Prom hairstyles updos with braids and bangs

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marilyn monroe vintage hairstyleVintage hairstyles are some of the sexiest hairstyles you can create.  Vintage hair from the 1940's, 50's, and 60's has inspired hairdressers, celebrities, and brides (for vintage wedding hairstyles).  Women of all ages can look sexier and feel more glamorous in beautiful retro hairstyles. 

Marilyn Monroe Vintage Retro Hairstyle

1950s star Marilyn Monroe often wore soft curls at an angle that framed her face.  This is one of the best vintage hairstyles for hair that is shoulder length or shorter. You can use medium sized foam rollers that you get at the drugstore, or you can use hot rollers.

 To set hair, apply mousse to hair that is not quite dry, then comb it into several sections. Roll sections of hair under, and roll the sections framing your face so that they’re angled toward your face rather than horizontal. Once hair is dry or the hot rollers have cooled, take rollers out. Using only your fingers, arrange the curls in front so that they frame your face. Once you get it just right, spray it in place with hairspray.  This glamorous look is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles, and for good reason.

The Beehive Hair – Beehive Hairstyles Revealed

vintage hairstyles beehive hairAmong of the 1960s, the beehive took hair to magnificent heights—literally.  It has been seen in the 80s on Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson of the band B-52s (which itself is a style of beehive hairdo shaped like the nose cone of a plane), and more recently with on British singer Amy Winehouse. This is a style that gets noticed—one of those vintage hairstyles that you need to save for a special occasion!

To recreate the beehive, work mousse through the roots of your hair, then set on hot rollers. When you remove the rollers, separate out your bangs, or if you don’t have bangs, the hair where bangs would be. Pin this aside. Starting with a section of hair crossing the top of the back of your head, bring hair up and towards the front of your head, secure it in place with styling gel and bobby pins.  Repeat this process one section at a time, bringing each new section up and over the last, which will build up layers of hair.  The more layers you have, the higher the beehive.

The front section can be styled however you like: pulled up over the beehive, across the forehead, or in bangs if you have them. Once you’re done, spray generously with hairspray. This is one of those vintage hairstyles you’ll want to get pictures of!


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