Pink and black graduation decorations 2018

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Cocktail Hour #13

Recapping my month of September and October so far… with my peak, my pit, a seashell bag that’s really a flask, a sale where everything is , + more!

Punta Mita, Mexico Packing List

This post shares alll that I am wearing while in Punta Mita, Mexico. From my in-flight essentials to my jewelry– I hope you find it helpful and fun to shop through!

The I Believe in Pink Edit: September Fall Fall Favorites

I’ve been saving some of my all-time favorite fall staple styles, so I could round them up in a post to share with you. These ten items are all about staying warm without compromising chic style. I couldn’t recommend them any more! Read on to see exactly why I’d recommend each of them to you.

How to Make the College Application Process Easier with Thrivent Student Resources

I am SO excited to share a non-profit website that has the most helpful tools & resources you can use to make the BEST decisions about how to prepare and plan for college. If you know anyone who’s going through the college process right now, direct them to this post!

Tips for Thriving In (not just surviving) a Long Distance Relationship

I mentioned my long distance relationship with Johnny on my Insta stories last week and was surprised with the influx of messages I received from people who are also in long distance relationships and were wondering what tips we had. Today, as we’re driving to the shore, we compiled a few of the things that have helped us!

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