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Does anyone in Amish Cook land watch the ABC drama, Revenge?  I do watch the show.  It’s a fun, suspense-filled nato stew of shady characters and wealthy-intrigue.  The thing is the show is exactly opposite of anything Amish.  The upcoming PBS special, The Amish, quotes a young Amish woman’s view on forgiveness. She says that forgiveness does not mean you forget, but it means you surrender to God your right to seek vengeance. I love that line of thought, it’s very powerful.  And then on the opposite end of the spectrum here’s this show that’s all about revenge, just pure, icy vengeance.

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The acting, however, is superb. Pictured here is Madeline Stowe, a great actress, who co-stars with Emily VanCamp to make this a break-out hit.  That said, it sort of troubles me to see vengeance so emphasized over forgiveness…but…I know, it’s Hollywood, entertainment, etc, so I guess I shall not over-think it.  What do you think? Is there a place for vengeance?  Or does forgiveness always win out in the end?  Do you watch the show?

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