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This review encompasses D&G Pour Femme on one wrist, and D&G Pour Femme Intense on the other wrist as to review in the form of a comparison, since the both fragrances really are so similar.

These fragrances could almost be fraternal twins, if not sisters very close in age. They are both skin scents IMO. Unless you use a heavy hand or have just sprayed, they do not have much sillage. Both are inoffensive and safe, but truly well done pieces that work well as signatures. That being said, it is highly unlikely that anyone would walk by you and actually recognize these by name, as the similarities with other scents in this category exist, although the similarities are undefinable(they don't smell LIKE another perfume, they just sit very close to each other in those categories.) Neither are screechy. Pour Femme is brighter with its fruitiness. This almost makes it seem stronger when sniffed side by side, however, I do not believe that it is that it is actually stronger, just brighter, more playful, almost screechy upon opening, but not quite, and settles within moments and becomes a lovely creamy blissful skin scent.

Intense is slightly more womanly and romantic. Definitely a very soft gentle scent as well, and the tuberose is very soft and creamy with its sandalwood. It only takes this scent into a slightly more floral twin than the other, but both are still fraternal in the marshmallow sweetness. The opening, however is almost just as bright as Pour Femme, and the citrus does come though for that initial blast, but within moments it has settled to a soft, cozy, creamy, floral twin of the two.

The marshmallow is the dominant accord for both fragrances. The fruitiness of Pour Femme brings out the citrus more than Intense, and even though Intense has neroli and orange blossom, it is still less citrus and more creamy floral. Even though Intense does not have the vanilla, its wonderfully soft and creamy sandalwood keeps it very close to smelling like her sister. I would say without the vanilla, Intense is slightly more powdery.

I keep using the words fraternal twins, and slightly different, because, unless you spray these side by side, you might miss the nuances and think they are one and the same. They are THAT similar.

In summary, I love and own them both. I feel dolce and gabbana white lace dress 2018 that for the time being, I will likely repurchase Intense, and keep that as my signature. There is a possibility that in the summer, if I crave a slightly brighter juicier version, that I may purchase the Pour femme.

That being said, both fragrances can be used any time of the year, as the marshmallows and sandalwood in both lend themselves to a powdery,vanillic accord, and of course in the Pour Femme has a nice dose of vanilla, and both can be comforting in winter. For the summer, they both sparkle, with Pour Femme begin a slight brighter, juicy, fruity fragrance, and the Intense being slightly more romantic and floral.

Ironically,I find Pour Femme more "intense/bright" and Intense more "Romantic" Both are day scents. I doubt highly this would be noticeable a night out on the town, unless you spray it in your hair and clothes, and have a certain someone get very very close to your neck.

I find myself reapplying within 3 hours, as it is barely a skin scent at that point, but truly they are both so lovely it is worth the money.

I hope my review has been helpful.


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