Outdoor christmas decorating ideas 2018

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Deck the halls, walls, and those dessert tables packed with with Christmas accents. Our wreaths, garlands, and other decorative touches will fill your home with the sights and smells of the season.

  • This Scandinavian-style greenery "chandelier" is an eye-catching way to draw guests to a holiday cocktail or buffet table.

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    Gentle Drift Mantel Decoration

    Dripping crystal icicles dangle from a cedar-covered, snow-dusted mantelpiece to create a frosty scene. Soft powder, looking as if it floated down the chimney overnight, drifts around stacked wood and iron urns filled with silvery santolina.

  • <>When suspended from the ceiling, this impressive, ornament-laden ring of greens will thrill your guests.



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    Present Wreath

    Unwrap a new wreath idea this year. Cover small containers, such as old jewelry boxes, with weatherproof paper, which will hold up outdoors, unlike wrapping paper; seal with all-weather tape. Add decorative bands in contrasting colors, if desired, and tie with ribbon. Attach to a flat wooden wreath form (ours is 18 inches) using a hot-glue gun. Affix a satin bow.

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    Cushion moss will thrive all year. Use some or all of the following natural materials to craft a beautiful wreath for your home.

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    This mistletoe ball serves as a gentle reminder, amid the holiday hubbub, to take a momentary respite for romance.

  • Pinecones and evergreens belong together, especially in holiday garlands. Here, we've shaped them into rosettes.

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  • A delicate-looking wreath that creates the magical effect of candles flickering in the snow is easy to make and surprisingly sturdy.

  • Delicate snowflakes disappear quickly if brought indoors. To capture their sparkling essence for your holiday party, re-create them in glitter, which won't melt away, on a sheer organza tablecloth overlay.

  • With their motion frozen in clear glass glitter, coniferous trees and reindeer encircle hurricane lamps lit from within by tall, rose-hued candles. Here, the candleholders are elevated on glass cake stands, then faux snow is dusted around them.

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    Using carnations to evoke a snow-covered tree, this centerpiece transforms the tabletop into a fanciful winter garden. Moistened floral foam supplies hidden support for fluffy white blossoms, their stems cut short so they form an uninterrupted mass of petals.

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  • Drape this delicate garland over your mantel, banister, or mirror this holiday season and enjoy this magical -- and long-lasting -- holiday swag well into the new year.

  • Satin ribbon provides a wide range of shades with which to form these beautiful facsimiles. Their hardiness makes them a delightful choice for a fine (and everlasting) indoor wreath.

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    The season's first greeting cards, arriving weeks before the family tree goes up, are enough to stir most people's decorative impulses. This year, festoon mirrors with Lametta tinsel and use the sparkly wire to display your collection of cheerful tidings. Under the garlands, nestled in compotes, ribbon-lined candy pouches make sweet, simple party favors.

  • Step aside, holly and mistletoe -- or at least make room for something new. The carnation is a surprisingly elegant and easygoing choice for holiday displays. This wreath of white flowers with burgundy-tipped edges offers a warm welcome.

  • Tiny bulbs create a striking modern display when placed in frosted cylindrical vases. Wrap ribbon around the bottoms of the vases and affix with double-sided tape. Loosely coil a single strand of lights in each vase, and then send the plug end over the back lip of the vase and run it behind so it's hidden. Use lights that have been tested for safety (look on the label), and always unplug the strand when left unattended.

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