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/ August 23, 2018

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Happy hump day friends! I wanted to share some amazing jewelry pieces that I just received from . Their new fall collection just came out, and let me tell you, the collection is hands down one of my gucci belt green 2018 favorites! There are so many everyday pieces, and also some absolutely amazing show stoppers like below!

39956109_2189540721288388_3490736731408302080_n 40010745_294625341269867_2783388663235477504_n 40025433_1849618038459008_4131700337650171904_n 39963705_320918425327435_7196772030107090944_n

 will be an everyday wear for me this fall! They are striking to any outfit, and truthfully not as heavy as they look! They come in rose gold and silver as well!

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The  are so amazing to add with a boho chic outfit or even with a grunge look! This pop of turquoise and the silver is perfect! They come in a ton of different colors, and are very comfortable to the ear!

39914693_300261690764646_6358375494596952064_n 39955000_911677275689937_2644197899977621504_n

I am linking all of the jewels from above here, as well as some others I am loving! Thank you Kendra Scott for the beautiful jewelry, I am so excited to wear all of these gorgeous pieces! I encourage you all to check out their website for one of a kind, quality jewelry pieces!





/ August 22, 2018



August is here, which means all of us mamas find ourselves back in the thick of this crazy back to school life. It’s back to running kids, keeping up with busy schedules and just trying overall to keep our head above water, am I right? On top of all of this, your kiddos are growing like weeds, and they need new clothes! If you are anything like me I have zero time to head into a store, with my kids, and shop! Which is why I absolutely love shopping at  for my girls back to school clothes. So many amazing quality brands to choose from, and the items are always so soft and fit so well! Not only is it fast shipping, but it’s free too which is amazing! I tried to get a good mix of things to start back: jackets, comfy tops, sweatshirts, sneakers, leggings and of course super soft sweaters so I never have to hear the words, “I’m itchy”. I love that Nordstrom is a one stop shop for some of my favorite brands for my girls!  I love matching them as much as I can (or at least until they start to hate it) so another major plus about shopping with Nordstrom is that the items typically come in toddler sizes and big girls sizes!


39535879_902009436650857_9011832244553121792_n 39467993_296812327541121_5502524181931098112_n 39441965_274757069790327_8885592633053806592_n 39453160_655922331443541_4270291884250759168_n 39557717_2076668989216842_3108372938554867712_n 39454005_1667888410003800_4464707672008032256_n 39467262_435975330257855_8535196402043584512_n 39500146_2114946075411836_4074795469836910592_n 39811103_629954824067667_5398230423090233344_n 39878895_346101285931508_622679531030839296_n 39941117_668186750228034_1090331813785632768_n 39755109_310986269459152_2739682637944717312_n 39750213_830763487314210_1179755652818403328_n 39979654_594145214315428_1798450317486981120_n 39755126_1819891634792940_3573772665581731840_n 39616388_504897296604003_6636788198280265728_n 39521918_244727419715137_5316049930438049792_n 39512509_2315965215297865_2046049955126181888_n 39913577_1858009727589080_1785965723730837504_n 39872005_314893665929564_3023475148943523840_n

These were some of the adorable items that I grabbed for the girls! The sizing is great and again everything was so on trend and actually soft (picky picky girls over here). I can’t thank  enough for the quality name brand clothing and the quick and free shipping to help keep this mama on track! I’ve linked all of the items shown in this post below, along with some other super cute options! Happy shopping <3





(This is a paid collaboration with Nordstrom about back to school fashion for kids. Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post)


/ August 3, 2018

Happy Friday! This line that just launched in Target is UH-MAY-ZING! Cher from Clueless is back in our lives to stay ladies! The ying-yang necklaces and the “BFF” necklaces take me right back to the 2nd grade! Pretty certain my mom wore half of these items, and I do find it funny that I am wearing the same items my mom used to. The price points are so great, and the styles are right on trend. Here is a try on session of a few items my local Target had available to snag, I’ve also linked my top picks below!

Wore this yesterday and love it! Cute little crop top, and great price. Wearing a small.

This jumper paired with the little tank is perfection! I am a smidge too tall for this one but remember I am 5’11 so I am pretty certain it will fit everyone else!

I am obsessed with this one. Snagged this for sure this morning! Sadly my store only had mediums (what is shown here) and it was huge on me. Ordered the small!

THESE HIGH RISE JEGGINGS ARE AMAZING!! A must have and only. I did go down one size in these – usually a 4 and I did the 2. Shown here are the regular length but they do come in long! I love this top, it would be great for layering with overalls and high waisted skirts!


Bought this tank in white and black for layering! Flannel was a must have, and THESE JEANS are so comfy and so cheap!! I did a 2 in these as well. Only seeing the plus size version of the plaid to link right now, but check your local Target!

This cropped tee is so cute, also comes in a pretty blush! Wearing a small!

This cute off the shoulder sweatshirt reminds me of one from Free People! Reasonably priced and paired with the high waisted jeans!

This cropped jumper is so cute, however ran huge. I need an XS and they didn’t have my size. This here is a small, so you can see how big it was on me in the waist! Did have adjustable buttons to move down one slot!n Didn’t see this one to link yet, but check your local stores!

This studded denim skirt is everything! So cute! I did a size 4 in this one!

Don’t mind me wearing these leggings like this, had to take a pic and only had the pink shirt in the room, LOL. ANYWAYS, these are so cheap and comfy they are a must have! Wearing a small in these!




/ July 1, 2018

Happy Sunday and first day of July! This month officially kicks off FALL FASHION! I know, crazy right. The temps are scorching and you have to start buying sweaters. I will tell you, if you play your cards right you can snag some pretty awesome deals this month with retailers clearancing out a lot of items that can transition to fall! We also have the Nordstrom Sale coming up in 2 weeks which is a perfect time to kick start your fall wardrobe.

So many awesome sales to check out on and this weekend! There are also huge savings on as well! Happy shopping!





/ June 30, 2018

Can you even believe today is the LAST day of June?! I can’t even handle it!

I thought it would be fun to recap my top 5 selling items from June 🙂 As always, I appreciate you all so very much shopping my links and supporting me!


Number 1 & 2 top sellers are both in this post! was my #1 seller and I can see why! The fit is amazing, and for those of you that can’t afford the real one this is a great option. Of course I don’t think it is right that designers get knocked off but truthfully that is the way the world works and I’m just here trying to help you all that have champagne taste on a beer budget, you feel me?! LOL! There are two that you can snag, a skinny version that is a one sizer, or a thicker version that comes sized.

Number 2 highest seller for the month of June was this striped button up! I knew the second I saw my friend Rachel post this top that I had to have it, and apparently you all were feeling the same! There are so many ways to wear this one – edgy with a graphic tee, or classy with a pair of black denim, your Gucci belt and heels! I would definitely advise running to your local Target or ordering online if your size is still available because they are almost sold out!!

Number 3 on the list was! Oh my gosh this is absolutely the softest thing ever, and you all know my love for vintage rock graphics! This one was such a good seller because it was on sale at an amazing price! They are almost sold out so head to your local store or order your size online before they are gone!!

Number 4 top seller were the Tory Burch Miller Sandals, which no surprise here, every single time they are on sale it is a top seller! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram stories () as I’m always sharing the sales! Don’t miss the next one! Just so you know for the future, these run smaller so I suggest going up a half size. I own 3 colors: make up, black and vintage vachetta (get asked that a lot). Also is also a dupe you can snag (this was a top seller too but not in top 5). It is an additional 10% off right now too!

Number 5 in my top seller list was this one piece swim suit which is under! This is such a great suit for the price, and I find myself wearing this one all the time! In fact, I am headed on a family vacation in a few weeks and I just snagged another color because it is literally the perfect suit to wear to the pool with kids, but you still feel cool and sexy! I’m wearing a medium in this!


Enjoy gucci this scorching hot last day of the month! Next month is all about that Nordy sale!!





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