– MUSCLE – A topless man in a black leather vest, a plate of cooked mussels, 3 man in black suits, white ties, and a top hats, a man lifting weights

– DOMINATE – Horses at a racing track, a cartoon character crosses red finish line, blond woman in red straddles a man lying on the ground, a woman sits on a man on all fours

– SWEETEN – Pouring sugar into a cup, a woman puts a teaspoon of sugar in her cup, honey poured over a spoon, a jar of honey

– SOCKET – A blue eye, an electrical outlet, an x-ray of an inflamed (injured) shoulder, a man’s shoulder

– COUPLE – A young couple under a pink blanket, two gold rings interlinked, two smiling seniors, the part where a boat for example is pulled by a hitch

– STRIKE – A boy throws a punch, a strike in bowling, a snowbird plane, a group of people with picket signs

– BELLOWS – A man in a suit and tie is covering his ears, the tool used to blow a fireplace, an old camera, an old accordion

– STRAND – A stand of DNA, message in a bottle on the beach, a close-up of a woman in black and white, a ship on a deserted land

– BROOD – A girl cartoon character has toothache, a row of young chicks, a hen is sitting on her eggs, to boys thinking

– ACTION – Lights, camera, action board, a group of cyclists, a man running through water in a park, a man in a suit and tie holding two guns

– STRAIN – A man lifting weights, a pulley system, pasta poured into a pot from a colander, a petri dish grows microbes

– WOUND – Wrapping an elbow with rolling gauze, scrape on the back of a hand, a bandage on the sole of a foot, a woman with a bleeding finger

– MONARCH – A black and white photo of a king, a colorful painting of a queen, a butterfly, a monarch butterfly

– TRAFFIC – Black and white photo of a city with a yellow cab, traffic jam, black and white photo of traffic light on green, a man in suit and tie trades something with someone

– STAMP – A post-marked stamp, a collection of postmarks, a set of foot prints in ink, a man places a stamp

– DREAM – A couple thinks of a home, a woman is thinking, a woman is sleeping, the statue of Martin Luther King Jr.

– SCAVENGE – A hyena, a scrap/junk yard, the recycling center, a couple picks up garbage

– COUNTER – A man checks in at the counter, a man stands at a counter, electric usage meter, two teams playing basketball

– PRESS – A manual juice presser outdoors, a person holding a microphone and clipboard, buttons on a machine, printing press

– CONVERSE – A couple sitting in bed faces each other, a woman on her cell, a pair of red shoes, kids playing with a phone made of string and cans

– GUIDE – 3 girl guides, a line of people hiking in the snow, a business man and a woman listens to someone, a couple in front of a church

– MANTLE – The inside of the earth’s core is shown, an older woman helps a younger one put on her white fur jacket, a boy dresses as a super hero, a fireplace

– MEDIUM – Size selection options, film steps, a stake half cooked, a man in dark colors is meditating

– CLOCK – A stock watch, a dandelion, a woman points to her watch, a clock in a church’s tower

– INDICATE – A pH scale indicator, the backlight of a car, a taller boy in burgundy points at a boy in green’s head, two cars

– SNAP – A woman breaks a cigarette, a woman snaps her finger, a boy does “oh no” face, a girl pulls at her hair in frustration

– TEASE – A blond woman’s hair is combed by someone else, two kids make faces at one another, three girls laugh, a man and a woman’s hair is tied in a knot

– CRADLE – A picture of Jesus is born, a receiver is not placed back onto the phone, a baby’s crib, a magnetic toy

– SHARP – View through a pair of glasses is clear in a hazy background, a razor leaves a red line, knives, a man is ready to shave

– STROKE – Painted vertical black lines, painted horizontal blue lines, a woman with long curly red hair, a man plays tennis

– CREDIT – Slot game machine, an ink pen with a stack of coins, loan application, the end of a show

– DIVINE – A woman waves her hand over a crystal ball, a twig on the ground, Buddha, a glowing cross

– ALBUM – Two woman looks at a photo album, a cd, the cover of a cd, a pile of black and white photos on an open book

– SPIKES – Someone is hiking in the ice and snow, someone is running track, a porcupine, rusted pegs on a pile of rocks

– SEWER – A woman tailor, water flows out of a pipe into a late, someone is sewing with a machine, pipe lines

– NOVEL – A little girl reads under her blanket with a flashlight, a mans book comes alive, parents reading to their kids, the yellow crumbled paper jumps out from the rest

– BLUBBER – A baby is crying, a slab of bacon, a seal, a woman cries

– ROSE – Pinkish-white roses, red roses, stocks going up, bar graph increases

– PRIVATE – A woman whispers into a man’s ear, a man’s lips are zipped, the spikes on top of a metal fence, three blue binders are locked with chain and padlock

– POP – A needle to a red balloon, a man is singing, bottles of drinks, an open champagne bottle and a set of glasses

– RING – A wedding photo, an engagement ring, a woman on the phone, a woman on her cell on laptop

– DULL – A math equation, a emotion icon un-impressed, a man alone at a party, a bored woman holds a sticky note to her head

– BLOOD – Blood is running down a white canvas, a mosquito is full from blood, a vampire just finished feeding, a person donates blood

– JOINT – Someone is lighting a roll of marijuana, a hand, a wooden figure, someone is grabbing their knee

– SERVICE – An entire dinner set, people at church, workers of a hotel, army men in a line

– EFFECTS – White flashing spotlights, colorful spot lights, a soccer ball leaves a trail of blue flame, red lights

– PRIZE – The #1 trophy, the “BEST” ribbon, a team wins a trophy, someone wins a medal

– TAG – A SALE tag, discounted tags, the tag inside the jeans, kids and adults running in the park

– BICYCLE – a hand spraying a can of WD-40 into a bicycle chain, a bicycle bell, a bicycle seat, chain and lock on a bicycle

– WINDOW – a hand pulling open a door / window, bunch of window panes, a hand cleaning glass with glass wiper, a horse sticking its head out of a little window

– FRUIT – little kid eating a banana, dark skinned woman smiling and holding up green apple, a bunch of pineapples, glasses of fruit juices surrounded by fruits – lemons, orange, lime and grapefruit

– ISLAND – boat with white sail approaching shore with pine tree and beach chair, boat being rowed ashore with mountains in background, boat approaching a heart-shaped island with trees planted in heart shape, sail boats on a lake / ocean and land covered in green vegetation

– WINE – glass of wine beside a barrel at dawn/sunrise or dusk/sunset, two wine corks, glass of wine with cheeses and grapes, bunches of grapes on vine

– MOTHER – lioness with baby lions, pregnant woman in tank top sleeping, hen with bunch of chicks, smiling woman holding baby in diapers

– PINK – a bunch of pink and red flowers, pair of feet with pink slippers sticking out from pink convertible, baby with eyes closed and hands holding up chin wearing knitted pink hat, a pink unicorn

– HERO – little boy wearing superhero costume, cartoon of man wearing cape standing on top of mountain, man with sword riding horse, cartoon figure of a green superhero

– PARTY – children’s birthday party, wine glasses with socializing people in background, ladies dancing and drinking, young women wearing birthday hats and blowing on party blowers

– SWORD – bald man in black martial arts uniform holding up samurai sword, pirate holding sword and gun, alien/robot holding up a sword, man in armor holding a sword

– GIFT – woman with red hair wearing hat pointing to camera and holding up an envelope with a red ribbon tied around it, a red box / present with white ribbon tied into a bow, man holding up box/envelope with red ribbon tied around it, two kids holding a white box with green ribbon

– BEANS – green beans, field of crops and two hands holding a bunch of round yellow seeds, a sac of coffee beans spilling out onto a dish with a cup of steaming coffee, beans with tomato sauce on piece of bread

– CRY – a little girl crying, a baby crying, a woman with a tear running down her face, a man on the phone wiping his eyes

– AIRPORT – a smiling woman in uniform greeting a man in suit, a row of chairs and big windows with a landed airplane outside, an airplane taking off, a blue airplane on the ground

– CHAIR – a bunch of chairs at some tables by the side of the road, a smiling little girl with her chin on her folded arms leaning on the back of a chair, a worn chair with slits on the seat, a lime green chair against an old dirty wall

– BOWLING – bowling balls, bowling shoes on racks, a bowling ball sending pins flying, a girl about to send bowling ball down the alley while a guy looks on

– ZOMBIE – group of zombies, cartoon zombies, a mummy

– PILOT – a hat that’s a part of a uniform, two people working on control panels, a man in helmet and vision shield and a microphone, a man in uniform holding up a toy airplane

– ANIMAL – five sheeps/lambs, a puppy and a kitten looking at each other, a squirrel on a tree, elephants

– SAUSAGE – slices of salami and sausages, slices of carrots in sauce, sausages in spirals with slices of cucumber and tomato, a loaf of meat with a piece cut off and green onion on it

– SNORE – a sleeping elephant, a guy sleeping and a girl plugging her ears, a guy sleeping and a girl blocking her ears with the pillow, a man sleeping on the sofa with his mouth open

– DIVING – a girl swimming, two divers, man wearing scuba mask, woman holding a wide eyed baby swimming under water

– KISS – a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek, a woman kissing a nerdy looking guy on the cheek, a bunch of lipstick marks in different colors, a man and a woman kissing

– GHOST – shadow of a person with hands on glass, a ghost of a woman walking in the forest, a cartoon ghost, a child dressed up as a ghost with a blanket and two holes as eyes

– STINK – little girl holding her nose, a bull dog lying beside a pair of feet wearing socks, a skunk, a man smelling his armpits and grimacing

– TOOTH – an opened mouth showing teeth with a missing tooth, a cartoon tooth fairy, toothbrushes of different colors, tooth paste in white blue red squeezed out of the tube

– FATHER – man holding a baby, man and child brushing their teeth together, man and baby sleeping, man with child on his shoulders walking on the beach

– BRAIN – diagram of a brain, a brain running the treadmill, model of a brain

– RUIN – what’s left of a stone building, the inside of a building that has broken windows and big hole in ceiling, a building being torn down, a couple of ancient buildings

– JAPAN – sign of a white hand in a “V” victory sign and a red circle, mountain (Mount Fuji) and city (Tokyo/Osaka), sushi on a plate and chopsticks, woman wearing a kimono holding a paper umbrella standing under a tree with cherry blossums

– FUNNY – man and woman wearing 3-D glasses holding bucket of popcorn, a clown, a woman with tongue sticking out and hair streaming behind her, woman having tea and laughing

– FOAM – guy with shaving cream covering entire head and face except the eyes and holding up shaver, man washing his hair, hands with soap suds, woman taking a bubble bath

– REPAIR – cartoon man holding part of a broken vase / bottle of glue on table, a mechanic fixing a car, roll of duct tape, various tools hanging on a piece of wood

– MEDITATE – person meditating in sitting position, shadow of person meditating facing the ocean and rising/setting sun, statue of a Buddha in meditating position, part of the face of a Buddha statue

– FROST – a tire driving through snow / icicles on car, leaves with frost, a snowflake, a pool of water with trees that have snow on them

– VAMPIRE – a cartoon bat with head of a vampire, a bat, woman dressed as vampires drinking wine, a vampire

– SKIN – a birthmark, a woman pinching flesh on her belly, hand smearing cream onto a man’s back, hands massaging a woman’s face

– BITTER – glass of lemonade, cut open grapefruit, a man pouring photo medicine onto a spoon, a woman in a winter jacket holding a cup and grimacing

– NIGHT – a dog wearing a sleep mask with its paw on a clock, the moon above the clouds, a cartoon girl lying on the moon with stars next to her, a street lamp

– HIPPIE – man and woman dressed as hippies, a man and some women with a guitar and luggage holding up signs trying to hitchhike by the side of the road, a peace sign made up of flowers, flower decals and the words “Flower Power!”

– VACATION – people skiing, man in backpack and woman looking at a map, a family laughing, man and woman at the top of the mountain

– DRIVER – a chauffeur in uniform in a car, a person in uniform on a truck/bus, a woman clasping a steering wheel, a girl in a car showing her identification (driver’s license?) and keys

– GRIMACE – kid with tongue sticking out and open hands nexts to ears, girl with eyes crossed and crooked mouth, girl wearing huge glasses making a face, girl that took a bite out of a slice of lemon and grimacing

– SALTY – salmon and spice, potato chips, a plate of salt chunks, the ocean

– POISON – a scorpion, a person squeezing a snake and cramming a cup up its open mouth, a bottle with a skull sign on the front, a big red mushroom with white specks on it

– SOUVENIR – a bunch of Eiffel tower models, Russian nesting dolls, a child picking seashells, pairs of wooden dutch clogs / shoes

– WARM – two girld smiling and hugging each other, a dog wearing a red scarf, a pair of colorful stocking feet on the vent, a person wearing a red sweater holding a green and white striped cup

– POKER – hand holding up a royal flush poker hand, hand holding up 4 aces poker cards, stacks of poker chips, 4 guys playing poker

– GAMBLING – a slot machine, hand holding up 4 aces, roulette, smiling man holding cash he won in Vegas

– MINT – woman holding up toothbrush with leaves on it, some green leaves, a green leaf on a bunch of white gum, a cup with green liquid and green leaves on the side

– GEOMETRY – compass eraser triangle and protractor, a diagram of 3 rectangles enclosing a triangle and the formula “a2+b2=c2” a pencil and eraser, 3D images of various geometric shapes, a bunch of geometric diagrams and formulas

– TUMBLER – 2 switches one switched to ON the other to OFF, an acrobat doing splits in the air, water splashing into a glass, a sealed pitcher

– STAPLE – stacks of staples, doctors performing surgery, a stapler, various types of pasta

– STRETCH – woman doing yoga, train tracks, a winding river, one hand pulling surgical glove on the other

– CROSS – little girl with fingers crossed on both hands behind her, mother leading son across the street, man looking mean, flag with white cross and red background

– TILE – letters of the alphabet and numbers and punctuation, tiles on a roof being laid, bathroom tiles in various shades of blue, a pile of dominoes

– TRASH – a bulldozer in work, a truck pushing a mountain of garbage, a full garbage can, a combine working in the fields

– SOLO – a woman pilot in a plane, a man with a hat playing the saxophone, someone playing an electric guitar, a man sitting on a bench holding his head

– SECURITY – a security camera, a police wearing uniform with the words “Metropolitan Police” on the back, hands holding a transparent sphere containing a baby, man in black suit and sunglasses

– NIRVANA – woman meditating by the ocean facing the rising / setting sun, statue of a Buddha / Bodhisattva, a half-naked person in water against stone stairs, a flowery diagram with some sort of eastern language written inside it

– COMBINE – a white puzzle with one piece taken out, eggs on a pile of flour, a handbag wallet belt and single high heel shoe, red liquid being poured into a beaker with colorful liquids

– BUBBLE – a clear blue sphere, a chimpanzee, cartoon word bubbles above some people, a girl blowing bubbles

– STOP – the words “Bus Stop” on the road, map of routes in different colors, circular sign with red background and a white hand, man breaking a cigarette in half

– BOOKMARK – the address bar in a browser, book with a bookmark sticking out, book with place marker, a keyboard with a big blue key that says “Links”

– GRACE – girl in ballerina dress, a swan, a girl dancing, a woman in big red dress dancing

– PRINT – yellow pink blue rollers, papers with black words printed on them, big rolls of paper, set of print press letters numbers and punctation

– CRUMBLE – layers of rocks, bricks sticking out of a wall, some sort of dessert, apple and apple slices and cinnamon sticks

– GRADE – a girl holding up a folder with a paper that says “A+”, a graduation hat and textbooks, bunch of graduates throwing their graduation caps, white figure in tie and briefcase walking up an upwards trending bar graph

– MEAL – wine glasses and food, a waiter serving food to a couple, worms, wheat and flour (?)

– BREEZE – wind mills, woman on beach facing the ocean with arms outstretched, clothes drying on a clothesline, little girl in a field with her hair blown back

– LATE – woman holding a clock with her mouth open, feet sticking out from white cloth with toe tag tied to toe, woman at a train platform sitting on red suitcase, man pointing to his watch looking mean

– STORIES – squiggles coming out from an open book, an old style typewriter, finger pressing “2” on an elevator panel, one little girl whispering into another little girl’s ear

– TRANSIT – an entrance with wrought iron gates, a white van, a white bus, a tunnel with rails / train tracks

– LOOK – an eye with long eyelashes, lots of colorful clothes hung up, glasses set on a table, woman wearing big white wide-brimmed hat

– COURAGE – man standing on bicycle balanced on a tightrope, man crossing with hands on a rope with sharks circling beneath him in a body of water, a mouse and cat looking at each other, a gladiator in armor and sword

– TRANSFER – hands in handcuffs, a handheld electronic device sending vibes to a laptop, sign of a bus with driver, a credit card / bank card in an ATM machine

– PRECIOUS – different colored gems / diamonds, bunch of gold jewelry poured out of a handbag, man patting on a baby’s back, an opened treasure chest with rays coming out of it

– SPIT – cloudy skies above beach and water, baby eating mush making a mess, person holding up stick lit with fire and blowing into it

– BAIT – a decorated gingerbread house, a cartoon worm on a hook, a fish hook, a mouse trap with cheese

– RATE – a red line graph that turns into a heart shape, a house shape with “%” inside it and a man standing next to it, a big percentage sign, model of a house with stacks of cash

– JOCKEY – a horse and driver, a horse and jockey in a race, a DJ at a panel

– PATCH – 3 grey bottles with one pouring black oil, ashphalt being paved, a bandaid on a crack in stone, a girl with a black eye patch

– LABEL – blue jean material with a brown label, signs that say “Sale 50%” “GOLD Membership” “DISCOUNT 50%” and “TOP 10 Guaranteed”, a record, brown rectangular tags

– COLOR – big patches of splashed colors and a woman on a ladder, yellow pink blue rollers, different color shades of hair, lots of hands colored in different colors and smiling faces painted on them

– SAVE – arrow cursor and timer icon, piggy bank with four-leafed clover in mouth, a computer mouse, a soccer goalie hugging a soccer ball

– REACTION – a girl pouring from one beaker into another, some people around a desk throwing papers in the air, a road with a sign of a nuclear facility or some sort of chemical factory ahead, skin with bumps

– CAMPAIGN – English soldiers in traditional uniform, a sphere with words on it “flyer creation logo concept communication marketing publication business…”, some soldiers in a dessert, two labels that say “new”

– CRASH – two cars crashed together, a meteor approaching the earth, a line graph that goes up and down and up and down again, a plane that has crashed into the ground

– VISION – hands holding a globe with a seagull inside, a giant eye with binary numbers, an eye with concentric circles, eyeglasses place on a table

– STUBBLE – an old man with hand on chin, mouth with stubble around it, man with stubble putting on lipstick, young man with foam around mouth shaving

– SPRING – green grass and pink and white flowers on tree, a steel spring, little stream of water going over rocks, legs and feet wearing running shoes launched into air

– BRAVE – a gladiator in armor holding sword, a firefighter going into the fire, a lion, a blunch of people waving their arms

– BREACH – a wall of rocks with a hole in it, whales, a broken screen, waves in the ocean

– COPY – writing in ink on white paper, dentures, father and son shaving together, a printer / photocopier

– TITLE – a woman dressed as royalty, champion belt for wrestlers / boxers, a book with the title “Knigge” in gold, the “Daily News” newspaper

– PANEL – some brown doors, man giving thumbs up and man holding gavel and woman with arms crossed, a cottage amongst the trees, audio equipment of some sort

– TRENDY – Man with a Mohawk, woman holding two (2) black and white checkered heels, man in shades and a scarf over his head, a girl trying on glasses

– EMPTY – A plate setting for 1 (dinner), empty room, an opened (broken) bird cage, auditorium of (empty) red seats

– PIECE – Cutting a piece of cake, 3 pieces of chocolate, 2 pieces of puzzle, slices of pizza

– BEAM – Sun shining through the trees of a forest, girl reading with a flashlight under her covers, a red laser beam and a DANGER (warning) sign, light house shining light

– ANCIENT – Brown/yellow map, stacks of books, a coliseum, a landmark – almost pyramid shaped but grey and has square top)

– TANK – Under the water (green), an army tank, production tanks, green caged ladder outside a dome structure

– POCKET – Pocket watch, pocket (army) knife, wallet in jean pockets, a woman holding a book

– POLITICS – Different flags on poles, check box marked ‘X’, dropping a ballet, man in suit and red tie is being interviewed

– KNOT – Red rope tied in a knot, a boat sailing, man cannot choose between two (2) ties, a woman with her hair in a bun (brunette)

– COTTON – Stack of folded jeans, a woman pointing at her white t-shirt, polka-dot clothes (fabric), cotton (balls) plant

– SMELL – Kid sticks face into sunflower, man tests his red wine, woman spraying body spray (perfume) on herself, a man with a clothes clip on his nose

– SCIENCE – Microscope, man in a lab, chemistry and plates of colorful powder, DNA structure

– ROUND – Ball (with flags of the world), men in a boxing ring, four (different) clocks (time), men cheering (drinking) at a bar

– REFLECT – Rainbow shining through a prism, solar panels, trees around a lake (body of water), ski goggles reflecting (snow) mountains

– TRAVEL – Woman with suitcase standing in front of arrival/departure times, the earth glowing, landmarks around the globe, a couple reading a map

– UNDER – Under a bridge, a man fixing a car (raised above his head), a bra (red with white dots), a map

– COLLEGE – Graduation hat toss, student (male) holding a red book and a back pack, stacks of books, a girl in a class

– OFFICE – Desk stationaries, a woman at a photocopier, a woman answering the phone and taking notes, a group of professionals (5) in a meeting

– GLAMOUR – Woman with a veil and orange sparkling lipstick, a woman in a long flowy red dress, woman in a white dress, woman in a green mask

– ENJOY – Woman lying in a green field with pink flowers, a woman eats a bite of chocolate, a woman in a sauna, a couple getting a massage

– UNIFORM – Solider (in camaflough), woman in a black dress, 2 professionals, a group of doctors/nurses

– BREAK – Man breakdancing, a thief breaking a door (break and enter), relaxing in a chair under the sun, chip and spider crack window

– FIZZY – Bubbling blue liquid, glass of fizzy white drink (clear), tums in a glass of water, a bottle of coke (pop)

– FLAT – Person in black with a flat screen monitor as their head, green flats (shoe), green field, a deck of a house

– SCARED – Cartoon character scared, person with red glasses ducks (hides) behind and under table, a woman is scared, man is sinking in white paper

– VOLUME – Three (3) black) and one (1) red sliding buttons, controls/buttons on a machine, dials on a machine, volume sign

– BLANK – Four (4) pieces of white square paper, a woman holds a black sign above her her, a woman holds a blank speech bubble beside her face, a blank sheet of paper on the wall

– CROWD – 2 pictures of people moving really fast through the city, paparazzi (or fans) with cameras, group of people dancing (at a club/concert)

– PIRATE – A cannon, a parrot, stirring wheel of a boat/ship, chest of gold (treasure chest)

– MEDICINE – Pills (medication), green cross, bunch of violet flowers, doctor writing on a chart

– NUMBER – Laser reading a barcode, pressing elevator button, numbers on a racing track, two (2) front doors

– MILK – Baby items, (towel, teddy, milk bottle, & lotion), pouring milk, a cow eating a white daisy, a goat

– CHEMICAL – Biohazard sign, 2 pictures of test tubes/chemicals, atoms

– CINEMA – Cup (bucket) of popcorn, a ‘TICKET’, stacks of movie film, an auditorium

– FENDER – weights by the side of a boat, red and white electric guitar, bumper pieces (front and back), man painting (touching-up) a car

– LAW – White ‘S’ figure signs on a wall, metal stationary, balance beam and judges mallet set, drawings (blue prints)

– LIGHTING – Lit tea lights, lights of cars on a highway, spot light, city (night) lights

– ROYALTY – Gold crown in palm of woman’s hand, red (toy) car on a bundle of 100 (fold) bills, a woman dressed up (Victorian style?), coupons

– CONSOLE – Dials/control panel, person playing video games, two (2) man hugging, Church piano

– THREAD – Cobweb (spider web), using an iPhone, messaging, roll of red thread

– SECRET – Confidential file folder, black vault, a woman hushes her lips, two (2) kids (girl) whispering (to boy)

– POLLUTE – Man wears a (N95) mask over his face, landfill, industrial plant emissions, emissions from a car

– RECIPE – Note book in the middle of a table, man drawing on a wall, a jug of milk and cracked eggs in a bowl, old recipes

– ENTRANCE – A ‘TICKET’, circle spiral (black and white), man at at the opening of two giant doors, red curtains

– HARMONY – People singing, music, dove flying through the sun, ying-yang symbol

– BUILDING – Drawings (floor plan), model house (white), little boy builds a LEGO house, a boat passing the Sydney Opera House

– ACCESS – Turnstile, cracking (picking) a lock, stop sign (with a hand), man hands over key to house

– FILL – Pumping gas (into car), donut (bread) with orange filling, pouring red wine into glass, preparing (making) pot plants

– HEART – Artichoke, defibrillator, ACE of hearts, picture of the heart (atrium/ventricles/aorta, etc)

– REGISTER – Cash register, library catalog, person holding a sign, a meter reading

– FACTORY – Line of bottles (drinks), a factory, a street sign, industrial plant

– PEACE – Peace sign, ‘hippie’ bus/van with flowers driving through a rainbow, a white dove, person holds two (2) fingers up (peace sign)

– CONTROLS – Play station controller, control panel (of a plane), person driving, dials on a control panel

– WEDDING – Three (3) level wedding cake, a black top hat, a bouquet of white flower, two (2) gold rings

– ADAPTER – Computer chip, 2 picture of adaptors, a man playing his saxophone sitting down

– CALENDER – Person writes in his planner, pages of a calendar, Chinese zodiac, what look like a Greek calendar or sundial of sorts

– PLANET – Brown planet, Earth, Mars, Saturn

– SHARE – Elephant shares a bench with a dog watching birds, kids fighting over a stuffed animal, stocks performance, pie chart (3 red pieces and 1 green)

– UNISON – Two (2) people shake hands, two (2) alarm clocks, a couple hugging, two (2) men laughing/singing

– TOOL – Nail and hammer, pliers, hand-drill, screw driver and a wrench

– CREATIVE – Statue of a person thinking, man draws a light bulb (idea), little girl does hand/finger painting, person with a ‘THINK’ sign/bag over their head

– PLATE – A piece of black wood (flat), a plate, a crack in the ground (covered with dried lava), stamps

– WELLNESS – Woman meditates, woman at facial spa, aroma therapy items (towel, scent oil, coffee beans, lit candle etc.), cup of mint tea (green)

– NAVIGATE – Map and a compass, an old-style gadget (telescope?), a map, hand on the steering wheel of a ship

– EMERGE – Submarine, a hatched chick stands on 2 eggs, tadpoles, dandelion growing through asphalt

– COMMENT – Cartoon with black speech bubble, person holds a microphone, speaker button on phone, layer out news papers

– AID – Woman walks with blind (visibly impaired) man, first aid box, hand putting a coin into a box with hearts on it, first aid items

– PUBLISH – News paper, stack of books, stack of newspapers, paper (publishing) factory

– TRAILER – Trailer driving towards the sun, trailers parked (at camp), a camp trailer, advertisement of ‘COMING SOON’

– BALLOON – Colorful helium balloons, two (2) heart helium balloons, hot air balloon, animal balloons

– BUILDER – Contractor/construction hat, drawings, balance tool and ruler, handy man’s tools, construction workers at work signs, hard hat and industrial gloves

– FIELD – Circling with red marker, a soccer field, a green (empty) field), an island seen through binoculars

– CONNECT – Wooden figure using paper and string phone, 6 degrees of separation arm lock/hold, volume/signal bars, paper zipped up

– CONTEST – Woman figure skater, jockeys racing horses, team holds up trophy, placing stage of winners (1st, 2ed, and 3rd place)

– ICON – Mother Mary praying, a woman with her white dress blown up, emotion indicators, internet language (signs)

– DIRECTOR – Music composer, movie director, four (4) people in a meeting (2 men and 2 women), white office

– PRACTICE – Woman helps boy with work, girl plays violin, woman doctor, female trainer coaches female trainee

– COMPANY – Seniors (men) in a park laughing (having a good time), blue people icons connected, three (3) people in the office, army men (soldiers) lined up

– COMMAND – Blond woman scolding a little girl, blond woman presses a keyboard eagerly, stethoscope on a laptop (blue screen error/diagnoses), solider icons

– INTEREST – Woman plays guitar, percentage (%) sign in a pile of money, couple meet with a man, man backpacking/travelling

– BEVERAGE – Mint tea (green), tall glass of beer, fruit shakes, pouring a glass of red wine

– PHONE – Orange turn-dial phone, black turn-dial phone, black dial phone, touch-screen (cell) phone

– CONCEAL – Man hides face behind paint, man pulls/hides a card in his sleeve (ACE of hearts), three (3) tones of concealer, little girl covers her face with her hands

– MODULE – Computer chip (part), chalk board (and agenda for the day), one (1) red cube/brick in a wall of white, a satellite

– PASS – White car driving on highway (fast), VIP card/sign, mountains (nature), a man catching a rugby ball

– WALL – People standing in front of a wall (drawing?), graffiti covered wall, Great Wall of China, flower bed (raised and protected by a brick wall)

– ANALOG – Camera, (slide) white switches, sin/cos sign graph, blue alarm clock

– OPERA – Music sheet, top of a string instrument (violin/cello), theater, white mask (half face)

– JEWELS – Shiny diamonds and pearls, gold chain/necklace and pearls, three (3) pieces of diamonds, a crown

– FARMER – Person in green watches goats, man tending to his garden, man studying his wheat’s (grains), man in green with two (2) cows

– APPLY – Wrapping a wrist with gauze, man works on computer, little boy applies sun tan/screen lotion to his chest, resume under a magnifying glass

– APERTURE – Hole (carved in the shape of a heart) in a fence, snap shot, break through in a white wall, man taking a picture with camera

– COLLAPSE – War in Paris, building being demolished, woman helping someone who fainted (lying on ground), a broken metal stool

– ENCLOSE – Picture of fence in front of a barn, bird in a cage, dogs behind a fence, open envelope

– CONTRAST – Two (2) woman dressed the same stands facing each other, ying-yang symbol, vision through 2 different lenses of the same pair of glasses, black specks/dots (wavy) on white contrast

– SCHOOL – Boy in blue thinks in front of black board, pathway in front of a building, kids (8) sitting around a round table, a school of fish

– COOLER – Champagne in a bucket and two flute glasses, a cooler box, 2 pictures of air conditioning units

– VEHICLE – Army tank, white horse dragging carriage, airplane, white car

– WISDOM – Shelves of books, molar (tooth), statue of a man, drawing of a blue/green owl

– FLOWER – Flowers (daisies) in a watering can, woman smells pink/yellow/red tulips, red rose, field in front of mountains

– GINGER – Woman with bright orange hair, shaved bowl of ginger, orange tabby cat (cartoon), gingerbread man and house

– EMOTIONS – Grandma and child, woman holds a red (cut-out) heart, baby crying, man scared

– COFFEE – Brown (bowl-shaped) filters, coffee beans, coffee berries, grounder/grinder

– DEFENSE – Bottle pepper spray, guards (England – in red suits, black pants, black hat, and gun over shoulder), man wants to shake hands, football team

– OCCASION – Lit candles in a cookie/cake, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY card, two (2) woman celebrating/drinking, fireworks

– LANGUAGE – China, England, and Germany book, ‘DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH’ in speech bubble, WELCOME written in different languages on the chalkboard, sign language (hand gestures)

– VIRUS – Blond woman takes a hammer to her laptop, virus (germs), woman sick in bed, mosquitoes

– CASTLE – 2 pictures of chess game/pieces, kids building a sand castle, a mansion

– COWBOY – Rope, black hat, cowboy boots, cow

– ELEMENTS – Erupting volcano, desert, clouds in the sky, tall waves

– MARKET – Spices in the market, stocks around the world, woman packing fruits (grocery), woman smiling

– BURN – Red icon of a man and woman in their underwear, burnt toast, fire hazard/sign, camp fire (on a beach)

– SKY – Cosmos, sky (sunrise/sunset), green field, sunrise/sunset over a body of water (lake/ocean)

– INVENT – Cave man cartoons, wheels in a person brain, person working on their laptop, person thinking/ideas

– EXHIBIT – Painting gallery, exhibit, person looking at frames, display of chocolate

– PAD – Note pad with check marks, lily pads in a pond, mouse on a mouse pad, tablet

– CUBE – Cube of pictures, three (3) ice cubes, three (3) red dies, different coloured cubes

– PLATFORM – Steps, diving boards, red heel, oil rig in the ocean

– EVEN – Leveling concrete, the number two (2), a level (tool), flipping a coin

– EXERCISE – People sitting and stretching in a line, kids thinking (in school), 2 army man running in the desert, woman on yoga ball

– SHOE – Black heels, blue flip flops, cow boots, running shoes

– ATHLETE – Man throws a stick, statue of a man bowling, man does plank on beach, running on treadmill

– STARCH – Blue shirt (front and back), cookies and flour, potatoes, man ironing

– FILTER – Filter button, coffee filter, choosing a car, pouring filtered water

– SOAK – Soaking your feet, dog gets bath, soaking soy (yellow) beans, yellow towel

– TREBLE – Slot machine, pie chart, control panel, music sheet

– ARCHIVE – Filing cabinet, hallway (room) of computer board/controls, download icon, full binder

– INSULATE – Thermos, igloo, duct tape, tent and northern lights in the winter

– ACHIEVE – Woman in blue skirt on top of the mountains, people holding a performance line/arrow, person crosses red finish line, girl graduates

– FOCUS – Rainbow spirals, sun shine on dew on blades of grass, snap shot of lenses, girl in glasses reads a green book

– COMPLETE – Hand forms OK sign, icon makes green checkmark in boxes, two (2) crossed black and white checkered flags, icon piecing a red piece of puzzle amongst white pieces

– CONTROL – Sewing in a factory, boy plays video game, remote control (TV), lizard has lizard toy

– MASK – Mask (gold and red), woman gets a facial, surgeon places mask on you, a thief/ninja in black holding a flash light

– DISPLAY – Jewelry on display, serving a plate of food, flat screen TV, woman presents to a group

– PROPOSAL – Icon male proposes to icon female, items on a list, 2 pictures of people in a meeting

– HIGHRISE – Picture of a city, 2 pictures of sky scrapers (tall buildings), picture of an apartment

– ART – Two (2) mimes, person carving/chiseling a piece of wood, a ballerina, an old woman painting

– MULLET – Man in a white shirt smiling, woman stretching, a fish, a bowl of fish in tomato (red) sauce

– MIND – Brainstorm, boy thinking, wheels in a brain, couch on a deck

– PICTURE – Human hand hold cartoon umbrella for a cartoon man, man thinking, colorful drawing, movie theater

– HINGE – Two (2) pictures of a door/cupboard hinge, x-ray of an elbow, person grabs their knee

– BIRD – Group of pigeons, 2 parrots on a branch, chick hatched from shell, field of chicken/hens

– DECORATE – Painting a concrete wall with red paint and placing down hardwood floor, flowers in buckets on a table, badges on a uniform, Christmas décor

– ARMOR – Army tank, red shield (badge) on a green (computer) chip, armadillo, a knights armor

– TOUCH – Picture of two fingers almost touching, a tablet and a touchscreen phone, adult holds baby’s hand, touchdown (football)

– MIRROR – Thumbs up in side view mirror (of a car), stones stacked in an arch, picture of glass towers, woman looks in hand held mirror

– INSECT – Two (2) lady bugs, swarm of honey bees in hive (comb), grass hopper, a green caterpillar

– MAGIC – Woman blows out butterflies, hand in white gloves opens red curtains, rabbit in a top hat, spot light (blue)

– CREAM – Pouring milk/cream, a jar of cream and two (2) white daises, a cows nipples, a bowl of ice cream

– ENERGY – Windmills, kids running/playing, woman gets facial, E=MC2 written on chalkboard

– WHEEL – Wheel (of a bike), a wood carriage (wagon), changing wheel of a car, a red scooter

– CLIMATE – Polar bear on an ice cap/sheet, desert, temperature of the sun, weather map/forecast

– HORN – French horn, rhino, bike horn, antlers

– LISTING – Stocks performance, remote on a magazine (TV guide), circling numbers, people looking at giant ads

– KNIGHT – Knight’s armour, cartoon figure knights another kneeling down, cartoon knight fights green dragon, brown (black) and white knight (horse) chess pieces butting heads

– ENTER – White key board, pointing where to sign (signature), brown wooden (front) door, picture hanging on wall

– FARM – Wind mills, wheat, a farm tractor, field of cows

– GARBAGE – Drawing of a smelly garbage can, yellow bags of garbage, orange truck, landfill (garbage)

– SOURCE – Bubbling battery cell (green), man holds ‘COPYRIGHT’ sign, creek, man giving a speech to reporters (4 microphones)

– LESSON – Red letter L (for LEARNERS) on a motorcycle, man teaches a class, girl with pigtails getting scold, WEB SEMINAR written on blackboard

– SWING – Girl on red swing, black shadows dancing, swinging metal balls, playing golf

– BOAT – Long brown and light blue canoes at the docks, water crashing to side of bat, couple fishing, long canoe parked at the beach

– BARGE – Cartoon man is sick (green), boat in the water, man fallen of bike in winter, man in black suit and tie slaps another

– SCRIPT – Typed ‘ONCE UPON A TIME’, cursive writing with ink, computer typed text, cartoon drawings of 2 men giving gifts to woman

– TIMER – Sand timer, kitchen (cook) timer, stop watch, wrist watch

– SPILL – Barrel leaking black oil, spilled drink (black coffee/tea/pop) on white keyboard, spilled red wine, a glass of red wine overflowing

– PRINCESS – Pictogram (green) of a princess kissing a toad, a cartoon girl (blond hair, pink dress), cartoon castle on clouds, cartoon princess riding a white horse

– PRODUCT – Calculations, 3 pictures of women looking at shelves of products (at the store)

– DRIFT – White box stand covered in snow, snow covered field, hot air balloon in the sky, snow-land by the waters (ice caps)

– SPOON – A couple in bed, eating spoons laid out, ladle in a pot of soup, wooden stirring spoons laid out

– CONFUSED – Person holds black umbrella raining question marks, man reading a stack of books is confused, a man in glasses scratches his head, a woman tangled in wires

– GOOD – Woman (angel) with wings, person in suit presses happy face icon, green check mark, LIKES button (icon on Facebook)

– SILENT – Woman in red tank top shushes, man with zippers across lips, ninja in the moonlight, snow covered field (with ever green trees)

– AMPLIFY – Control dials of a machine, concert (performance), cartoon icon with loud speaker, tower of (cellular) satellite

– WIRED – Copper wire, twisted metal (wire), corded white mouse, digital cables

– CHOP – Girl karate chops, chopping lumber, cartoon chopping log, pork chop (fresh)

– COUNT – Cartoon Dracula, woman counting change, calculations, man uses abacus to count

– PEPPER – Pile of whole multi-coloured pepper corn, crushed chill (flakes), sea shell holding sea salt and whole (black) peppercorn, green red and yellow fresh (bell) pepper

– FORMAT – Icon with floppy disk, icon of pdf. File, old film projector playing, instant pictures (polaroid)

– SUPPLY – Army (camouflage) truck, curvy road, water pump, plug in the wall socket (all white)

– BOY – Boy in green looking up, boy in dress pants, and striped red tie, boy in yellow with loud speaker, a baby (boy)

– PARTNER – Couple hugging, 2 men shake hands, couple dancing, tennis court

– COMIC – POW, 2 white dogs in shades and clown hats, super hero in blue with red cape, man with top hat, a microphone and red and yellow sweater

– DUTCH – Pink with white tulips, block of cheese, a bike, a mill behind a house

– YOUNG – White jar of lotion, children whispering, lion cubs, baby chicks

– PRIDE – Girl in graduation gown, athlete with white top and sweat band poses, peacock fans his tail, male and female lion

– JUSTICE – Statue hold rod and a balance beam, cartoon man (judge) behind a desk, judge’s mallet, a female lawyer

– SLIDE – Unzipping (or zipping) something, a roll of film uncurled, person holds a slide (specimen), cartoon penguins slide down a hill

– CRAM – Woman with a large bag (filled), boy sits behind stacks of books, person tries to close suit case, woman stuffing face with cake

– GREEDY – Hand grips money (dollar bills) tightly, cartoon man with $ $ signs for his eyes, cartoon of big fish eats smaller fish, cat looks at beans (food) on table

– CAPSULE – Time capsule, spoonful of medication (pills), peas from beans, satellite

– SPEAKER – Speaker on loud, woman talks to crowd through microphone, speaker, loud speakers on pole

– ROMANTIC – Sketch of a man, Effie Tower, 2 hearts drawn in the sand at the beach, couple sits by water front

– INTERIOR – Modern living room of a house (white), man driving a car, back of a bald man’s head, house model and drawings

– SCENE – Chalk outline of a dead person, woman in red apron holds rolling pin, sketches, woman holds lights, camera, action board

– MILITARY – Female solider with red hat, silver and gold metals, army men lined up, sniper

– ACCIDENT – Items left on the floor of biohazardous sign, hand caught in mouse trap, car crash, boy covered in smoke and smudge

– RAISE – Woman stretching, performance comparison by year, man goes ALL IN at card game, woman holds up her baby

– UNION – People picketing (striking), United Kingdom flag, couple gets married, blue flag with a circle of yellow stars

– BARRIER – Empty highway, empty road, gates/barriers, coral (under the sea)

– HOSPITAL – Hospital hallway, red first aid box, surgeons working, man and woman poses

– OBJECT – Black shutters, UFO (spaceship), cartoon judge, kid with glasses wearing a vest and bow tie

– KNIFE – Pocket knife, cartoon chef, round roast (beef), person holding a knife

– MOUNTAIN – Pile of clothes, desert, 2 pictures of green field with trees and mountains in the background

– MEMBER – People figures uniting, red and black flag with white bar across middle, woman’s legs (calves), soccer team huddles

– TUNE – Dials on a machine, tuning a piano, car engine, playing the saxophone

– CUT – Girl getting a hair cut, prepping in the kitchen, sawing wood, girl with a Band-Aid on her index finger tip

– SPAIN – Woman in long red dress dancing with fan, bowl of mussels and lemon, bull chases red cloth, bottle and glass of red wine

– BOND – Sticking a stamp on an envelope, 4 people join hands, person is tiling their wall, mother and child

– SCOUT – Compass on a map, topless man statue, blue iris (eye) looks through eye hole, cartoon scout (ranger?)

– BARGAIN – Person tries to bribe another, professionals in an office comes to an agreement, tag that says BEST PRICE, % signs floating up and away

– PAGE – An open book to 2 blank pages, ring boy (bear), globe icon with web address, person looks at their pager

– CLIMB – Man climbs up a ladder, woman rock climbing, airplane is taking off, people climbing up spiral stairs

– CONVERT – Monarch butterfly, different currency signs recycling, solar panels, maple leaf (green) recycles CO2 and O2

– MORTAR – Spice crusher, scooping concrete, graduation hat and scroll (diploma), some sort of tripod

– GENETICS – Family (father, mother, and 2 kids), family tree photo display, molecules/compounds, DNA helix

– FELINE – Cat leaping, lion, cat sitting and looking up, cartoon cat hides behind fish bowl

– PART – Grey gears turning with 1 red one, couple standing back to back with a cut out of a broken heart, man checks out his hair, filters

– SERIES – Collage of front doors, jeeps driving behind one another on the dirt road, PI (3.1415….) written on a ball, woman laughs while watching TV

– FINISH – Person crosses red ribbon (finish line), person dips paint brush in paint outside, front of a car, empty blue plate and a knife and fork

– MASTER – Statue of Bruce Lee, woman graduating, woman teaches, man raises finger at his dog

– SOUND – Water through the bays, head phones (over the ear), microphone, string phone (empty cans and red string)

– MEASURE – Cherries on a kitchen scale, flasks and test tubes, mug of beer and a pretzel, music beat

– GIANT – Giant cartoon woman dripping small basket ball on the court, giant boy wants to step on small woman, whale in the deep blue waters, small man stands and looks up at giant

– SWEEP – Raccoon sweeping, man in tall hat carries ladder and gadgets, woman sweeps floor, cleaning a chimney

– LINER – Cruise ship, tour bus, airplane, putting on make-up

– PERIOD – Schedule template drawn on chalk board, a spiraling pattern, clock, graph (bell-curve)

– VOID – Comos in space, holes in the ground, person with a fishbowl for a head, crossing a calculation error

– STIR – Stir fry vegetables, man – painter, girl helps mom cook in kitchen, stirring cup of coffee

– ADVANCE – 1 person hands over a bundle of money to another, 2 men playing chess, army men in line, curved red arrow

– PRIMARY – Red, green, and blue circles overlap each other, kids in classroom raises their hand, the number 1 sign, drop box

– ALCOHOL – Glass and bottle of scotch (maybe whiskey), bottle of mouthwash, 2 barrels, glass of beer

– BOUNCE – Girl in bouncy house, boy on red bouncy ball, man dribble basket ball, icon of stocks

– DISPENSE – ATM machine, bottle of soap, gum ball machine, coffee bean grinder

– GRANULE – grounded coffee bean, stone, pink roses, and a tea light

– QUEEN – Playing chess, woman wins pageant, queen bee, cartoon woman (queen of hearts)

– CIRCUIT – Person prepares to run around track, digital card (blue), ON OFF switches, GO KART tracks

– TABLET – Medication/pills, tablet, cup of coffee and cell phone, cafeteria line, drawings in stone

– ARROW – Performance arrow (going down), arrows in bulls eye, man can go in 3 direction, icon can choose between left or right side (blue or green arrow)

– MACHINE – Digging construction machine, espresso machine, welding machine, washing machine

– WAITRESS – 4 pictures of a woman serving drinks

– DESIGN – Webpage, man proposes with his tablet, red chair, drawing of a red dress with black belt (waistline)

– PATTERN – Painted Easter egg, zooming in on colours and barcodes, wallpaper, something knitted

– ROLLER – Pavement roller, woman painting, roller painting wall green, rolls (dies) of ink

– CEREMONY – Graduation class tosses hat, couple getting married, coffin being carried, first, second, and third place on the podium

– NETWORK – Digital cables green icon person standing amongst blue ones, compilation of pictures, six degree of separation (hands interlinked)

– VALUE – Currency value goes up, boy hugs his teddy, house for SALE, a big bundle of money

– TILL – 2 pictures of cashiers till, farm (crops), mat

– THEATRE – Coliseum (Rome), spotlight on the stage, white masks, balconies indoors

– MEXICO – Colourful straw hat, taco (soft shell), white sand beach and blue waters

– GROW – Brother plays with baby sibling, bar graph grows, woman in emo make-up, currency grows

– SOLUTION – Sudoku puzzle, mixing in a beaker, budge sheet, zebra

– ENGLISH – Hot tea with biscuits, dog, fried chicken and fries, red telephone booths

– DRAFT – Comic, mug of beer, pointing out the red icon person amongst a line of black ones, rolls of drawings (floor plans)

– STATUE – Statue of Liberty, statues with big heads, Buddha statues, statue in RIO

– PILE – Pile of clothes around a basket, stacks of boxes, little girl lying on the carpet, folded towels

– BADGE – Man in suit with name tag and red file folder, cartoon policemen shows badge, scout badges, sunglasses pin

– WEAK – Magnifying the broken link, hands chain and locked together, small red boxing gloves meets giant blue glove, cartoon of senior with ripped sweater

– TOXIC – Spraying flower with pesticide, snake, industrial emissions, man wears (gas) mask to examine something

– FIRM – 2 men shake hands, professions sitting at a table (meeting), 2 pictures of professionals standing in a group

– SUSPEND – Lights on a clothing line, cord of a telephone, red bridge over the waters

– SKILL – Kids (boys) playing soccer, woman solves math question, man play violin, boy play chess

– MARBLE – Marbles, statue without arms, steak (raw), statue without arms

– SHUFFLE – 2 pictures of someone shuffling a deck of cards, icon (sign) for music to shuffle on player, woman wearing heels

– ENGINEER – Man is thinking how to draw, construction worker tries to build, man on train tracks, man in control room

– PACKAGE – Checker cloth wrapped and hanging on stick, man delivers parcel, crowded beach, red present box with white ribbons

– ROBOT – Army tank, electric sander, cartoon robot, monarch butterfly lands on finger of robot

– WHOLE – Wedding couple cuts cake, a carton (box) of milk, wheat, 100% sign

– RINSE – Woman showering, person washing carrots, person washes their hands, washing Brussels sprouts

– SEARCH – Treasure chest, magnifying a globe, working dog (guide/search dog), magnifying glass

– FAITH – Cartoon woman falls backward into man, nun praying, hands clasp, colourful flags hang from tower?

– CARTON – Carton of cranberry juice, woman examine bottle at the store, carton of eggs, moving into an office

– EXCEL – XLS file, man in suit points to bar graph rising, collecting of winning metals, horse races (jockeys)

– KING – King of hearts (card), lion (male), fallen black chess pieces at a standing white king piece, cartoon of Elvis (king of pop)

– PREMIUM – Champagne in an ice bucket, 4 yellow stars and the stamp, orange race/sports car, piles of US dollars

– GUARD – Rottweiler, parries dog, lit fireplace, solider in England

– CRISP – Head lettuce, Cesar salad, deep fried fish/chicken, couple walking in the snow

– PRIVACY – Double blue front doors, DO NOT DISTURB sign on door, lock and latch on door, username and password

– PLANE – Man is building the roof of a house, airplane in the sky, inside an empty plane, shaving wood (to make more even)

– FIGURE – Sand timer, figure skater, the number 1, picture of a George Washington

– WEAVE – A woman braided her hair, 2 people boxing, a woman weaving, a basket of apples

– SAFARI – Woman in front of orange tent, a white jeep, a scout/ranger, a zebra

– SUMMIT – Icons representatives of different countries stand around the globe, professionals at a table, person reaches the top of her destination, tip of a mountain

– PROMOTE – Icon figure pushes another up a green arrow, man stands above a woman, a woman with a loud speaker, menus

– SCOTTISH – Mansion at surround with water, person photographing pins and needles, plaid (red, black, and yellow) fabric, a cow and a sheep

– TISSUE – Gift wrapping paper, woman squeezes her right thigh, box of tissue

– ROOK – Black bird, crow, rock (chess piece), game of chess

– BLEND – Reptile (camellia), blender of oranges, painters tray, coffee grinder machine

– BABY – Kitten, a baby duck, a rabbit, a baby drinking bottle

– WARNING – KEEP QUIET sign,! Sign, construction sign, man points finger while woman shouts

– BLANKET – Couple under the blanker, water bag under a towel, mountain partially covered in snow, bridge

– SINGING – Drawings of birds singing, a woman sings, cartoon of children singing Christmas carols, 2 girls sing

– PASTEL – Growing hearts, pink flowers, pastel crayons, starburst colours (red, purple, blue, orange)

– FORMULA – Formula race car, formula on the chalkboard, H2O in a drop of water, mother kisses a baby who is drinking from a bottle

– CHILD – Little boy dresses up and plays pilot, little boy jumps into the air, a baby sleeping, a child sleeps in-between his/her parents

– JUNK – Fast food (burger and fries), a ship, hard drives taken apart, broken TVs and fan in the field

– SPEED – Person running past in a blur, car driving fast, man runs at the tracks, person snowboarding

– POT – Pots (cookware), flower bed/pot outside, pot of tea, cartoon pot of gold (coins)

– POLISH – Person polishes their shoe, cleaning a table, flag (red and white), person polishing a car

– CROP – Harvesting green grapes, riding a horse, picture of a woman’s face, tracker harvesting (corns?)

– SPECTRUM – Apple sections in a grocery store, rainbow coloured reptile, circle colour spectrum, rainbow through a prism

– BENCH – Bench press, wood shaving, a bench, football helmet

– SCALE – balance scale, man on top of a ladder, ruler

– STAFF – Stick leaning against the bars (handrails on the wall), employees at a call center, scepter, professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.)

– WORKING – People planting, man with multiple hands (multi-tasking), person doing math (budget/accounting), man with pliers

– TIRED – Yellow icon yawning, man getting ready for bed, woman yawing from reading, person turns off alarm clock

– SELECT – People icons, curser hand, green check marking boxes, certified premium ribbon

– LEVEL – Level (builder’s tool), cars on racks in a warehouse, Tetris, rainbow prism

– PIE – Chocolate cherry cake, pie chart, slice of pumpkin pie, pie cooking in the oven

– FILLING – Slice of cake, man a large machine (kettle), man at the dentist, an enormous burger/sandwich

– TAIL – Mermaid, salamander, shooting star, tail of a plane

– ZOOM – SLR camera, ZOOM IN/OUT magnifiers, magnifying glass, a car (red) speeds pass (Indy’s)

– SERVANT – Person with white gloves holds up and out open umbrella, chauffeur, bell boy, host and waitress

– BRITAIN – Bull dog, kilt, tea set, white and green flag with red dragon

– FOLD – Folded scarf, clasped hands, playing cards, origami

– DETAIL – Jean pocket, solider, grasshopper, close-up of kiwi fruit

– PREMIERE – Woman in red dress walks on red carpet, hands at a chalkboard, man in suit being interviewed by reporters, red carpet

– STING – Prickly hair on stem of a plant, mosquitoes, getting a needle shot, fish at bottom of ocean

– HISTORY – Statue with no arms, old photographs, old compass on map, rows of books

– SLEEPY – A little girl is tired, professionals sitting at a table is tired, a bad in glasses is bored, man yawning showing his alarm clock

– CAVE – Drawings of how man hunted in history, inside of a cave, waving white flag, person in a cage is being lower into the water (or raised)

– PRINCE – Cartoon of a prince in front a rainbow, a girl is going to kiss a frog, knight riding a white pony, a prince is down on one knee

– CABLE – Insulated cable, electrical cord (green) plugged into the wall, sky ride, electrical (magnetic) field

– BLOW – 2 men fighting UFC, cartoon explosion (BOOM), storm blowing tropical trees, little girl blows bubbles

– EXTRACT – Mint leaves extraction, fermenting barks (vanilla), oil rigs, herbal tea

– INVADER – 3 aliens looking down on earth, 2 soldiers, UFO (spaceship), a ninja

– TEACHER – Fitness class, 2 women driving, 2 men at a computer, parent (mother) takes child swimming

– LOCK – Boats at the docks, a key left in the lock (of a door), a woman with curly blond hair, a combination lock

– DRILL – Army men standing in line, man is drilling, dentist and assistant, construction crew uses jack hammer

– LEGEND – Digital icons, statue of man doing archery, knight’s armour, scroll (with text)

– BRAID – brunette woman with glasses, braided ropes, marine’s cap

– PLASTIC – Rubber duck (child’s bath toy), green recycling sing, empty plastic bottles, garbage bins

– LADLE – Metal ladle, pouring hot something hot to be molded, man serves soup, glass ladle

– PLASTER – Construction man sands outside of building, man hold a dried circular plaster, person is cutting something, person’s right leg is in a cast

– STUNT – Digital icon performs tight rope walking, bike daredevil performance, man hikes through desert, riding a red motorcycle through flames

– SOAR – Bald eagle flying, bar graph growing, helicopters, hang gliding

– PIT – Empty roads in a cliff, truck driving in the middle of nowhere, peaches, woman applies deodorant

– FLOOR – Grey hard wood floor, wooden floor/fence, 2 pictures of someone pressing elevator buttons

– INDUSTRY – Woman (fashion designer) on laptop, industrial emissions, oil rig in the ocean, hammer and picket icon

– IDEA – Blue lightening, a woman with a bubble though, man sitting on cloud typing on laptop, a light bulb of idea (made of yellow yarn)

– MISTAKE – Eraser, man sitting in front of black board with the equation 2+ 2 = 5, man is yelling at woman, man does ‘OOPs’ face

– GIRL – Doll, little girl holds slice of watermelon, cartoon girl is running, little girl is getting her hair braided

– EXACT – Dart to bulls eye, man holds stop watch, boy trims grass, man inspects shoe

– ORGAN – Piano at church, person playing a piano, left and right side of a brain, the human heart

– FUNCTION – Pocket knife, woman in vet with a name tag, measuring INPUT vz OUTPUT on the blackboard, adults attending a seminar/conference/presentation

– WEALTH – Mansion (white), statue of Buddha, woman with mink (fur) over her shoulder, a giant bundle of money

– SMASH – Broken window, tennis bowl, painting of the HULK, broken ceramic bowl

– RESOURCE – Windmills in the water, a library, chopped lumber, man wearing a hardhat with flashlights

– SCRAP – Apple core on the floor, total lost in car collision, scrap piece of white paper, junk yard (landfill)

– BOARD – Snowboarder, skate boarder, professionals sitting at a long table, person stands in front of black board

– SLIPPERY – Man is about to step on banana peel, cartoon kids going down slide, icon slips on wet floor, bar of soap

– TRANSMIT – Satellite dish outside a home, radio station (tuner), no mosquitoes sign, satellite in space

– WAITER – 4 pictures of a waiter

– PASTE – Ctrl, C, & V keys of a keyboard, making a sauce recipe, toothpaste on toothbrush, glue (paste) oozing from tube

– BORDER – Map of the US, a dog (black and white), a white picket fence, passport inspection sign

– FORK – Ham, music sheet, cartoon sausage cooking a sausage, direct path splits into 2

– CAKE – Purple cake with white flowers, a plate of fish/crab cakes, white and pink cup cake, a girl with a birthday cake

– SHED – 2 hands cupping a shed icon in the sky, outdoor storage, a wooden shed, cartoon man with hair falling out

– SPIRIT – Senior man and woman open their arms to embrace the world, a ghost, meditation, a boy is thinking

– CARGO – A transporting bike, a skid of boxes, a skip of crates, transport by means of truck or plane around the world

– INJURY – Broken/injured ankle, spine of a man is red (inflamed), person with injured foot and crutches, a teddy bear with a band aid in bed

– PROOF – Green rubber boots, an inspector (Sherlock Holmes), magnifying a finger print, crime scene findings (number tags)

– SIGHT – Effie Tower, man looks through binoculars, iris of a woman, ranger with a rifle

– TOWER – toy castle, a grown-up holds the hand of a little kid, a stack of books

– ROTTEN – Moldy orange, a man sniffs his sushi, a man holds out a smelly fish, bruised apple

– HORSE – Woman stands in front of her horse, performing gymnastics, a rocking horse, knight (chess piece)

– FORMAL – Icon of man and woman dressed up, a server, 2 people shake hands, a man in a suit and tie

– LOSE – Woman measures her waist line, set of keys, running toward the finish line (red ribbon), marbles

– FAMILY – Father and child, family at dinner table, family in living room, litter of puppies with their parents

– MATERIAL – Shelves of coloured paper?, man on-air (radio), warehouse of cylinder blocks, scissors cut paper

– CHANNEL – Remote control of a TV, creek, DJ station, opening (of 2 giant doors)

– RECYCLE – Card box figure is thinking of a card box, a woman sorts her garbage and recycling, a icon dives head first in a garbage can, different coloured recycling bins)

– DRAG – Santa drags his big read bag, man in suit pulls his suitcase, cartoon drag racer, woman dog sledding

– MOTION – Lights left behind (trail) of a fast car, cartoon granny in a rocking chair, judge makes a decision, some one running

– PEDIGREE – A golden (and red) ribbon, a hound (dog) sits in a line with cats, a black horse, a family tree photo stand

– GORGE – Man stuffs his with plain pasta, water fall, adams apple of a person’s throat, person moving really fast?

– SETTING – Hammer and wrench icon, forest, a diamond (green – emerald) ring, dinner settings down a long table

– COVERAGE – Boys watching a sports game on TV, a woman reporter, the newspaper, a bed

– HANDLE – Woman shows all her jewelry (for sale), knocker on front door, door handle, person using a computer mouse

– PET – A little girl hold a kitten to her face, a little girl gives a bowl of milk to a kitten, a dog and a kitten, a paw in a persons hand

– BATTERY – Cannon and balls, laptop battery, icons lifting a cell of battery, a man’s face was beaten up

– ASSEMBLY – Group of adults working on a project, a man is building something, roofers, screws and wooden pegs

– WASH – Woman does a load of laundry, a dog gets a bath, a woman taking a bath, car wash

– THOUGHT – A man is think at work (his desk), a man is thinking, a woman is thinking, picture of a man’s (human’s) brain activity

– MUSICAL – Group of people singing, music, cartoon kids singing and dancing

– CONTENT – Couple having a meal, woman is happy at her desk, drawer of clothes, woman takes photo of a box in store

– DEVOTION – Man is praying to the sky, statue of Buddha and his followers, angry mob with signs hides their identity, a couple looks at heart-shaped cloud in shy

– PUNT – Man rows canoe in river, person kicks a ball, boats parked at shore, football game

– RAIL – Rail on a deck, skate boarder’s rail, train tracks, rail of a boat/ship

– AWARD – 2 people shake hands, a plack (85), a trophy, a man in suit holds a trophy

– QUEUE – People standing in line (crowd), a woman with a speaker headset, cars backed-up in traffic, printing at a printer

– STORAGE – Warehouse, CD, USB stick, fridge?

– MATURE – Aged cheese, wood barrels, a senior (man) graduates, progression (stages) of a boys life (soccer kid, high school, college/university, career man)

– MINING – Sketches of men mining, 2 pictures of tunnels in mines, a canyon

– CONDUCT – Chemist, power towers, music conductor, crossing off of duplicated (blue and white) signs

– CRAFT – Satellite above earth, female chef, scissors and cut paper, woman designing something

– CHEESY – Cheese blocks, bowl of popcorn, cheese baked on bread, cheese (footprint) on plain omelets (egg)

– BASIN – Waterfalls, ceramic water fountain, ceramic bowl, ceramic sinks

– ANGRY – Angry lion, a woman’s head covered with smoke, a man takes hammer to his laptop, a red bull

– ORCHARD – Apples in a basket in the sun, man holds two baskets of apple, apple orchard, woman with two baskets of apples in front of her

– COLUMN – Tablet and touch screen cell phone, performance bar and pie graph, columns, army marching in line

– LIBRARY – 2 girls in the library, books, a girl in a library, shelves of books

– BORED – Girl in red pouts (is bored), woman yawns, man is upset at ironing clothes, student sleeping in class

– VITAMIN – Basket of squash and apple and corn, oranges, pills (medication), fruits (apple, pear, kiwi, peach)

– CHURCH – Church, couple getting married, a church, a church

– DISGUISE – Person with camouflage paint on face, a bug camouflage onto leaf, a husky wears a wig, disguise items

– HUSBAND – Couple getting married, pictures of an elderly couple’s adventures, a man holds a proposal ring box, a couple cooks together in the kitchen

– MAMMAL – A woman with long curly light brown hair, a tiger, a gorilla, 3 dolphins jumping

– PREY – Dark brown eagle, someone steal cellphone from woman’s purse, a dear, a lion

– WIFE – A couple sits in living room deciding something, a couple gets married, an elderly couple, man puts ring on woman’s finger

– BELT – Grey rock (asteroids) flies past a planet, luggage conveyor, seat beat in car, black belt in karate (martial arts)

– CAPE – Man waves red cape in front of bull, cape of a island, woman in a cape, little red riding hood

– EAR – Corn, elephant, perking up ears, woman doctor examines senior woman’s ear

– ARTICLE – Magazines, writing a letter, news paper, warble,

– SINISTER – Devil, dark clouds (storm) brewing, Manitos helmet (from x-men), black and white hands

– TOURIST – Couple taking a tour, woman concierge gives man his keys, a woman takes photos, I icon

– PADDLE – Ping pong table, paddle and ball, boy kayaks, red (plastic) paddle, oar (wooden paddle)

– TYPE – Bowls displaying types of paste shapes/sizes, woman typing at keyboard, sign for something, man at type writer

– JAPANESE – Sushi dipped in soy sauce, Chinese character, city in front a mountain

– TARGET – Man draws a circle of white stick figures around a red one, person looks at graph on wall, playing archery, soccer field

– CLEAN – Woman cleaner, cleaning the bathroom sink, woman shows off her smile (teeth), cleaned dishes

– SHIP – Airplane cargo ship and transport trucks, rocket ship, ship, a cruise boat

– CHINA – Dragon, Great Wall of China, Chinese Zodiac, a hostess

– LITTER – Dirty beach, driver’s arm out her window (of car), line of kittens, line of puppies

– GENIUS – Baby with big glasses, Einstein, smart boy, a girl thinks in front of green chalkboard

– OXYGEN – Scuba diver, man swimming, surgeon applies anestigia, O2 sign

– EQUAL – Balance of rocks, hands counting 2, 3, 4, cut-out of people joining hands (blue and yellow), 0.5=1/2 written on black chalk board

– MOW – Man drives a lawn mower (truck), 2 pictures of stacks/piles of grass trimmings, mowing the lawn with truck

– ELECTION – Voting, ballot drop box, pie chart/graph, multi-colour dices with PLUS (+) sign

– BLAZE – Apartment on fire, fire with black smoke, camp fire, house on fire

– FOLLOW – Line of (yellow) rubber ducks), riding camels crossing the desert at night, line of elephants, Sherlock Holmes

– FITNESS – Group of people shows thumbs up, a woman stretching, a family jogging through park, woman lifts dumbbells

– CHEERS – Cocktail party, new years celebration, 2 couples shows thumbs up, group of people with mugs of beer

– MINE – 3 pictures of man digging (mining), a blond woman stuffs mouth with noodles

– RECORDER – A DVD player, a (radio) broadcast station (office), a cassette player, a microphone

– CAGE – Cartoon gorilla in cage, baseball fence, open bird cage, bike leaning on pole

– PANIC – Man is presented with stacks of work, woman is screaming scared, couple wakes up late from bed, cartoon woman jumps on green chair (scared)

– TENOR – Copper (iron) statue of a man, a man in tuxedo with open arms, binoculars on music sheet, violin saxophone and a clarinet

– LEAPING – 2 picture of man (person) leaping between 2 bridges, goldfish leaps out of water, a leopard leaps

– CIRCUS – Red and white circus tent, cartoon lion balances a bear on ball, juggling clown, tiger trainer

– DENTIST – 4 picture of people at the dentist

– CARESS – A baby sleeping, woman pets a cat, man about to kiss woman, couple under a blanket

– SINGLE – CD, jug of milk with pink ribbon, 2 glasses of scotch (or whiskey), a woman dressed professionally

– SCRUB – Person in green scrubs, a person mopping the floor, green lotion/cream, spa items

– PEELING – Peeling apple, peeling potatoes, peeling yellow zucchini, peeling paint from wall/door

– TALK – A little girl in grey is being interview, icon holds green phone receiver, group of people with speech bubbles, 2 women conversing on a sofa

– RESCUE – A dog laying in the grass, superman, rescue helicopter (orange), fireman climbs out of window

– SWIMMING – Mommy and child (baby) swimming, man swimming, dog swimming, a woman swims

– SWIM – Mother and child (baby) swimming, jelly fish, dolphins dancing, a little girl swims

– SCRAPER – Cartoon man window cleaner, a scraper/spatula, 2 pictures of people cleaning snow off their cars

– ALLIANCE – Multi-national flag poles, hand painted with flag designs, 2 golden rings, a boot with 2 flags

– SING – Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, a little girl sings, a chef sings, cartoon of a man in robe by a fire

– NAP – Woman in white sits back at her desk, a baby sleeping, a woman asleep at her desk, red fabric

– CHAMPION – Cartoon of winning soccer team, champion belts (gold, silver, and copper), jockey races horse, trophy cup

– EXAMPLE – Judge holds up his mallet, outline of webpage design with chalk, LTD sign with orbiting ball, trophy cups around the globe

– SUCCESS – Man gives thumbs up through the walls, a man sits back to examine performance arrows (red and blue), group of people shows-off wands of cash (bills), a woman with open arms

– MOMENTUM – Stop watch, a woman gymnast on the rings, extreme skier, metal magnetic balls

– SUPPORT – Professional woman wears a head set, 5 adults team up, 2 hands on a cane, 3 helicopters take off of navel ship

– MINISTER – Man in suit holding brief case, man in suit poses in front of books, a minister reads from a book, a man in a suit and tie holds his glasses

– COMEDY – Disguise mask, clown’s (jester’s) hat, man performing with mask, audience in a movie theater

– FAILURE – Man in shirt and tie hides face behind his hands, man sitting on floor holding his head, cartoon man is upset, man in jail (behind bars)

– EVOLVE – 2 helixes of DNA, evolving box man, TO DO LIST (saying to BE BETTER), men with their laptops

– TUNNEL – Subway tunnel, ground hog drills a tunnel, train tracks, mine tracks

– WIPER – 2 pictures of a car with wipers on, washing a car, close-up of a wiper blade

– RADIATE – Sun shining in blue sky, people in biohazardous suits, microwave, ladder

– ROOT – Person cupping a plant in their palms, bunch of carrots, cartoon doing math, moss on a tree (in forest)

– DRAMA – People in dress up, masks, red curtains, Chinese play (theater)

– EARRING – Man with pink bangs, cookie earrings, woman with long earrings, woman plays with her necklace

– TUG – Boat, playing tug a war, ships at the dock, child tugs a rope

– RAMBLE – Blond woman on the phone, person hiking, brunette woman on cell, family of 4 hiking

– FEAR – Watching a scary movie at the theater, man bites his nails in fear, man in suit is shock, man is scared of what woman is telling him

– CAPER – Man wearing a red nose, kids making faces at one another, fitness class, capers (spice)

– CROSSING – Person crosses a bridge, crossing fingers, cartoon girl crosses street, people crossing street

– ROOM – Gas/heater room, light shinning on display stand, row of shelf, living room of a house

– JUNCTION – Train tracks, road intersection, highway, traffic lights

– GROWING – Man stands on the highest of 5 columns, a little boy in blue, a plant sprouting, a man growing a plant

– KNOCK – Strike (bowling), knock-out (KO in boxing), woman knocking on a door, 1 man knocks out another in boxing

– TIN – Tin man from Wizard of Oz, element Sn, food in cans, woman cooks over a fire outdoors

– GREED – Man wears $ sign glasses, man stuffs his face, a baby stuffs its face, a woman stuffs her face

– TICKET – Cartoon police man, a pair of ticks, a card on a cars windshield wipers, a ballot ticket

– BULLET – Agenda on a clip board, a bullet, a speeding train, icon checks boxes on a clipboard

– STRAIGHT – Stacked planks of wood/lumber, a straight road, glass of whiskey, male and female sign interlinked

– CLOWN – 4 pictures of clown

– WIPE – Cleaning a table, man wipes his forehead, woman at the chalkboard, little girl wipes her nose

– WORKSHOP – 3 woman working together, tools, sewing machine for fashion design, group cooking

– SPHERE – Metal magnetic balls, a ball with equation, earth, conference hall

– TWINS – 4 picture of twins

– DEAF – Woman adjust, dog perks up his ears, sign language, woman in red perks her ears

– AMAZON – Shopping cart key on a keyboard, a tablet, a river, 2 parrots

– CLIMBING – People hiking through snow hills, 2 babies on a ladder, person rock climbing, woman doing zip line

– ESCAPE – Man in suit bends (prison) bars, a cartoon thief runs away with purse, solution through a maze, man with a ball chain around his ankle

– HAPPY – Boy at his laptop, woman holds her camera, woman in scrubs, a couple in tank top and jeans

– DRAWING – Drawing of a windmill, drawing of a boy pushing the pencil away, woman draws with her daughter, classroom of kids drawing

– LIFE – Plant sprouts through cracked pavement, a cup of floral, a baby laughing, eggs in a birds nest

– SILENCE – ON AIR sign lit, 2 women shushes, man with zipper lips, man behind white mask shushes

– SORROW – Woman cries, woman cries on man’s shoulder, a girl crying, a man consuls another crying man

– COCKTAIL – Glass of cocktail, man touches a woman’s belly, a rooster on the roof, a cocktail

– STRING – Knot in a string, string and a badminton racket, rolls of different coloured string, strings in different shape

– BRIGHT – A woman’s eye, a desert, clouds in the blue sky, a little boy has an idea

– TENSION – Ropes over a pulley, couple sleeps back to back in bed, boys watching a show/game on TV, man in suit pulling something apart

– DIVE – Man dives of his yacht, scuba diver, person dives into water, scuba diver

– SURVEY – 2 picture of man in hard hats taking a survey, checking off a clipboard

– IDLE – Chain saw, a koala lying on a branch in a tree, woman waits boredly at the airport (terminal), man in swing bed (hammock)

– SNIP – Pliers to a bunch of copper wires, man cuts his own hair, woman cuts her own hair, scissors to red ribbon

– COMPARE – 2 pictures of a balance scale, a woman compares 2 items in a store, male chemist compares test tubes

– MAZE – Tall hedges, man looks at maze on floor, person in front of a maze, a maze

– CLEANER – Woman cleans window, man mopping, couple is cleaning, 1 clean and 1 dirty brush/sponge

– PEELED – Potatoes, peeled banana, bananas, oranges

– SNAIL – 4 picture of snails

– DENTURES – 4 picture of denture

– AFRAID – Man is scared, woman clutches her heart/chest, woman is scared, a boy is scared

– MASKED – 4 pictures of people behind (wearing) masks

– ADDER – 3 pictures of snakes, using a calculator

– DRIVE – Driver in a car, hammering a nail, driving a golf cart, fixing/installing digital (hard drive) ware

– KITCHEN – Pan of cooked shrimps, kitchen, people in the cafeteria, chefs plating food

– STRESSED – 3 pictures of people with hands at their head, a frayed rope

– OPENING – Scissors to cut a red ribbon, opening a can food, woman opens her curtains, using a microwave

– ENVY – Man eats pizza and woman has apple, man is green (with envy), people staring at a couple hugging, woman looks at a couple

– GOSSIP – 4 pictures of people whispering

– WORRY – Woman massages her temple, woman’s face in her palms, 2 women looks away from each other, man is stressed

– LEADER – Music conductor, George Washington (?), man in uniform salutes, music conductor

– ENVIOUS – 1 egg is worried about 2 eggs in love, woman is upset at man on tablet, woman stares at couple, 2 woman eating

– ATTACH – Stapler, ropes knotted together, paper clip icon, hasp

– JEALOUSY – 1 man punches another at club, boy is upset sitting by his parents, mouse dancing on cheese, girl cries in front of pregnent woman

– THIGH – Topless woman in jeans, roast chicken legs, woman rubs her left thigh

– CHEAT – Man with a pocket full of money, woman crosses her fingers behind her back, kids blowing at a golf ball, couple in bed

– HOST – Judges at an audition, 6 computers linked to 1 mother board, waiter, man barbeques

– JEALOUS – 4 pictures of a person staring at a couple

– DYE – Woman with bright orange hair, yarn of different colours, tie-dyed shirts, bottle explodes in different colours

– FAKE – Woman applies lotion (tan), manicure nails, dog wears an afero wig, a toonie

– BOLD – The letter B and b, die blocks that spell NEWS, a super hero in green, man climbs a rock/mountain

– WORRIED – Man with hand to his face, 2 pictures of woman worried/sad, a boy is sad

– STRESS – Man holds up HELP sign from behind a stack of books, a man is pulling out hair, a woman sees a therapist, a woman is worried about studying

– SKIPPING – Cartoon of girls skipping, cartoon of rabbit skipping, a woman in white with shopping bags, an icon in black stand out in a line of white

– DRONE – A bee collecting pollen from flower, a boy plays with airplane, an airplane, a swarm of bees (or other insects?)

– BUSH – A desert, cartoon man in robe by a fire, a shrub, a field of shrubs

– SPONGE – Cleaning a window (windshield), holding up a sponge, a slice of cake is eaten, scrubs

– GROOVE – Group of hippees trying to hitch hike, teenage girl listens to headphones, a black singer, groves of an object

– ORBIT – Earth with orbit rings around it, an eye ball, planets close by the sun, satilite station above the earth

– EDIT – Designing a floor plan, a laptop, erasing the brain of a drawing, 3 people are looking at photos at a table

– CURVE – Man in lab coat examines performace curve, blue and grey curve, a woman on the beach, a ben in the road

– CREW – 4 siloettes doing handstands, 3 people in red aprons, a stewartess on a plane, a woman sailing

– CHICKEN – Chicken nuggets, watching a scary movie at the theater, pan frying something, a rubber chicken

– DONATE – Change on a piece of cardboard with THANK YOU written on it, a green gift card, person donating blood, a box (gift) of money

– LOUNGE – White (modern) living room, man in his living room, wing pin with FIRST CLASS engrave on it, 2 people at a terminal

– INFLATE – Hot air balloon, money inflation, blowing up a bag, baby on bouncy castle

– FLAG – Hippees tyring to hitch hike, poles of flags, checkered flag (black and white), the american flag

– LAYER – 3/4 of a globe showing its inner core (layers), a women dressed for a chilly day outside, a chak, lasansga

– DEATH – Skeleton head and cross bones, a reaper, a red flower, a cemetery

– PLANT – Taking/placing money in a blue bag/pocket, power lines/towers in front of an industrial plant, a woman holding 2 pots of plants, a pot of plant

– IMAGE – Woman putting on make-up, a lap top, 2 men, a man holding binders thinking of 2 couples

– JOKE – Senior man makes a ‘funny-face’, a man (teenage boy) laughs really hard, a man with microphone and top hat in red and yellow sweater, a jester’s hat

– STEM – Drawing a reletivity graph, a glss of white wine (or champange), a purple-pink tulip (flower), tiny green balls in a larger green ball

– DEFLATED – A flat tire, a woman holds an (empty) balloon, a man holds his head, a basketball has no air

– QUALITY – Thumbs up, a chef in the kitchen, stamp that says MADE IN GERMANY, a seal (ribbon)

– RANGE – Full shopping cart in a grocery store, gas tank near empty, a chicken runs across lawn, archery boards (target)

– COUNTRY – Blue flag with yellow cross, an empty field, part of the united kingdom flag, a woman plays a guitar

– SALMON – 3 pictures of salmon (fish), outside of a building painted orangey

– PITCH – A soccer field, a man in suit with open arms, kids playing baseball, a man presents to a team professionals

– LAUGH – a yellow icon lauging and pointing, LOL painted on a woman’s face (mouth), a girl is laughing, a man is laughing

– TRICK – Man (waiter) with smoke coming off his palms, man kicks soccer ball, woman playng cards, people dressed up (for halloween)

– SPLIT – Chopping lumber, a woman plays with her hair, a banana split, a woman stretches

– SITE – Drawings sitting on the grass, man at his computer, trailors in the park, stadium in greace

– PUMP – Oil rigs (on land), a woman lift’s a dumb bell, a woman uses her inhaler, a green water pump

– COAST – Car in motion, penisila of an island, water brushing to shore, man on invisible hammock

– TACKLE – Rope over a pulley, football game, man fishing, men playing soccer

– OAK – Side of a tree (bark/trunk), a full tree, a branch of leaves, a dresser

– HERB – Basil, people cooking in the kitchen, plants outside, herbs by a jar

– ACADEMIC – icon with a brain (no head) sitting on a ball, a woman graduates, a professor teaching his class, stacks of books

– TRACE – Cartoon man inspects footprints, person holding a holding knife, person walking in barefeet leave foot prints, magnifying glass over a fingerprint

– REMOVE – Man in red shirt puts on (takes-off) his black tie, white X mark on red square, boot in the butt, girl examines (cleans) her face in front of mirror

– DISH – An appetiezer (plate of chicken?), a chef plates, an empty plate, a satilite dish (blue)

– ADJUST – Boy getting new glasses, a woman at a sewing machine, control dials/switches on a machine, a wrench

– FLOSS – Making cotton candy, a woman flosses her teeth, floss and a toothbrush, red string/ribbon

– LUXURY – A black limosine in front of a building, black cavier (eggs) on a spoon, 2 glasses and a bottle of champange, a bathroom suite

– BRACE – Person with braces (mouth), wearing a black knee brace, man in construction doubles over and holds head, a crank of sort

– RUSH – Cartoon man runs, man and child on roller coaster, water by land, a speeding red truck (ambulance – 112)

– POD – Brunette woman listens to headphones, a toy rocketship, beans/peas, coffee beans

– ALUMINUM – Grey sqaure, open can (food), aluminum paper, recyclable can

– LOST – Man in suit sits in red bleachers (seats) holding his head, a woman sits in a corner going through her purse, a couple hiking looks at map, a woman shows how much weight she has lost

– BUD – Buds and white flower on a branch, flower about to bloom, assembly line of bottled drinks (beer?), dog licks doctors face

– DRIP – Tea light (red) candle, a drop of something to a spoon, socks hanging on clothing line, a dripping tap/faucet

– LOGO – LIKE’ button on facebook (thumbs-up), a sun over blue and green curve, 2 outlines of hearts, a spectrum of green bluse red and purple

– STYLE – Dresses on model’s, a woman with red mohawk, a woman dressed up, a pink sofa

– BRUSH – Brushing a dog, a brush (comb), brushing teeth, a cartoon fox

– POST – Man holds a box, open envelope with @ sign, open envelop with blank sheet, postage stamp

– EGG – Chicken sits/lays on eggs, sunnyside up egg, egg with polka dots, boil eggs

– CART – Cartoon boy drives wagon with horse, go karting, golf kart, buggy (shopping) kart

– CONTACT – Green envelop with @ sign, person puts on contact, wrestling, telephone sign (icon)

– FASHION – Woman poses in front of camera lights, bar codes on magazines, fashion sketches, a woman looks at heels in store

– EXPRESS – Man delivers box, DROP SHIPPING (cargo container), a subway (light rail train), 2 women conversing

– TOAST – Toaster, toasted bread, champange bottle cork pops, cheersing (celebrating) over meal

– CONE – 4 scoops of ice cream in cone, game board pieces, bowling bowl/pins/game, 4 candy bags in cylcone shape

– SAGE – 2 men praying, roasted meat, bowl of dip, sage leaves

– GUM – 2 white tablets (gum) on mint leaves, sap from a tree, boy blows bubble gum, fake teeth/dentures

– COLLAGE – Collage of pictures, arts and craft, honeybees, a card

– STRAW – Multi-coloured straws, scarecrow, bamboo mat, rolls of hay

– BOTTLE – white and black cyliner, a bottle of water, a bottle of perfume, message in a bottle in the water

– SIGNPOST – STOP sign, traveling signs, path signs, street signs

– RETURN – ENTER key on a keyboard, woman drags suitcase, giving change to another man, a desk in a dresser

– FONT – Person writes, the letter A, symbols, the alphabet

– HABIT – Washing hands, smoking, woman twirls her hair, man bites fingers

– KIWI – Kiwi fruit, a black bird, a sign with 3 birds on it, a land (country) in blue

– STATION – A wall built with bags of sand, police building, train station, radio station

– SURF – Person surfing, man holds surfing board, a woman with her latop, water brushes to shore at beach

– TUNA – Sushi rolls, a fish, slab of tuna, can of tuna (food)

– FADE – Something pink and folded under flower, 3 crosses, dials/switches of a control station, a bald man

– PACK – Woman with a giant bag, poker hand, re backpack, pack of wolves

– MAT – Purple yoga mat, woman with frizzy orange hair, rugs, WELCOME mat

– SAFETY – Helment, construction man, man drives lift truck, floor is wet sign

– BEEF – Beef jerky, steak, cow, hamburger

– FUR – Woman with mink/fur coat, a fox, a baby sleeping, pig with hair?

– TABLE – Spreadsheet (columns) of numbers, departure times, empty dinning table, elemental table

– RUNNER – Red ribbon, woman gets ready to run, man gets red to shoot movie, red carpet

– COMFORT – Mother and child, a baby, meal served on a plane, a bed

– DOMESTIC – Couple yells at each other, a maid, a cat naps, a woman with orange cleaning gloves

– DIP – Green sauce/dip (gacumole), person dips foot in water, strawberry dipped in chocoate, dipping brush in green paint

– PROFILE – Man looks at ‘wanted’ ad in newspaper, LOGIN button, mud under the grass, siloettes of heads

– INSERT – COPY and PASTE keys on a keyboard, woman holds red piggy bank on her palm, man picks a lock, dropping off a ballot

– MAPLE – Red tree growing out of a palm, orange/green maple leaf, stack of pancakes covered in syrup, collecting sap from a tree

– SMEAR – Babu with food all over its face, spreading butter on heart shaped bread, rubbing lotion on back, a child plays with paint

– POTATO – Sour cream and onions on baked potatoes, a man drinking with food on the sofa, potatoes, potatoe chips

– STAND – Woman shows her laptop, a white counter/stand, crowd with picket signs, food at the market

– HOOK – Worm on a fishing hook, numbered hooks on the wall (9, 10, 11), diamond Y’s a boy dresses as pirate

– CONSUME – Pumping gas into car, woman with shopping bags, cheersing at cocktail party, a woman with lots of fruits

– FEET – fish swimming around a person’s feet, 3 people laying in the grass (feet), making a heart shape around a baby’s feet, bare feet

– LAKE – 3 boats tied to the dock, a mother duck and 4 ducklings on the dock, a man gives thumbs up in front of a lake and mountains in the background, trees along the horizon beyond a body of water

– CRACKER – stack of cookies and wheat, regular pretzels and pretzel sticks, listening to a safe, a cracked walnut

– SODA – a glass of coke/Pepsi with ice cubes, a dog with shades+popcorn+a soft drink, a diner, 4 bottles of soda

– FRAME – woman makes frame with her hand/fingers, a picture frame (gold), 11 picture frames on the wall, a man carries a large picture/painting

– WOOL – sheep and lamp, a wool sac of wool, a wool basket of wool, 10 bundle of wool stacked into pyramid

– BOUNCING – person jumps on trampoline in the sunset/sunrise, lots of basketball, 3 kids play on a bouncy ball, playing tennis

– HOSE – a green hose, pink panty hose, fire man puts out fire on cliff, a girl squeezes the hose

– GRAPE – 2 bottles+ a glass of white wine, grape vineyard, purple/blue grapes on the vine, a bunch of red grapes

– ACT – smiley white icon hold sad black mask, dancing in the spotlight, masks (drama), a woman in green clutches chest her chest is torn (upset)

– TOE – 4 picture of feet (2 at the spa + 2 at the morgue)

– MINERAL – a bottle of water (blue), spill white tablets (medication/pills), green+orange+brown, purple rock (diamonds)

– SUN – a white sun is drawn on the back of a woman in her bikini on the beach, a watch forecasts the weather, sun beyond a field of grass, a woman applies suntan lotion

– YEAR – the number 2014 with balloons and streamers, the calendar year 2014, 2013 in fireworks, 2013 calendar

– YARD – a line of cars, washing the ground, lawn chair + table in the yard, a man cleans his bbq

– GEAR – 2 pictures of a manual transmission shift gear, picture of 9 different wheels (gears), person is fixing bike

– BONE – x-ray of a hand, a bone, a female doctor points a model spine, skeleton of a human (front+back)

– JUGGLE – 4 pictures of a person juggling

– SHUTTLE – a bus, a rocket, badminton racket and birdie, weaving machine

– TEETH – a dog snarls/barks, silver gears, dentures, before and after whitening of a person’s teeth

– SEATBELT – a woman on plane wears seatbelt, a woman in green car puts on seatbelt, a teddy is buckled in car, putting on a seatbelt

– HAIR – different wavy hair colours (blond+light brunette+red+brown+purple), a woman with brown hair, a woman with blond hair, a person getting hair wash

– TRAPEZE – 4 pictures of a woman on a swing (acrobat)

– WREN – 4 pictures of a bird on a branch

– DESERT – 3 pictures of a desert, camels

– DEPART – woman gets on train (or bus) with luggage, woman with luggage at airport, woman sits in a terminal, departure logo

– CAT – a tiger, 3 pictures of a cat

– BALLET – 4 pictures of a person doing ballet

– CROC – pink crocks (the shoe), 3 pictures of a crocodile (alligator)

– JAM – 3 jars of opened jam, 2 croissants with red jam, cars in traffic, strawberry jam with toast

– DEAD – a coffin, 3 crosses on a hill, statue with wings, crime scene and chalk outline

– GYM – man works on his shoulders muscle, woman in spinning class, man on treadmill, kids on jungle bars?

– ACADEMY – a castle, a gold trophy, graduation cap+scroll, students in a class

– RELEASE – a open bird cage, a directors board with PREMIERE written on it, seatbelt and seatbelt sign, playing archery

– REEL – 2 pictures of a wheel of film, 2 pictures of a person fishing (making a catch)

– BURGLE – 4 pictures of a person breaking into a house

– JUDGE – golden judge’s mallet, judge holds balance scale+book, a judge reads a blue book, statue of justice

– BURGLAR – 3 pictures of a break-in, a man in black leather jacket+blue jeans+holding a cane

– BLIND – 2 pictures of a person blind folded, a black lab (guide-dog), braille that says WELCOME

– ROBBERY – man holds a gun at you demanding goods, a man trying to break into a blue car, a white icon (robber) steals safe, a jugular steals

– TRAP – a cob-web, playing golf, money on a mouse trap, mouse trap

– THIEF – person steals from a man’s red bag while he is asleep purple icon pick-pockets blue icon, thief steals blue car, a robber steals a brown purse

– STEEP – man in orange shoes climbs mountain, a steep mountain, person scales (climbs) a mountain, dipping tea bag

– ICICLE – 3 pictures of icicle, snow in the threads of a car tire

– CONVICT – 3 pictures of a person behind bars, prisoner with a shackle around his ankle

– GOLD – 2 gold rings, a gold bar, a golden egg, gold silk (sparkles)

– LAWYER – man in suit hold brief case walking away, balance scale in front of books, a woman studies, a woman in a library

– PAINTING – 4 pictures of a person painting

– TRAGEDY – 2 pictures of a sad mask (drama), silhouette man (knight) by a woman (princesses’) balcony, a sinking ship as captain rows away

– CAUGHT – spotlight on a thief, a woman is sick in bed, a man holds the fish he caught, a cat in a cage

– PRISONER – 4 pictures of a person in shackles (prisoners)

– DEFEND – a woman does tai chi (or fight stance), army soldiers prepared for battle, a robot icon holds SECURITY shield, a castle

– JAIL – 4 pictures of a person behind bars

– GUILTY – a woman berried her head between her knees close to her chest, many fingers pointing to a man, judge’s mallet + book, a woman with cuffs touches her own face

– VALET – clothes laid out, butler is helping you put on your jacket, cleaning a car (steering wheel), parked red car

– DISASTER – a plane on smoke (fire) is diving, saving a person from the waters (a sinking ship), cleaning up a bio-hazard (toxic) spill, muddy streets with red tractor

– FROZEN – 2 pictures of a frozen cave view, an igloo, an ice cube

– ARREST – a woman is getting arrested, 2 pictures of a thief caught by police, a man + a woman getting their mug shot

– CROOK – person does ‘COME HERE’ motion with finger, a man smoking cigar, a thief hides behind door, a Sheppard and a herd of sheep

– CRIMINAL – a robber, person in grey hoodie with hands cuffed behind him, a prisoner with rope+black garbage (loot) bag+gun, a thief steals red car

– BANDIT – running after a person on a horse, Mexicans shooting rifles, slot machine, a man holds 3 $ bag+ a gun

– GENEROUS – a bundle of 0 bills wrapped with a red ribbon+bow, presents, a woman holds a ginormous sandwich, a man fans a handful of 0 bills

– SONG – 3 pictures of a woman singing, a bird in front of a music sheet and the word PARIS

– SET – woman to serve tennis ball, a pound of red jello, handy-man tools on a shelf, tea set (2 cups+teapot)

– POINT – lip liner (pencil crayons), father+mother+a child at the beach, a female mine points to her right, a finger points ahead

– SOAKING – silhouettes walking in the rain with umbrella, spilled coffee/tea on a laptop, a wet dog, person gets foot spa

– STEPS – 2 pictures of a curved stairway, steps made from stone, man with a step ladder in the waters uses binoculars

– MEAN – 2 pictures of a girl being laughed/pointed at, a boy is being bullied (laughed) at, a man sweeps in a pile of money

– PLEASURE – kids playing on the ground, a woman getting a massage, a woman sips tea, a couple holds hands in a green field

– SPEAK – person hold blue corded phone to a dog perking his ears, orange icon speaks/stands out amongst grey one, 2 white icons converse, a white icon behind a podium speaks

– BREED – 2 horses, piglets feeding from mother pig, 6 dogs, lion+lioness+cub

– MOUTH – woman gets teeth checked, pictures of smiles, picture of where river joins ocean, man in glasses with dropped jaw

– JOY – a woman triumphs in work on laptop, a woman with open arms to sun, a girl lies in the grass, a mother and child

– HERALD – 2 pictures of gold trumpets with hanging red flag, a boy uses a loud speaker (blow horn), silouhette of an angel playing an instrument

– PROJECT – projector, man shows performance with green bar graph, building a model house, planning/discussing about graphs/charts

– SCRATCH – dog scratch himself, a scratched CD, a woman itches, a cat plays with scratching post

– STEAK – 4 pictures of a steak (1 beef plated, 1 beef on the grill (broiler), 1 beef rare, 1 chicken cooked)

– PAIN – silouhette with head pain, man with sore neck, man with lower sore back, woman with a headache

– SUSHI – fish (salmon), sushi rolls, sushi on a platter, 5 pairs of chopsticks

– FOUND – person picks up an open wallet, message in a bottle on the beach, man bends down to pick something up, dog sits on welcome mat that says HOME

– GROWTH – a child cups an adults hand (which is cupping a plant), man climbs red (performance) arrow, performance portfolio, a little girl measures her height

– WHISPER – 2 pictures of a man whispering in a woman’s ear, 2 girls whisper, girl whispers to a mother

– LADDER – person prunes tree into an arrow up shape, woman fixes her panty hose, man on ladder climbs above/over wall, a ladder leaning on a wall

– SORE – woman with a headache, person with sore (left) knee, person with lower sore back (left), woman in blue itches left arm

– CHAT – a group of teenagers sitting on steps, 2 woman sitting on a couch, 3 elderly men, fingers of 1 person dressed up and conversing with one another

– DANCE – a girl dances, 2 pictures of a person (woman) doing ballet

– CRUSH – a man crushes a pop can, white van flies over the head of a person, a crowd of people in the streets, crushed metal in a junk yard

– DRESSING – snapping finger, clutching right knee, bottles of oil (dressing), a jug of red sauce/dressing/vinegar in a basket

– COMB – 2 pictures of a person getting hair cut, a rake on a sand (Zen) box, a rooster

– CLOSET – shirts on hangers, a man climbs out of a closet, male + female stalls, skeletons in a closet (behind) closed doors

– SPECTRE – boy sits with his knees to his chest wets his pants (is sad), white icon is scared of own shadow, a ghost girl’s face in the woods, a man (ghost) in a room

– CRACK – hammer to pigging bank, cracked (broken) smart phone, a robber opens safe, crack in the wall (or on the ground)

– BIT – Red apple has being bitten, digital series of 0’s and 1’s, drilling into a plank of wood

– CYCLE – man riding his bike, person fixing a bike, recycling symbol (steps 01, 02, and 03), a woman rides a bike

– CLICK – 3 woman playing cards, using a TV remote, using a computer mouse, 2 types of cursors

– BURROW – a ground hog, Easter bunny hides Easter eggs with ground hog, 3 bunnies, dirt on top of green grass

– BANK – light shines through opened safe, a green field by a rive, a piggy bank, a ship is sinking near the shore of a beach

– ATTACK – man clutches his chest, bulls run as a lion attacks, a white icon with shield and sword defends from a red virus (monster) coming from laptop, dog bites person in the knee

– AIM – couples play pool (table), aiming an archery bow, woman point gun, goalie guards soccer ball

– DAMAGE – 2 cars collide (red into blue), crumbling roof, cracked rear wind shield, netting (screen) is damaged

– SAIL – 3 pictures of a boat’s sail, a windmill

– COOK – 2 pictures of a chef (1 woman and 1 man), 2 pictures of a woman cooking

– BARE – a wooden shelf, walking bare foot, a dog snarls, an empty apartment

– BUMP – a bumper car, fist bumps, speed bump, a pregnant belly

– COLLAR – Victorian (woman’s dress), woman does man’s tie, a dog wears a surgical collar, blond woman pops her collar

– ANSWER – picking up (or hanging up) phone, professor teaches class, FAQ in a speech bubble, kids raises their hands in class

– COVER – man sitting in a storm with an umbrella, man+woman under blue towel, a crock pot, an elderly woman covers her face

– ALERT – SOS (in bold gold/yellow letters), a CAUTION sign, a loud speaker, red siren (alarm)

– LEAK – tied / knotted faucet is dripping, man standing + woman sitting, wrench to a dripping pipe line, man panics a pipe bursts

– CLEAR – a glass of water, person does high jump, white line on the road, sun in the sky

– DOUGH – fan of American money, 2 woman and a girl in the kitchen baking, rolling dough, baking items (flour, egg, sugar, etc.)

– DISGUST – woman holds up a sock, woman pinches her nose from her wet underpit/underarms, girl makes a face at carrot sticks, a woman makes a face

– EXPORT – 3 pictures of a cargo ship, boxes and a plane around the globe

– END – silhouettes race past finish line, stairway to heaven (in the clouds), road is blocked, 2 white and black checkered flags

– PRINTER – a machine with a giant roller, man fixing a machine, a machine, an office/home printer

– HUNTING – man sits with gun and his dog, 2 man with guns, 2 bulls and a lion, man in green vest with a dog

– BLAST – volcano erupts, a red flash (of light), something blows up under the water, BOOM

– START – young boy with green backpack, person ready to race, January 1st, 2 construction man

– LEAP – person leaps over 2013, person leaps between 2 rocks/cliffs, person does high jump, February 29th

– ORDER – index/tabs, man uses loud speaker beside woman’s ear, waiter takes the couple’s order, a police officer yelling

– TRAINER – a shoe (green and white), woman presents to group, man helps woman train, white icon trains a class of icons

– LEARN – man with laptops, 2 girls in the library, a baby girl holds 3 balls, 2 boys learning math

– RELAX – a woman mediates, a hammock, a woman gets a massage, a woman stretches

– TINY – a black fly, a female chemist, holding a baby’s feet, 3 puppies in a box

– STUDENT – group of 5 sitting at a table looks up, people/students writing an exam, a class of students, 6 kids laying down head-to-head

– TUBE – a moving train, a red tube, blue pipes, a test tube of yellow liquid

– CUSTOM – 2 kids approach a stand, a couple gets married, a Geisha dances, dragon dance

– IMPORT – truck lifts cargo, cargo ships, cargos docked, man pushes a pallet (skid of boxes)

– SEAPORT – 4 pictures of boats docked in the water

– RAT – a grey mouse, a white mouse, cheese on a mouse trap, red icon trips white icon

– WEIGHT – a paper weight, woman lifts weight on a yoga ball, woman on a scale, a dumb bell

– TEACH – classroom of students, woman teaches girl, mother teaches son, coach teaches team

– CHEER – girls out partying, 2 cheer leaders, men watches soccer game, woman jumps for joy

– DIG – 3 men digging, person with one foot on shovel, 2 pictures of a construction (claw) truck

– PORT – hole (window) on a ship, building by the lake, airplane parked, cables behind a machine

– BRIDE – a bouquet of flowers (pink), 2 pictures of a bride, a couple getting married

– LOOM – 2 pictures of a weaving machine, the Effie Tower, a woman weaves

– JUGGLER – 4 pictures of a person juggling

– HUNTER – man with bow and arrow, a tiger, 2 pictures of a person with a shot gun/rifle

– PAINTER – 2 pictures of a woman painting on a canvass, man paints wall green, man paints ceiling white

– JOYFUL – woman is smiling with open arms, a baby smiles with 2 bottom teeth, 2 pictures of a man rich with money

– PRISON – man trapped in a jar, prison window, 2 pictures of a person behind bars

– BREAD – 3 pictures of bread, a male baker

– FREEZING – 3 pictures of people who are cold/shivering, a thermometer in blue

– FLOUR – egg yolk in white flour, brown flour, cracking egg into flour, mixing flour

– FOLDED – clothes folded and ribbon wrapped, man in suit is without a head, paper origami, woman crosses arms

– BITE – a great white shark, an apple bitten, girl eats apple in tree, dog attacks man

– SAVING – stack of life savers, woman puts money in piggy bank, coins into piggy bank, woman helps man up ladder

– SAILING – 3 picture of sail boats, a white bird flying

– ARRESTED – 4 pictures of a person in cuffs (being arrested)

– THEFT – man steals woman wallet from purse, 3 pictures of a person being pick-pocketed

– CRIME – person stealing a car, breaking into a house, a thief with a garbage bag of loot, arm from computer steals wallet

– ROB – robber holds giant credit card, man in suit had a gun pointed at him, robbers jumping up to a balcony, robber snatches woman’s purse

– SAILOR – a woman looks through binoculars on a boat, 2 pictures of a sailor, a pirate boy (cartoon)

– TEACHING – 2 pictures of a woman (female) teacher, dad teaches son to ride bike, male teacher teaches student

– GYMNAST – 4 pictures of a gymnast

– LEARNING – 3 pictures of a girl studying/learning, class of kids raises their hands

– BURGLARY – robber sneaks past sleeping security, crow bar to a door, arm grabs purse from behind a door, a robber looks through a chained door

– CUSTOMS – stamps, bag-pipe players (Scottish), a passport, crossing boarders

– SEW – threaded needle and a stack of black buttons, multi-colour threads, a sewing machine, tailors tools (measuring tape, thread, scissors, buttons)

– PILLOW – 2 pictures of a woman sleeping, a pillow (white), a cat is napping

– BARBECUE – 4 pictures of barbecuing

– SUITOR – man on one knee presents flower, 2 pictures of a couple, man offers a rose bulb in his palm

– TORTOISE – dad and son plays with turtle, 2 pictures of a turtle, turtle with a flooded bathroom

– JIGSAW – pieces of puzzle, puzzle of a man’s face/head, puzzle of clear blue sky and green field, sawing a piece of wood

– CANCEL – 2 pictures of a woman sitting on her suitcase, X in a circle, selecting X vs. the checkmark

– CABINET – a long (and empty) meeting table, toys behind a display cabinet, filing drawers, filing cabinet

– BANKNOTE – 3 pictures of lots of money, money is raining on a blind-folded man

– CANTEEN – canteen on the ground, 2 pictures of fresh cafeteria, green canteen

– HAT – hats of different occupation, construction hat and his tools, red cap, cow-boy’s hat, gun and ammunition

– CAMPFIRE – 2 pots hanging over a fire, a campfire, a campsite, girl goes camping sitting in the trunk of a car

– HEADACHE – 2 pictures of a woman with a headache, man rubs between his eyes, man with a boulder on his back (neck, head and shoulders)

– CANDLE – candle in a cupcake, purple Easter eggs and a pink candle + tea pot, Christmas bells, holy and candle, a blank script

– PUZZLE – pink line (answer) through the maze, crossword puzzle, a ball of mazes, Sudoku

– CANINE – dog snarling, dog, vampire mouth, vet checks the teeth of a dog

– BARBELL – 4 pictures of a person lifting heavy weights

– CAMPUS – a group of students walking, 4 students sitting on the grass, people in front of a Chinese structure, people in front of a class building

– BIRDCAGE – silhouette parrot in a cage, woman looks at black cat sitting on top of a cage, birds leaving an opened cage, birds and their cages

– LANCE – 2 joust swords, 2 pictures of knight on horse ready to joust, breaking a bubble on a palm with a needle

– SWANS – 3 pictures of swans, a girl in a black (swan) dress

– PENPAL – pen and handwriting on graph paper, 2 icons lift a giant pen, writing on a cue card, 2 boys using over sized pencils

– CARWASH – inside a car wash, wiping the cover plates of tires on a car, manual car wash, washing a blue car

– BEANBAG – woman sits in red bean bag chair, blue bean bag chair, girl in purple bean bag chair, 3 juggling balls

– BATHROBE – woman in her bathroom, 2 people at the spa, man is sick, a couple in white bathrobes

– CAPTAIN – 2 man discussing something (their trip), a male captain, person at steering wheel of ship, a pirate (captain)

– COWARD – man with his head in the dirt (buried), a chicken is scared, monkeys do ‘SPEAK’ no evil ‘SEE’ no evil, ‘HEAR’ no evil, boy with red glasses peeks up from under the table

– CLIMBER – man scaling a cliff, tall trees by a road, ivy covers a house, woman scales a cliff

– CROCK – an old car (blue), 2 pots of stew, a bowl of seeds

– CRAMP – 2 pictures of a man cramped in a small space, girl hurts her knee, a woman lies in bed holding her belly

– COPPER – construction items and drawing, statue of liberty, a pile of pennies, a copper tea pot

– CHANCE – playing casino (3 cards game), rolling of 6 dice, lottery balls, Russian roulette lands on 0 (green)

– CORONA – sun, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, a firey ball (the sun) beyond a planet

– CREATURE – a blue monster, a parrie dog, a timber wolf, a yellow snail

– CREEP – a golden kitten, 2 girls hold up their hands, earth warm, a robber behind the door

– CUSHION – 4 people on the bed, a man lies on the hard wood floor with a pillow, a stack of 3 cushions, a man sleeps on the couch

– CORN – 4 cobs of corn, farm machine, bowl of strawberry corn flakes, farm machine

– CURIOUS – a kitten plays with its reflection in a puddle of water, an owl looks through magnifying glass, a kitten plays with a blue ball, a girl plays with magnifying glass

– CRATER – moon and space, 2 pictures of a crater, a blue ball

– CORRUPT – worm inside a red apple, money in a pocket stained with blood, shaking hands with money, sitting man takes money while looking away

– CITADEL – 4 pictures of a castle

– CREATION – touching of 2 fingers, space (galaxy), clay making, stain glass art (church window)

– CUTTER – box cutter, wire / cable cutter, man cuts an industrial pipe, person using an industrial saw/cutter

– CRAWL – man swims, a chameleon on the rock, 2 picture of a baby crawling

– CHOKE – 1 man head locks another man, man wearing a respirator holds his own throat,, woman wears a face mask, man chokes on food

– CURTAIN – red curtains, gold curtain, woman hides her face with her face, window curtain

– CULTURE – micro-organisms growing in a petri dish, da Vinci drawing, man conducts music to a painting, buried Chinese soldiers (Terracotta)

– CORK – opening a bottle of wine, cork opener, cork board, popping open a bottle of champagne

– CLAW – an industrial claw, a claw on a woman’s finger, a boiled lobster, a robot

– CURSE – voodoo doll, ware wolf, a curse in a speech bubble, a woman does black magic (voodoo)

– CHIEF – Indian chief, the white house, a man wearing a robe, cap of a police

– INCLINE – dog walks on plank into trunk of a car, a person pushes a rock up a hill, narrow road between houses, a girl looks at her food

– DECIPHER – 2 pictures of a combination lock, us do ku, a black piece of paper with white printing

– DECIDE – girl (cartoon) holds up to outfits, a man’s road splits into 2, a woman decides between fruits and junk food, a man stands in front of a balance beam drawing

– DIAGNOSE – 4 pictures of a patient seeing a doctor

– DESCEND – a person snowboards, a person rides extreme mountain bike, 2 pictures of a set of spiral stairs

– DAUGHTER – man + woman + child in the waters at the beach, a mother and daughter in the sun, a mother and daughter at the beach, a daughter sits in the lap of her mother

– CONTRACT – signing a contract, sniper view point, a construction contractor, a woman signs something

– DELAY – woman sits on blue luggage by train tracks, man looks at watch while waiting for train, cars sitting in traffic, a man points to his watch

– DEFLATE – air balloon in the grass, a woman (cartoon) is distorted, a popped yellow balloon, a deflated blue balloon

– DAM – 2 pictures of water dams, 2 picture of beaver dams

– DANGER – a man tight ropes above a sea of sharks, a man stands under a blade, a man pushes another man over the cliff into the sharks, CAUTION sign

– DIAMOND – diamond structure, a saw (blade), scatter of diamonds, a drill (dentist)

– DECLINE – woman holds up both her arms in front of her, a woman covers her eyes and pushes plate away, a woman holds up one arm in front of her, arrow declines (drops) and hits the ground

– DANISH – 2 Danish, 2 pictures of the Danish Flag, Danish currency

– ARRIVAL – luggage at the terminal, white airplane in red circle, family holds WELCOME sign, grabbing luggage off the conveyer

– DECREASE – scissors cut TAX, market crash, -40%, decline arrow and bar graph

– DESSERT – ice cream log, a slice of cake, strawberry crepes, pear covered in chocolate fudge and almond slices with vanilla ice cream

– DEADLY – snake (cobra), POISON sign, poison sign on bottles, a tarantula (spider)

– DEPOSIT – putting money in a transparent piggy bank, man looks into a vault of gold bars, a man holds his hands above his piggy bank, a woman puts 0 into her piggy bank

– DEVOUR – shark eats ‘man-roll’, a man eats a giant sandwich, a dinosaur (t-rex), a shark eats a fish (that eats a fish)

– DETONATE – a ticking time bomb, an explosion, a tank, a lit wick

– DESTROY – arm punches through wall, man pushes globe (world) of the edge of a cliff, a man (icon) break down a wall, a man uses jack hammer to drill the road

– DEBT – printing a scroll, man with empty pockets, a woman is stressed looking at her credit / debit cards, a man with a ball chain around his ankle

– DAIRY – a jug and glass of milk, a black and white cow, shelves of chees, black and white cows in a milking factory

– CYLINDER – loading the chamber of a gun, gas cylinder, lock + key, pyramid stack of pipes (cylinders)

– DOME – roof (ceiling) of a building (dome), butler serves a dish covered, India dome (Taj Mahal), a domed castle?

4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level 1276 – ENEMY – giant man steps on smaller man with a target sign under his shoe, 2 man fight, boss abuses employee, man and woman stand-off

– ERROR – CAUTION (error) sign, OOPS! Button, numbers 404 and pylons, marking a paper with a red pen

– ELECTRIC – industrial plants, 1 lit light bulb amongst 8 others, wind mill + solar power panel, lighting strikes at the end of an empty road

– DROP – a black droplet, 3 dew droplets on an aloe plant, a droplet of water, a vase of white flower is wilted

– DISCARD – junk yard, multi-coloured recycling bins, red recycling bin is full, a man and a woman recycles

– DOCUMENT – rolled up documents, a woman is doing work, a man shows a couple his work, a red binder in the middle of 4 blue binders in a laptop

– DOUBLE – twin girls, a twin bed, 2 dice on 6, a woman tries on a red dress

– AMUSE – girl performs, circus training, a clown, a circus tent of animals

– MESSY – a kitchen full of dirty pots and utensils, a room with clothes every where, a scare crow, a woman sitting on the steps of a set of stairs

– DEVELOP – slides and photos, concept of evolution (primate to man), man growing up (boy to man), 2 strands of DNA

– ELEGANT – a woman in black with black gloves and a black and red hat, a woman with long blond hair, a man in a black suit and tie, a brunette woman shows off her jewelries

– DISEASE – a woman has allergies to flowers, bacteria on the hand under a magnifying glass, fibers / bacteria / virus (blue and green)

– DIVORCE – woman holds child in her arms as man sits, a couple in bed with their back to one another, a cracked gold ring, a man and woman argue

– DODGE – man walks under water, a truck and a motor cycle drives past each other, a man holds up his hand, 2 jet planes dodge each other in the sky

– TOOLS – a handy man fixes, a tool box, tools, wrenches

– EUPHORIC – a man jumps for joy, a woman is happy, a woman is victorious, a woman holds a bag of $

– EMPIRE – silhouette stands in front of pyramids, a statue of a man, Rome Coliseum, lion in front of a palace

– DUMP – bathroom, junk yard, industrial waste, waste bins

– EUROPE – flags (pins) around the globe, currency bills, Effie tower, map

– DISPOSE – compacted junk, waste basket is full, hazardous waste, throwing out compost

– TOUGH – man in black and shades holds fist, icon does karate chop, a girl is stuck on her home work, a man is doing calculations

– DISTORT – buildings are reflect in a glass structure (globe), an orange ball on graph surface, black and white pixels, silver (grey) swirls

– DILUTE – red and clear splash in a martini glass, chemist mixes solutions, pouring a glass of pink (drink), something covered in red (blood)?

– SUPER – 3 arrows on a target (bulls eye) board, a super woman, a woman gives thumbs up, Facebook LIKE icon

– FEATHER – brunette woman with red feather in her hair, a feather, an opened (and empty) cage, a peacock fans his tail

– TABLEAU – a tortoise stands at the table where 2 men sit, reading on an army tank, gingerbread house, man is about to stab woman (clay)

– GENTLE – a little girl handles a puppy, almonds and milk, dusting the cover of a light, a baby under a towel

– FLUID – splash of red + purple + green + orange + blue paint, pouring milk, pouring water, pouring tea

– GLOBE – 2 pictures of the globe / world, 2 pictures of a snow globe

– GLITTER – sparkling strip of ribbon, sparkles on the floor, a mask, sparkles in the sky

– FEMALE – female sign, a woman in red and white crosses her arms, a lioness and her cubs, a girl is shopping

– SHOW – a woman in green points to something, spotlights on three paintings, a couple watch television, spotlight on the dance floor

– FILLET – cuts of chicken, plate of salmon + mussels + lemon slices, cuts of pork, cuts of beef

– EXPEL – finger walks to OUT door, woman kicks a man in an office chair, smoke from the exhaust of a car, referee blows whistle and gives red card

– EXHAUST – woman falls asleep while reading in bed, man drives invisible car, black smoke from the exhaust of a car, oil rig in the ocean

– GADGET – holograms from a smart phone, tech gadgets, collage of electronics, iMac + MacBook Pro, tablet + smart phone

– FIVE – used candles, candles in a cupcake, holding up the foot of a baby, a palm print

– GLUE – a dispenser, a man paints on a ladder, clear liquid from a tube, a bottle of glue

– EXCITED – an office team cheers, a woman throws her hands in the air, graduating class throws caps, 4 professionals drinks (at casino slots)

– FAMOUS – paparazzi, old picture, statue in rio (Christ the Redeemer or aka Cristo Redentor), red carpet and gold stars

– GENUINE – a man nibbles, a woman nibbles, a woman inspects a diamond, a stamp of authenticity

– GIRDER – 3 pictures of girder (or stacks of girder), a structure in its building phase

– EXTINCT – some kind of bird, dinosaur, mammoth, picture of past species’ skeletons

– FEVER – a woman is sick, a dog is sick, a young boy is sick, a thermometer and pills (medication)

– PRICEY – diamond, jewlerey, a red car, a speed boat

– EXIT –

– FRACTION – 0.5 = 1/2, 1/4 green pie from a whole white one, 4 pie graphs, 9 % symbols

– GLACIER – 3 pictures of glaciers, icy mountain

– FAT – a block of butter, a dish of mayo, a pig, 3 strips of bacon

– GOSPEL – a man sings, a preist, peasent washes the feet of another man, heart shaped shadow in an open book

– HERD – a herd of black and white cows, elephants in the waters, white horse leads a pack of brown, sheep + lamb

– GAMBLE – 2 pictures of russian roulette, LAS VEGAS Nevada sign

– HALF – a glass half full, 1 and a halved avocado, 1 and a halved kiwi, 50%

– GREEK – statue, pi (3.14 with rings around it)

– LOTTERY – marking a lottery, 2 picture of lottery balls, a man holds a fan of money in each hand

– GRINDER – a grinder (bowl and mallet), a pepper mill, a man welding a car, a manual coffee grinder

– GRADIENT – a curvy road, a colour spectrum, a man rides his bike on the road, a street car

– HOBBY – a man and a woman look at paint colours, a man is fishing, person plays golf, a green basket of yarn (for knitting)

– HUGE – a blue whale flips, an ice berg, an elephant, looking up at tall trees

– HUMAN – drawing of a person, explanation of how muscles/tendons/ligaments are joined, the human body (front and back), a team of office personnel

– HOOD – a woman in a hoody and shades, a mechanic looks under roof of a car, a man in a hoody, a dog in a hoody

– GROUND – something black (the ground), 2 bowls of grounded coffee powder + 1 bowl of coffee beans, red chili powder, a plate of grounded pork

– HEAP – chocolate bars and coco powder, cooked chicken drum sticks, bundle of money, junk yard

– HARP – 2 pictures of a harp, an icon angel plays the harp, a musical instrument?

– HEAR – ear is listening, man is listening to headphones, construction man perks his ears, dog uses string phone

– HUG – 2 pictures of a daughter hugging their mother, 2 pictures of a little girl hugging a large teddy bear

– HOOP – woman uses a hoopla hoop, basket ball on the court, a pair of earrings, a stencil of a person dunking a basketball

– VALVE – a flat bicycle tire, repairing a pipe line, valves of pipes, valves and pipes

– GROWL – a fierce pit ball, an angry lion, an angry tiger, a wolf snarls

– HOLIDAY – people going skiing, a couple sits on the beach, roller coaster, a couple sits in the lawn chairs on a beach

– HOLE – a woman flicks her golf ball, broken rear wind shield, a man matches orange cube with square slot, drilling through a plank of wood

– HOP – a boy and a girl jumps for joy, a mug of beer, a rabbit, a silhouette bike rider

– HOLLOW – man with a fish bowl for his head, a tree trunk on its side, a hole in the trunk of a tree, a bare tree on a beach

– HOLY – man sits on cliff, cross on a red book (bible), a nun prays, people sit in the mass (star of David)

– SON – mother holds baby son, son gives his mom flowers and a kiss, son hugs his mom, son jumps up behind mom

– PEAR – pear covered in chocolate and almond slices, a pair of socks, 2 pictures of a pear

– DECAY – rusting wall, rotting pears, pictures of a person’s dental hygiene, woman at the dentist

– DUST – something on a person’s finger, wiping the steering wheel of a car, a woman cleans, dusting

– CHOPPING – 3 pictures of someone cutting vegetables in the kitchen, man chops lumber (wood)

– COIN – 3 pictures of a gold coin + person is stacking coins

– FLUFF – a blue (aqua) coloured fluff, white bunny, picture of ducklings (or chicks), dandelion fluff

– PLOUGH – tractor ploughs land, stars in the sky, 2 pictures of cows pulling a plough

– BIOLOGY – stencil of a human’s top torso and DNA bottom, strands of DNA (helix), a green globe of the world in the palm of a person’s hands, a scientist/doctor

– MUSICIAN – boy with a guitar, picture collage of people playing musical instruments, person plays the clarinet, string band (group)

– FOLDER – woman sits in front of red towers of binders, an open cabinet drawer, a woman holds a blue folder, magnifying orange folders

– GEM – colourful rings, ring on a finger, illustration of different diamonds, scatter of diamonds

– WING – woman stands by her luggage in front of a plane, a bird about to take off, a dove, a cupid

– CHEMIST – 3 people wearing lab coats, a man in blue (aqua) scrubs examines green fluid, 2 pictures of chemists examining the fluids in their beakers/flasks

– SIEGE – 1 woman icon (in colour) stands out amongst the white ones that circles around her, lifting a basket over the castle walls, a launcher, 2 men pulling a Trojan horse

– FORTRESS – 3 pictures of a castle by the waters, 1 castle in the meadows

– PHYSICS – 2 pictures of the swinging pendulums, E=mc2 by albert Einstein, an atom (molecule)

– BANANA – 2 glass of milkshakes, a bunch of bananas and a peeled banana, a banana, a banana split

– LEARNER – 3 girls holding their note books, 2 men examine what is wrong with a car, woman learns how to drive, a girl is studying

– RINGING – turning off the alarm clock (or snoozing), pressing the desk bell for assistance, Santa rings his bell, pressing the door bell

– FLOOD – piggy banks in life savers float on water, a river, car drives through water, house is flooded

– FILING – a binder of paper, a drawer of files, a folder of folders, folder in the cabinet drawer

– BACKPACK – red jacket hanging by a back pack, man and woman go back packing, camp bag and utensils, walkway to a home

– SETTLE – people in line wait for woman to pay for her groceries, walkway to a home, husband and wife with 2 kids, using a debit / credit card

– APPLE – green apple, woman eats a green apple, (apple) pie), red apples

– DEER – reindeers, a collage of deer, 2 pictures of a single buck

– EAGLE – arms of (on a) flag, 2 pictures of an eagle flying, a golden bird

– SQUIRREL – 3 pictures of a squirrel, 2 chestnuts

– ZEBRA – a fallen zebra, zebras eating, 2 pictures of a cross walk in the city

– CHIMP – 4 pictures of a monkey (black)

– HIPPO – 4 pictures of a hippo (grey/dark)

– EYES – many pair of eyes looking up, a ball of eyes, a man is wearing a sleeping mask over is eyes, 4 owls on a branch

– MALE – a construction man with a sledge hammer and blue hard hat, a man does push up on a yoga ball, white icon carries male symbol around his shoulders, a man prays

– SHAVE – shaver and a kiwi fruit, a man shaves, a woman shaves her man, a woman shaves her legs

– SPOOL – sewing machine, a roll (spool) of orange cable, spools of ribbon, spools of thread

– COW – black and white cows, brown and white cow, man feeds brown cows, a boy in cow boy outfit

– CORNER – a speeding car is stopped, a man corners a woman, a woman peeks around the corner, corner of a blank page

– BEE – 4 pictures of a bee

– WHALE – 3 pictures of the great blue whale, 1 picture of a killer whale

– SHOULDER – the back of a topless man, woman getting a massage, naked man bows, a woman flexes and shows her muscles from behind

– DOLPHIN – 4 pictures of dolphin

– WOLF – wolf howls at the moon, little red riding hood, face of a wolf, a wolf

– ELEPHANT – 4 pictures of elephants

– TURTLE – 4 pictures of sea turtles

– CHANT – a woman in white meditates, crowd cheers at a ball game, people cheering, monks meditating

– TIGER – 4 pictures of a tiger / cubs / skin

– DOG – 4 pictures of a dog

– CHEETAH – 4 pictures of a cheetah (leopard skin)

– ANT – 2 pictures of ant(s), ant moving a branch (twig), ants moving a rock

– CAMEL – camel walking in the dessert, camel laying down, person walks a camel, 2 girls riding a camel

– AIR – blowing up balloons, wind mills in the water, a pump, gauges

– HEN – 2 pictures of a chicken, a hen and her chicks, girls in the back of a limo

– THUMBS – group gives thumbs up, 2 thumbs down versus 2 thumbs up, person gives 2 thumbs up, woman gives 2 thumbs up

– TOES – feet standing by the pool, foot covered in sand, standing on a scale, a person’s toes

– NECK – man rubs his neck, class stretches their necks, neck of bottles, woman rubs her neck

– TONGUE – a hound pants, a green snake, a person sticks out their tongue, a woman licks her lips

– DAD – family at the beach, father and son at the beach, father and son at home, father and daughter in the grass

– HANDS – a circle of hands, holding hands, cupping a plant in the palms of a person hands, stacking hands (fists)

– STOMACH – digestive system of the human body, man measures his waist, woman touches her belly, man clutches his stomach

– RISE – light beyond the horizon, air balloon, sun light over a green field, 3 man trying the make (pull) arrow (performance) go up

– FINGERS – finger painting (hands covered in paint), 2 pictures of a person typing on a key board, a finished manicure

– FOOT – 5 rulers, picture of a foot, a paw print, kicking a soccer ball

– JAR – jars of spice, jars of oil (jam), jar of slice cucumber, kiwi besides an opened jar

– SIT – woman offers man a sit, a couple sits on the park bench, 2 senior sits on bench, an elderly sits in wheel chair

– WOMAN – woman with blond hair, woman in red and white folds her arms, a woman with blue eyes, a woman cooking in the kitchen

– GUN – a gun, a man hunts, flexed biceps of a man, a water gun

– MAN – man crosses his arms, man thinks, man as a cashier, man points at you

– HEAD – 2 pictures of a woman with a headache, a skeleton skull, wires attached to a man’s head

– DAY – sun light over a green field, day light, September 24, Effie tower

– EYE – threading a needle, eye make-up on a woman’s face, a man winks, woman wears fake pink eye lashes

– CUB – mother bear and cub, a scout, lioness and her cubs, a fox and her cubs

– LEGS – bare legs, woman wears red and white stripped socks and black stilettoes, sitting over the deck of a pool, chicken legs

– FOG – fog in the forest, wolf howls at the moon, fog in the road, riot outside the castle walls

– BAG – tied black garbage bag, red make-up bag, a white shopping bag, an orange suitcase

– LIP – lip stick kiss, a woman touches her face, a person gets injection under her lips, a woman touches her lower lips

– WAR – kids playing tug a war, army men (soldiers), a solider, solider toys (figures)

– BIKE – a bicycle in the field, person sits next to their bike, a bike by the wall, a motor cycle

– PEN – handwriting, person writing (working), a bug on a pen, a pen of pigs

– BAND – hair ties, a girl in red shirt and head band, people playing the trumpet, people playing music (piano, cello, trumpet)

– ARMY – army figures,3 nut cracker, 6 nut crackers

– LOW – volume is off, BIG SALE sign, low clearance sign, black and white cow

– MEN – 4 pictures of men working together

– BELL – woman in bed holds alarm clock, ringing the door bell, a bell, 2 red peppers

– WAY – 2 monks, a smart phone to find directions, way out through a maze, man decides between two roads

– RAY – volcano, alien shoots his gun, fish, sun in the sky

– VAN – a van, a trailer, a hippy van, a van

– SEA – a scuba diver, blue water at a tropical island, blue water at the beach, sailing in the blue waters of the ocean

– MAP – 2 pictures of finding directions on a local map, map of the world, a construction drawing

– BOMB – a woman holds a bundle of dynamite, dropping a bomb with a green parachute, count-down until BOOM!, a dynamite ball

– TOP – 2 pictures of a spinning top, a person stands on the highest tower of stacked coins, a man with a mustache in a top hat

– RUN – a woman is fixing her stockings, a man is blowing his nose, a woman is running, 2 people runs

– WAX – a lit candle, a sealed scroll, person waxing their legs, a seal of 100%

– BASE – baseball base, column, foot of a statue, person slides into base in baseball game

– BATH – dog gets a bath, 2 pictures of a woman soaking in a tub, bird in bird bath

– BEADS – abacus, droplets of water on the surface of a fabric, cross necklace and a bible, a bead necklace

– TUB – dog gives cat a bath in tub, a tub of margarine, a bath tub, a hot tub

– YAK – a woman covers her moth, 2 pictures of a buffalo, a man pukes

– RUB – man rubs his eyes, man rubs his temples, woman gets foot spa, woman rubs her eyes

– ANTS – 4 picture of ants

– ARCH – bridge over a river, a man raises eye brow, a arch over the road, a walkway under arches

– FACT – TRUTH comes after a bunch of lies, books on shelves, a loud speaker, I (for information)

– DIRT – a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, a girl covered in mud (chocolate), a man covered in chocolate, a green car drives through the dirt

– CARE – a woman chats with a senior in a wheel chair, woman at the dentist, taking blood pressure, nurse gives older woman a blanket

– FANGS – a snake (cobra) hisses, a lion roars, a vampire licks her fangs, face of a snake

– HALL – 3 pictures of a hall (or hallway), 1 picture of a theater

– COWS – 4 picture of a herd of cows

– GRIP – metal mesh covering a wheel of a truck, 2 people shakes hands, holding a baby’s hand, gripping a strength builder

– BOOTS – rain boots, winter boots, leather boots, adult boots and a pair of child’s boots

– FORM – a woman is doing work, a sheet of paper is printed from the screen of a computer, 2 pictures of a check list

– HEAT – a woman holds a yellow mug, woman in the sauna, woman wipes the sweat of her face, woman is feeling hot

– HATE – woman rejects lettuce, dark brunette woman stares at woman with light brown hair, a man is mad, 2 woman fighting

– HELP – 2 man working, hands in the middle (team), man helps a woman bench press, a woman behind a senior woman (her mom)

– DRUG – a child and a white inhaler, dropping 2 tablets into 2 glass with water, pills, different medication

– FOWL – picture of 4 birds, a peacock, a collage of hens/chickens, a field of chickens

– GATE – a white wooden fence, an iron fence, a pebble and stone paved pathway, a lit arch

– FOOD – skewers of veggie, a ham sandwich, a plate of veggies, a plate of shrimps

– DOLL – a voodoo doll with pins in it, 3 pictures of a doll

– CENT – a penny in a box, 1%, 2 copper pennies, pennies dropping into a piggy bank

– HILL – a sail boat + a boat + a rainbow over the hill, a pile of coffee beans, a house in the distant field, a single tree in the field

– CORD – logs (lumber) stacked in front of a house, a growing embryo (human child), a red corded phone, a green cable cord

– DESK – a man is doing calculations, a cup of coffee around work, desks, a man in a wheel chair works

– EGGS – a (stuffed) bunny sits with a row of Easter eggs, a carton of eggs, a pile of eggs, Easter eggs

– COAL – black rocks (coal), a pair of feet in socks in front of the fire place, smoke (emissions) from a plant, a man’s face covered in coal

– FUEL – gas station, gas stove, cut trees, gas pump

– DOOR – red egg-shaped door to a house, woman does laundry, man knock on door, an (empty) room

– KNEE – 2 pictures of a (girl) woman hurts her knee, 2 pictures of a person with knee pain

– LOAF – 4 pictures of a loaf of bread (2 circle shaped, 1 stick, 1 sliced)

– HOPE – man crosses his fingers over his chest (and heart), a lit candle in the palm of a persons hands, erasing IM from imPOSSIBLE, a girl prays

– BUTTON – sewing a needle through a button (TAILORING), a man with a tight shirt, using a television remote, a man buttons his suit

– CANVAS – a framed (blank) canvass, a woman paints, painting of 2 sails, a pair of shoes (converse)

– BUCKET – a reddish-pink bucket of apples, a bucket with ice and a bottle of wine, a pail of yellow paint, spilled buckets of buttons

– LAMP – a red desk lamp, camera light, a lamp (electric), a lamp (fuel)

– LOVE – a mother kisses her baby, a couple kisses, a man feeds a woman salad, 2 red hearts

– CANNON – a clown inside a cannon, 2 pictures of a cannon, 2 pirate ships

– BUTTER – square butter slices, butter on bread, a block of butter, a melting heart shaped butter

– CIRCLE – circle of hands, 2 gold (wedding) rings, yellow stars in a circle on a blue flag, 4 silver rings on purple

– CHERRY – cluster wine-ripped tomatoes, 2 pictures of cherry blossom, 3 cherries

– HOUR – 3 pictures of clocks, green number 1

– LOSS – performance arrow goes down at the BANQUE, a woman rips red paper heart, a woman measures her waist, a man combs his hair

– BREATH – man wears breathing mask (for sleep apnea), a set of lungs, a woman’s chest, a woman tests her breath after brushing her teeth

– CHEESE – diary products, 2 pictures of a block of cheese, a storage (racks) of cheese

– MARK – A+, a girl kisses a pink balloon, marking “x” on a checklist, a treasure map

– CACTUS – 4 pictures of a cactus plant

– BELIEF – a man in a suit holding cross necklace prays, different religion icons, picture (variation) of the last supper, cross on a red book (bible)

– MAID – woman makes the bed, woman holds vacuum cleaner, a woman cleans, placing an orange flower on a bed

– LIST – 4 pictures of a checklist

– BRANCH – birds landing on a branch, glass windows of a BANK, a bird in the tree, a bag of FRANCHISE items

– LEAF – a green leaf, a pear, an apple, tea leaves

– CELLAR – 3 pictures of wooden barrels stacked, stairs to lower level

– BEGGAR – woman asks for money with hat, a quarter in a person’s palms, a man sitting in the streets with a cup, holding out a palm

– NATION – UK flag, flag of France, Canadian flag, USA flag


Please see this page for levels 1501 and onwards:

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