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Today brings our first glimpse into 2018, with some comprehensive sneak peeks at the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection! As usual, we have pinks and hearts, but with a slightly different style to that of previous years’ – as you shall see!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collections usually debut in mid-January, so that is when I would expect to see this one. Read on for a little look-see at what’s coming next year!

To start off with, we have a selection of campaign images. Key-and-lock motifs have been popular for Pandora before, and they form a key (pun unintended!) theme of the new Valentine’s collection. My favourite of these is the new heart-key pendant, which is plain silver with a little gold accent, although I wish the bail was thicker. There’s also a matching ring and set of earrings. Note the new bracelet with the heart lock fastening, and no clip stations! The spacer clips with the pink hearts are silicone lined.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Next, we move to a slightly darker colour scheme and some enamelwork charms in pink and red. The pave bead with the raised hearts reminds me of the old school lunarscape charm, in a funny way. The heart-tree motif is a lovely design, if derivative of previous ones, particularly as a necklace. The charm version would have benefited from being styled as a traditional pendant, I think, without the CZ at the top.

The next set of beads feature… lips. There are pave lips, an emoji-style bead, an openwork made out of lips, and a lip-printed murano. Not my cup of tea, shall we say, and leave it at that!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Moving swiftly on, we have a look at some of the individual jewellery pieces! We have a closer look at how the new charm bracelet works – it’s fastened together by this lock charm. I like this idea in theory, but the pink pave puts me off a little bit.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview charm bracelet

To go with the new bracelet, I have some individual pictures of the new charms, but not all of them. My favourite of these are the heart key pendant, which I mentioned before, and also the Pandora Rose dangle. It might prove to be too bulky for a bracelet, but I do love the little ruby-coloured accent at the top.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview charms

There are new pieces for the floating locket range – two new petites, and a key-shaped locket! I really like the idea for the latter, and that you can stow away just one petite in it. It’s cute!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview floating locket

Next, we have a look at some of the accompanying jewellery. The heart-tree necklace is really lovely – I like that there’s no sparkle, and just that little hint of pink colour. The Rose dangle that I liked before has a matching ring, which is stunning!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview jewellery

Finally, we have a non-charm bracelet, with delicate pink stones.

My Comment

I haven’t bought much from recent Valentine’s collections, as they tend to run along similar lines to each other, and I don’t really need more heart beads. This time around, my favourite is the heart key pendant – but I potentially like the concept of the new bracelet too, although I would prefer it with less sparkle. The combination of the Rose pieces with the ruby-coloured stone looks gorgeous, and I particularly like the ring. The charm is a maybe, depending on price and size!

The fact that they’ve gone for a slightly darker pink again gives it a slightly less cutesy vibe than some of the pastel pink collections. However true reds would have been really nice to see, however, and would have meant that the Valentine’s charms could easily be styled with the annual CNY bead, which usually features red detailing of some kind.

Overall, however, this collection doesn’t particularly excite me. I like the heart-key motif, but as usual would have preferred some character beads to go with it. I loved the turtle doves from previous years, and the opening Valentine’s card or the engagement ring gift box. A lot of this collection capitalizes on aspects that I personally haven’t liked as much from previous Valentine’s launches – sparkle, etc. I did hear that the brand have changed their creative designer, but I don’t know whether this collection was dreamt up before or after that change. 

What do you think of these initial sneak peeks?


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