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October 25, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I know many are waiting for this review, so let's get to it.
For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and a size 4 in Align Crops. For the Jogger Crops I am also wearing a size 4. I am typically a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.

 Size 4

Let me first say I love joggers. Being this petite it's also very hard for me to find joggers that actually fit like they're supposed to. Which means the elastic needs to be small enough for my calves and the length needs to be somewhere around 19 inches. I knew before I received these that the length would be too long, but I also know I'm on the extreme end of the petite spectrum. I would say if you're closer to 5 feet 4, these would probably be fine in terms of length.

First thing I noticed is the size 4 fit similar to my other Align bottoms. It didn't feel too tight as some other reviewers stated. I would say these are true to size. The fabric is made of soft buttery Nulu. These are high waisted, similar to the other Align bottoms. 

My finger is pointing to where my belly button is.

You can't see it very well because of the dark blue color, but there's a ton of extra fabric around my knees. They're folded and bunched up. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I wasn't crazy about how it looks. I feel like my fit me better than these do.

I do love that these have pockets!

For these last two photos, you can see how long they are on me if I leave them at full length. My ankles are also small, so they look a little strange. I don't really know how else to describe it! For me, these are going back, but for someone who is a bit taller, they may work for you. I really like them, I just wish they fit me better.

A few weeks ago I said I was sooooo over Scuba Hoodies. I totally have to eat my words. The good news is, the arctic plum color just went on . I just ordered it from and will return the full price one. 


First off, I will say I'm a sucker for burgundy and purples. This color is amazingly saturated and not faded looking at all. I've bought and returned so many Scuba Hoodies over the past year because the color was disappointing or the fit wasn't quite right. Usually I find some to be too tight across the shoulders. This one is perfect. Even the cuffs at the wrists aren't too tight. I wear a Fitbit and hate when I have a hard time getting my Fitbit to sit right. 

The hood is pretty big, but I don't mind that. I actually prefer floppy hoods. Can you tell that this Scuba Hoodie makes me happy? It's soft and very cozy, perfect for the fall weather we are finally getting in Atlanta.

The back is fitted and shows off the figure.

And hey, it looks great with my new .

Also wearing  - review .

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Next post I'll have some cold weather jackets for review. 


October 23, 2018

October 21, 2018

All alone in her cage.

Hi my name is Neko. I am seven months old. I came from a litter of five but was the last one to be adopted. One by one I saw all my siblings finding their forever homes except for me. One day a hooman male came by to visit and saw me all by myself. A week later he came to visit along with his female hooman. They eventually adopted me and now I have four siblings again! 

Neko, Ash, and Flash

Neko, Simi, and Flash

Simi so far still has reservations about Neko. She will hiss at her from time to time, when Neko gets too close. This picture basically sums their relationship up. I'm sure Simi will eventually come around. She initially behaved this way with Flash and now she likes him the best.

Neko, Simi, and Flash (sad this came out blurry)

This is Ash, he has hooded eyes and the aloof one who doesn't like to be petted unless none of the other kittens are around. Then he's like pet me! Love me! 

This is Neko on her first night with us.

Neko is super sweet. Most black cats are, which is a shame because they are always the last to get adopted. She is completely black while her other siblings are black with white patches. 

She is 7 months old but quite tiny still. 

Simi turned one on October 17th! 

For Simi's first birthday we made all of them steamed chicken dinners to celebrate. 

This is Nero, he's still King of the house. He looks so grumpy here I love it.


Nero napping on the rug. He turns brown in the sun.

This is Flash totally eyeing my salmon dinner.

If only he would look at me like that.

Simi still loves her window sills.

They all take turns with this window bed. I need to get another one now.

I never thought I would end up with five cats! Seriously this is it though. It's pretty easy still because Nero is 19 years old and just eats and sleeps all day. He's definitely showing his age which makes us sad. He still has no interest in the kittens at all.
If you're looking to adopt a cat, please consider adopting black cats.

October 18, 2018

Five months ago I in a pretty pink color. I'm very happy with how they are holding up. I don't wear them as my everyday shoe but I do wear them often on the weekends. (Note, these shoes are not meant to be used for running) 

His and hers.

My husband has two pairs himself and he wears them everyday. The very first pair he bought over a year ago started to wear out in the toe box. There's a hole starting to form where the big toe is. Even though the durability of the shoe seems to have a lifespan of a year (if you wear them everyday), he still maintains they're the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn. I have to agree. These feel like you're walking on clouds. 

 Size wise, these run small. I'm normally a size 5.5 but I can fit a 6 in these. I'm almost never a size 6. I like that you can also wear them without socks. They are made out of wool and they're very soft and breathable. That said, I do not recommend wearing these in the rain. Ever.

As you can see they do not have much traction.

I love that they match my Coach Dinky.

Allbirds also sells limited edition laces so you can customize them. I'm kind of a sucker for limited edition anything, so I am totally eyeing . If your insoles start to wear out, you can also .

If anyone is wondering, I'm using the cat scratching post to take these photos. 😂

(It's a really nice .)

Apparently you can stick these in the washing machine but I haven't tried it. I guess I could throw my husband's pair in the washing machine to test it since they're on their way out. I'm just unsure of how they will dry. It says to let them air dry, but I don't know it just worries me! These also come with shoe inserts to help keep their shape when you're not wearing them. It does help, otherwise the toe box will cave in and they don't look as sharp. 

See how you can tell in the toe box isn't completely filled out on the left compared to the right? The shoe inserts really work. Overall, I love both pairs and can see myself adding more colors in the future. My husband will probably purchase another pair soon. For they're still worth it considering he literally wears them everyday. 

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and there should be some Lululemon reviews coming up! 


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