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These real brides used various succulents and air plants in their bouquets for a natural and rustic touch. 

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    Succulent plants are not only better for the water-deprived regions (as they need less water), but they also offer colors and shapes that are beautiful and delighting. And these drought-tolerant options are continuing to become more and more popular in bridal arrangements. Whether light or dark green, blue, or even purple, see how stunning succulents and air plants can look as bouquet accents that round out your floral look.


    Succulents don't only come in green and grey-blue hues: They can also pack a punch, as seen in this bouquet from. The dusty purple echiveria provides a nice contrast to its accompanying soft green, white, and peach accents.  

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    Wild Bouquet

    This bride's untamed bouquet from  featured a large air plant, white clematis, peonies, eucalyptus, and ferns.

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    Blue Bouquet

    This cool-colored bouquet from Bare Root Flora featured lotus pods, dried artichokes, privet berry, as well as anemone, ranunculus, garden and spray roses, dusty miller, and several types of eucalyptus wrapped with blue ribbon.

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    Succulent Bouquet

    This bride carried a bouquet of succulents, air plants, peonies, garden roses, scabiosa, ranunulus, dusty miller, berried eucalyptus, and jasmine from.  

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    Air Plant Bouquet 

    This bride broke away from the classic peony and ranunculus flower varieties and went for a modern look of tillandsia, also known as "air plants" for her bouquet, designed by.

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    Natural Succulent Bouquet

    This bride's bouquet, from, featured small green succulents, roses, peonies, ranunculus, and olive branches for a natural look. 

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    Blue Succulent Bouquet

    Succulents come in many colors—and can either be a bold addition or a muted complement to any floral arrangement. This bouquet, from, uses greyish blue graptopetalum to allow the brighter peach accents to take center stage. 

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    Green Succulent Bouquet

    created this green bouquet featuring small succulents, roses, white wax flower, craspedia, dahlias, and amaranthus.

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    Loose Succulent Bouquet

    So you prefer a loosely pulled together, farm-style look over a modern take. When used correctly, succulents can also fit in well in this less-formal aesthetic, as proven by this gorgeous clutch from.  

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    Textured Succulent Bouquet

    designed this lush, textured arrangement of roses, privet berries, and various succulents and greenery. It was one of the bride's favorite details of the day. 

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    Lush Succulent Bouquet

    Part of what gives succulents their unique look is their leaves' ability to store water, making them look full, and well, succulent! The change-up from your typical thin petals is as visually surprising as it is beautiful. Case in point, this wild beauty from . 

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    Mix & Match Succulent Bouquet

    While countless bouquets include succulents in a sparing selection, it's also fun to mix and match—like this bouquet from, featuring both thin and spiky shapes and full and rounded florals. 

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    Neutral Succulent Bouquet

    Succulents, fresh millet, and bay laurel filled a bouquet, designed by  for a bride getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

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    Bold and Blue Bouquet

    For a wedding in Texas, the bride's friend, Leah Proctor of, gathered together succulents, delphinium, craspedia, yarrow, Queen Anne's lace, seeded eucalyptus, wax flower, thistle, wheat, herbs, and assorted grasses for the bouquet.

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    Sculptured Succulent Bouquet

    Succulents can also prove that feminine doesn't have to mean pink. Elegance can come in all colors, from the light blue and blue-grey succulents to the eclectic lotus pods in these modern arrangements. Cachet Fiore created this bouquet of succulents, chrysanthemums, pincushion flowers, lotus pods, rice flowers, protea, craspedia, anemones, and dusty miller leaves.

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    Hidden Succulent

    The power of pink and red is evident here in this eye-grabbing bouquet, but it's the hidden succulent gem that delights and surprises in the summery floral arrangement.  designed this clutch of bougainvillea, garden and tea roses, succulents, and coral creeper.

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    Colorful Succulent Bouquet

    In this bouquet from, soft green and blue succulents look right at home with contrasting bursts of purple, peach, and deep green.

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    Pastel Succulent Bouquet

    The pink, peach, off-white, green, and blue hues of the roses and craspedia are perfect for a warm-weather wedding. And the blue-green succulent that sits on top of the arrangement from  has no problem taking the heat.

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    Wild Succulent Bouquet

    While some succulents look beautiful tucked-away in a bouquet, letting other florals be the main attraction, varieties like aeonium peach boast a wide leaf span that can make just as much of a statement as this bouquet's blushing bride protea counterpart. Together with eucalyptus, peonies, and anenomes, these blooms from  are a perfect choice for a vintage-themed celebration.  

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    Small Succulent Bouquet

    When paired with ranunculus, zinnia, snapdragon, and other fun florals, succulents can be packed in tightly together to complete the package, like this cute clutch from.

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    Layered Succulent Bouquet

    This bride wanted her bouquet to show some depth and variety, so in addition to the soft pink ranunculus with gorgeous and dense petals, she had her florist, , use the succulent graptoveria's similar layers, with a more open bloom.  

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    Rose and Succulent Bouquet

    designed this clutch of white antique romantica garden roses with hints of pale-pink garden roses, scabiosa pods, soft fuzzy succulents, eucalyptus, and green wheat for a rustic and romantic vibe. 

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    Sparkling Succulent Bouquet

    This bride carried a bouquet by Judith Bourgeois of Flora Fauna of roses, dusty miller, scabiosa pods, succulents, poppy pods, and craspedia, all tied together with a gold sequin ribbon. The bride also carried her gandmother's clover-embroidered hankie and her late grandfather's US Marine pin with the bouquet.

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    Cheerful Succulent Bouquet

    created this bright bouquet featuring roses, craspedia, and succulents, in this wedding's color palette of mint green, pale pink, and deep yellow. 

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