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Today I am reviewing and swatching the Ciate Beach House nail polish collections! These two nail polish collections kind of take me back to my summer summer beach vacations off the California coastline, where bright swimsuits and colorful kites mesh with the natural surroundings of ocean and sand. Yeah…I am feeling nostalgic already. Although truthfully our family vacations from Oregon to California were a bit more chaotic than peaceful since there were 8 of us crammed in a non air-conditioned suburban from the 80’s.


ciate beach house collection Review

Well anyways….back to looking at pretty polish. Within these two sets, you are getting five mini nail polishes that range from rather bright and fun, to neutral and sparkly. Take a peak at these two exciting Ciate Beach House nail polish sets!

Ciate Beach House Nail Collection

First Glance: Well, I absolutely love the packaging of the ; it is creative, inventive, and pretty-dang-adorable. This nail polish collection has a great range of colors to play with that are perfect for a summer-time mani or pedi.

Brand Overview: Soak up the sunshine with the extra-glossy summer-essential Beach House Collection from Ciaté London. This colour drenched line up of four wet-look polishes delivers high shine brilliance, accompanied with a glistening glitter top coat to transform nails into spangling accessories to take your look from beach to bar. Perfect for flip flop toes and ideal for a holiday nails, hit the beach in style with this must-have summertime colour collection, wear contrasting colours on fingers for a fun colour-twist. Bikini optional!

Price Tag:.00

Ciate Beach House Collection- HopscotchHopscotch: Mandarin Orange

My Thoughts: This nail polish covers tremendously, is bright and poppy, and would look great with a pale-pink lip color.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Party Shoes

Party Shoes: Gold sparkles with bits of green flecks

My Thoughts: Love this for a top coat on any of these nail polishes. It gives a generous amount of sparkle in just one coat.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Amazing Gracie

Amazing Gracie: Super pale, nude color

My Thoughts: Of these five nail polishes, this is my least favorite. I had a really hard time covering with this one for some reason. I really like the color…it just didn’t go on all that well.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Pepperminty

Pepperminty: Pale, blue-green mint color

My Thoughts: For summer 2014, this minty, blue-green nail polish color has become a serious favorite. I love it on my nail and toes…and even have a going surrounding anything mint colored.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Knickerbocker Glory

Knickerbocker Glory: This is a bright, cherry-pink colored nail polish.

My Thoughts: I am a sucker for bright pink nails. This one is more on the red-side-of-town with a hint of pink.

ciate beach house collection-LondonFirst Glance: Once again, I am loving the packaging of the ; they totally speak to me. But as far as first glances go for the polish, I am loving the sparkly top coat and am not so sure about the green color.

Brand Overview: This adorable seaside beach house box opens to reveal four glossy, pigmented cream polishes — plus a glitter top coat to make manicures sparkle. Create a contrast with multiple color combos and take nails from the beach to the bar.

Price Tag:.00

ciate beach house collection- Palm Tree

Palm Tree: Almost an apple colored nail polish. A very vibrant-green.

My Thoughts: Yeah, I am not really into green on my nails or toes. But for those of you who are, this might be the perfect color for you!

Ciate Beach House Collection- Aqua Glitter Top Coat

Surfs Up: A pretty aqua colored top-coat.

My Thoughts: I am obsessed with this glittery, top-coat. It has large chunks of glitter that will look gorgeous over so many shades.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Raspberry Collins

Raspberry Collins: A very bright and poppy pink

My Thoughts: Once again, I love pink nail polish. This one goes on smooth, dries quick, and is a gorgeous shade.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Beach Bum

Beach Bum: A nude-tan color

My Thoughts:  This nail polish color is great for anyone who is a nude-polish-addict. I love nudes on my nails, so this polish is a major win.

Ciate Beach House Collection- Offshore

Offshore: A deep blue color

My Thoughts: This nail polish color definitely reminds me of a deep blue ocean…or my cabo trip from last november when we were cruising on a boat, sipping cocktails. I want to go back. Oh, and this is a gorgeous blue shade.

ciate beach house nail collection

(Gotta get a polish-pose in.)

Overall Thoughts and Opinions

I think the packaging is right, the colors are right (minus the green…personal opinion), the size is right, and the price-tag is definitely right. They stay on well, go on well, are smooth, and dry perfectly. I have to say that these two Ciate Beach House nail polish collections are a major win.

Have you tried these before? If you don’t own these limited edition Ciate Beach House nail polish collections, you better get on it!



note These products were given to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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