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08   10   2018

Adrienne and David’s day reminded me of my grandparents. Now, before you point out that absolutely no one elopement wants to elopement dresses 2018 be compared to their grandparents except perhaps in baking skills, let me say, my ‘s day was the prettiest dang wedding I have ever seen. She wore a lace gown, with the simplest details that made her look all the more elegant and graceful. They were married in a church family attended. Her bridesmaids wore dresses in complimentary colours. His groomsmen were like brothers. The reception was held in a church basement that served the local community. Every detail was connected to a friend or relative. It was a day that celebrated two and the community that brought them together. See where I am coming from now? It was divine and good for the heart to document.

David prepared with his groomsmen at his parent’s house, Adrienne at the home she had meticulously decorated with a collection of artwork and oddities that spoke to her style. They made their way to the church Adrienne’s aunt married at years before. Just as she arrived the rain began to fall, as they made their way into the back entrance hidden from guests one small guest spotted them and excitedly looked on. The ceremony began. Each of the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, then the ring bearer, the music changed. David’s expression changed from anticipation to joy and mayhaps disbelief – truly one of the most spectacular groom reactions to seeing his bride. Their ceremony was one to honour the people in attendance and their faith, a sentiment that carried through the rest of the evening.

In true Calgary fashion as we prepared to leave the church for portraits the rain, which I should mention was not in the forecast, made its presence known – David and Adrienne were unphased. We meandered into the nearby Confederation Park and the schoolyard across the way. A delightful juxtaposition to the mountains I typically find myself in.

Their wedding reception was at Triwood Community Association, nestled in a community in the northwest of Calgary – a blank slate of amazing proportions. The space was illuminated with cafe lights (yay! I wrote about lighting recommendations here), the corner was converted into a lounge area for which guests could mingle, table names were places significant to their stories, favours were dishes imprinted with their initials on the back. Personalized in the most delightful of fashion. Speeches stretched into the night, with jests of a bet that hadn’t been paid to a much younger David that was rectified, tales of sleep talking, of childhood shenanigans, of character traits that make them perfect for each other. Through so many stories, told over delectable food, wine, and later chai, their journey was honoured.


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