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Jeremy Davis, the current bass player, was also the original bass player. He left the band during the recording of their debut album All We Know Is Falling, but rejoined a few months later. During that time, he was replaced by John Hembree.

Paramore members have not and most likely will not show their e-mail. It may occur as to several reasons why Paramore members have not published their e-mail address:. 1. Stalkers. Stalkers may find out more and more information about the members if they hacked into their e-mail and possibly find out where they live. With that, it would be a harder life for all of them if one of their fans posted their e-mail on their blog or such.. 2. Hackers. Hackers may use illegal programs to use for online purposes. Example: Someone could steal my e-mail and use it to make an account here.. 3. E-mailing Mess. If fans found out the e-mail, Paramore would most likely get thousands of e-mails per week asking several questions in which should not be asked, such as "What's the name of your new song?". With several e-mails needed to be deleted, one of the members could accidentally delete an e-mail telling about their business, and would have to spend hours trying to find the e-mail again.. These are some hypotheses as to why Paramore has never revealed one member's e-mail. So please do not ask a question like this or it may lead to being reported or banning.

It depends on how you define hit single. Paramore's first single was "Pressure" in 2005, but their first song to get any significant play on radio or TV was "Misery Business" in 2007, which peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100, their highest position to date on that chart.

It depends on how you define hit single. Paramore's first single was "Pressure" in 2005, but their first song to get any significant play on radio or TV was "Misery Business" in 2007, which peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100, their highest position to date on that chart.

The new CD will be coming out in September 29th 2009 and its first single is called ignorance!

Paramore's 3rd album is called Brand New Eyes. It's out on 29th sept. thet were going to name it the backwards race or misguided ghosts but chose brand new eyes

1. "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" 2. "That's What You Get" 3. "Hallelujah" 4. "Misery Business" 5. "When It Rains" 6. "Let the Flames Begin" 7. "Miracle" 8. "crushcrushcrush" 9. "We Are Broken" 10. "Fences" 11. "Born for This"

Everyone has different opinions on their music. But, I like "That's What You Get" because it has a catchy tune.

Their first album All We Know Is Falling. (2005) All songs written by Paramore. 1. All We Know 2. Pressure 3. Emergency 4. Brighter 5. Here We Go Again 6. Never Let This Go 7. Whoa 8. Conspiracy 9. Franklin 10. My Heart Japanese bonus track "Oh, Star" iTunes Deluxe Edition[3] (2009) "Pressure (live)" "Here We Go Again (live)" "Pressure (music video)" "Emergency (music video)" "All We Know (music video)". The Summer Tic EP (2006) 1. Emergency (Crab Mix) 2. Oh, Star (Full Band Version) 3. Stuck on You (Failure Cover) 4. This Circle. Sounds of Superman. (2006) 7. My Hero - Paramore (Foo Fighters cover). Riot!(2007) 1. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic 2. That's What You Get 3. Hallelujah 4. Misery Business 5. When It Rains 6. Let the Flames Begin 7. Miracle! 8. Crushcrushcrush 9. We Are Broken 10. Fences 11. Born for This Riot! B-Sides "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" "Decoy" Riot! Special/Limited Edition MVI "When It Rains" [Demo] "Misery Business" (Acoustic): Live from Q101 Chicago "Pressure" (Acoustic): Live from Q101 Chicago "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" [Live from London] "Born for This" [Live from London] Riot! - iTunes/ MP3 release "Misery Business" [Acoustic][] Riot! - Fueled by Ramen webstore release "Temporary" [Demo][] Riot! - Hot Topic release "Decoy" [] Riot! - FYE release "Here We Go Again" [Live][] Riot! - Rhapsody release "Misery Business" [Acoustic][] "My Hero" [Electronic Remix][] Riot! - Best Buy and iTunes UK release "Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)"[] "Rewind" [Demo][] "Emergency" [Live][]. They have a third album called The Final Riot. (2008) It's a mixture of the songs off of All We Know Is Falling and Riot! put together and they are performed live. And they also had another album called Live in the UK 2008. It was also a mix of All We Know Is Falling and Riot! songs.. Then they did two songs for the Twilight Soundtrack. (2008) 2. Decode (Paramore) 8. I Caught Myself (Paramore) Deluxe edition CD/DVD 2. Decode" (acoustic) (Paramore). brand new eyes (2009) 1. Careful 2. Ignorance 3. Playing God 4. Brick by Boring Brick 5. Turn It Off 6. The Only Exception 7. Feeling Sorry 8. Looking Up 9. Where the Lines Overlap 10. Misguided Ghosts 11. All I Wanted International Addition 12. Decode Deluxe Edition 12. Ignorance (Acoustic) 13. Where the Lines Overlap (Acoustic) iTunes Bundle 1. Ignorance (Acoustic) 2. Brick by Boring Brick (Acoustic) 3. Turn It Off (Acoustic) _____________________________________________________________________ These are their demos. Adore Another Day Breathe (Until Tomorrow) Hello Hello Just Like Me My Number One Rewind Stay Away Swim In Silence Temporary This Circle Throwing Punches. Covers they did. Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning) My Hero Faces In Disguise Sunday Bloody Sunday Stuck On You Use Somebody You Ain't Woman Enough. •Ignorence •carefull •we are broken •decode •decoy •brick by boreing brick •the only exception •all I wanted •turn it off •where the lines overlap •misery business •mis guided ghosts •crushcrushcrush •that's what you get •hello hello •Sunday,bloody Sunday •feeling sorry •fences •breathe •pressure •my heart •playing god •I caught my self •looking up •hallelujah •just like me •emergency •when it rains •conspiracy •Franklin •whoa •brighter •oh star •temporary •stuck on you •adore •for a pessimist,I'm pretty optimistic •circle •hear you me •stay away •never let this go •my number one •another day •throwing punches •swim in silence •born for this (I think that is all of them I'm not sure though)

Paramore is a band. The members are:. Hayley Williams (vocals). Jeremy Davis (bass). Taylor York (guitar)

Paramore fan mail can be sent to the following addresses: Paramore Fueled by Ramen, Inc. P.O. Box 1803 Tampa, FL 33601 The Official Paramore Fan Club 853 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10003

Yes. Hayley Williams read the Twilight saga and TOTALLY loved it. When she heard that Summit was going to make a movie she told her record company that she wanted to write a song for it. So her record company contacted Catherine Hardwicke and told her. Catherine decided to show Hayley some of the clips from the movie that they had already shot. Then Hayley and lead guitarist Josh Farro got down and started writing the song together.

The song Decode is from the motion picture "Twilight" and is based on how Bella is feeling after falling in love with Edward Cullen who is a vampire, and how she feels their love will not work and she feels stupid because how can a human fall in love with a vampire? Bella feels like a fool but she is willing to take the risk and allow their love to grow, and as it it says in the song "it might kill me, but I want it to be true".

Paramore's most popular songs are " Misery Business," which was the lead single for Riot!, and " Decode," the lead single for the Twilight Soundtrack. Both singles have been certified platinum in the US. "Misery Business" leads slightly in radio airplay, having peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 while "Decode" peaked at #33.

Paramore's managers are Mark Mercado of Spotlight Artist Management and Dave Steunebrink of Showdown management.

1. Pressure 2. Emergency 3. Misery business 4. Hallelujah 5. Crushcrushcrush 6. That's what you get 7. Decode 8. Ignorance 9. Brick By Boring Brick 10. The Only Exception 11. Careful 12. Playing God (20/09/10)

Lead-guitarist Josh Farro screams in the background of "My Heart". He says please don't go now, please don't fade away theres a little more to that in the live version but im not sure what hes singing

Paramore's new album will be self-titled (ie. it will be called "Paramore"). It will be released on April 9, 2013.

Paramore's official website is It is updated frequently with exclusive photos of the band. is also lets fan know what the band is up to, when and where there touring, new videos involving the band, blogs and it has a webstore for merch. A better site is :Paramore - just type that into an on-line search engine, and press the first topic. Hayley's Twitter account is yellyahwilliams, fyi. fyi, it's the exact same website. Another site is Fueled By Ramen. This is Paramore's label's site. It helpful for news and has tonnes of merch in the on-line webstore.

Hayley Williams: Saves The Day, mewithoutYou, Slick Shoes, The Chariot, Now Now Every Children, No Doubt, Fireworks, Set Your Goals, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory, H2O, Lemuria, The Swellers Josh Farro: Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Mew, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Sunny Day Real Estate, Failure Zac Farro: Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Mew, Paper Route, Sigur Ros, Thrice, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Mum Jeremy Davis: Deftones, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice, Sigur Ros, Paper Route, Mew Taylor York: Mum, Radiohead, Failure, Jimmy Eat World, Yann Tiersen, Kent, At The Drive-In, Between The Buried And Me, mewithoutYou, Bjork, Kadawatha, Air, Canon Blue, Paper Route

It is about the time when paramore almost split up, around a year ago. Apparently Hayley wrote it about how the guys in the band weren't listening to each other, and how no one was understanding each other and how they needed to be friends instead of just treating the band like a job. (:

Here are a few one's that have Christian faith implied although I would not call them Christian: Hallelujah, We Are Broken, My Heart, Miracle, Let the Flames Begin, and Brighter.. None of Paramore's songs are overtly Christian, but some do have Christian undertones. "My Heart" is thought to be about God. They have added religious portions to some of their songs when played live, such as the Miracle Outro: "I asked for love. / I asked for mercy. / I asked for patience. / but you're already all of these things" and the Let The Flames Begin Outro: "Oh Father, / I am ready / won't you let it begin."

This is my oppening, but judging from some of the lyrics in Turn It Off and such, and the part in the song Careful where she says 'the truth never set me free' i think its referencing a bible verse. The bible says 'the truth will set you free' and paramour is know for referencing religion. In the live into at there shows they sing a song that says "theres evil in your heart and it wants out to play" the song is untitled, they only sing it live. I think its about the story of Adam and even when the serpent says 'For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.'" This, Brand New Eyes

Mostly it's about Hayleys feelings towards her fellow bandmembers at the end of 2008 when they were nearly at breaking point. Its also about how they didn't give up...yet came close too it.....also about the loss of faith due too this!

Here is some information about Paramore:. The link above will tell you about how the band was started, each member's history, etc.

Paramore's newest song is 'The Only Exception' From the album 'Brand New Eyes' Listen To It Here: Comment And Subscribe for Paramore's Newest releases. :)

It is called All We Know Is Falling. Their first song written is known as Conspiracy. All We Know Is Falling 1. All We Know 2. Pressure 3. Emergency 4. Brighter 5. Here We Go Again 6. Never Let This Go 7. Whoa 8. Conspiracy 9. Franklin 10. My Heart Hope I helped ^^

Paramore's biggest radio hit was "Misery Business," which peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Paramore's original line-up was: Hayley Williams - lead vocals Josh Farro - lead guitar, backing vocals Zac Farro - drums Jeremy Davis - bass Jason Bynum - rhythm guitar Jeremy left for a while, then came back

Paramore's most popular album is Riot!, which is their only platinum album in the USA.

Hayley Williams wrote in the journal in the Brand New Eyes Deluxe Edition about Brick By Boring Brick: "I believe it's important to stay young at heart. To have faith in what might seem impossible and to have goals beyond your current ambitions or temporary means. However, there is a huge difference, to me anyways, between acknowledging your dreams and never living in reality. Some people are so scared of being boring- so insecure with who they might be- that they build up this huge lie, it's all one big distraction. For not only the on-lookers but for their self. To me, it is a selfish way to live. A great means of defense. But selfish nonetheless. I've been hurt by this lifestyle. Hurt by people I barely know. I've even been guilty of living this way. It's so common. I'm glad that I've found some words to finally speak up about it. A brick is such a traditional, tired and plain boring representation of solidity. I wanted the whole song to have this sort of fairy tale vibe... only to twist the point I'm trying to make in the song which is, 'Stop living in a fake fairytale... like, WAKE UP!' When thinking how I could really get that across in the song I decided I'd use a house. Someones safe place, even in a fairy tale... you can't forge a refuge out of magic & fairy dust. You gotta build it just as real and as solid as a stupid old brick." This song is about people who cover up their reality with frills and make out like they're living a fantasy life. It's one thing to have goals and dreams but it's another thing when you never know where you're standing in the real world. People can be hurt by that." You can cover up reality and run away into a dream but in the end that's what it is, a dream and no matter what you do you cant run away from your problems no matter what is.

Paramore's Hallelujah is about remembering the good times; and making everything last forever. 'LET'S MAKE IT LAST FOREVER, SCREAMING HALLLLELLUJJAAAHH!' Yeah? It's kind of simple. And they want everything to fall in to place. Watch the official video on youtube; you'll understand it better :]

it's about God and you can't believe in God how people tell you to and that you have to find out what he means to you. You can't wait for him to reach out to you, you have to reach out too. From an Interview with Hayley

vocals- Hayley Williams Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals- Josh Farro Rhythm Guitar- Taylor York Drums- Zac Farro Bass- Jeremy Davis

lime wire or go onto Google and type in the name of a demo name and put mediafire after it. that's how i got them all

Their latest single was 'Ignorance' off of their new album 'Brand New Eyes' which debuted September 29, 2009

it's about a girl who is a relationship with a boy that is slowly drifting apart because the boy doesn't care enough to keep it going. He tries to run away from her so to say, which basically means ignoring her because he doesn't want to deal with a breakup or let it be his fault, but the girl doesn't want to break up with him because she still wants to try

hayley williams: @yelyahwilliams zac: @zacfarro josh: @JoshFarro_Ofcl jeremy: @schzimmydeanie taylor: @itstayloryall paramore: @paramore YOU ARE WELCOME ^^

Josh the guitarist from Paramore.... his last name is Farro, as is Zach the drummer.... they're brothers

I don't think you could really download it from their site exactly. But if you looked the same video up on youtube what you could do is try downloading them with a program called RealPlayer. Its what i used and it hasn't given me any problems. It just doesn't let u download vids it has a certain copyright or something like the ones on those belong to them so yah... [idk if i make sense i hope i sort of helped..]

well the avrage is 3:40 so if u need a certin song length from the album brand new eyes let me know

Their signature move is the "Pressure flip" (as it is called by fans) where bassist Jeremy Davis rolls over guitarist Josh Farro's back. You can see this move in Paramore's music video for "Pressure" at 2:42, and they also do it at most of their live shows.

my mom inspire me because she means the world to me and she is a good role model..

This might be old information: 2012: Booking Agent: Ken Framaglich for The Agency Group International Agent: Geoff Meall for The Agency Group Publicity: Christina Kotsamanidis International Publicity: Tara Carroll Management: Mark Mercado for Fly South Music

That's What You Get is about always listening to your heart and never trying to listen to your head. It's about falling in love too easily, and getting hurt because you let yourself get hurt.

Queen Elizabeth inspired me.Plus, what also inspired me is Amelia Earhart. She made me wonder where she had gone. Futhermore, the blackhole is also what inspired me. Finally, the last thing that in Earth.

Paramore's Decode is about... Twilight. The people who made ( are making ) the Twilight movies asked Paramore to record it for them! The song was featured on the soundtrack from the first movie. :) They also recorded another song for Twilight, I Caught Myself. If yu want to check them out, they RAWK :D

Paramore's inspirations include Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, New Found Glory, Death Cab for Cutie, and Thrice.

Paramore will release a self-titled album on April 9, 2013. They will likely do a lot of touring to support the album, though a tour has not yet been announced.

The largest demographic in Paramore's fan base is young girls, with many between the ages of 13 and 18. So "teen girls" could be considered their target market. However Paramore has fans of all ages and genders.

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