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Perfect upgrade for an older PASGT helmet. Very comfortable and easy to install. Comes with more than enough pads to customize fit. I ordered three and was able to make all three fit different head sizes. See all .
This is the 'real deal'. This is what you want to stay warm and toasty - in even the most bitter wind driven cold. I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. Get the pants too if you can. McGuire had it at a very good price. Came in original packaging. I am a repeat customer - buy this item, and from them, with confidence See all .
Bruce Brinker
The service and products I received from McGuire army Navy were top notch..thanks McGuire! See all .
Randall Janes
These are nice socks, bought some of these for the wife (and no, she doesn't normally wear army boots, lol). They are warm and comfortable, will be ordering larger size for myself. Kol a kavod to POTUSA Trump & VP Pence! See all .
My second one. Very lightweight and compact when stored. Of course, it won't be useful in the winter but in spring and summer it's my go to bag. See all .
You forgot to include the C-141 Starlifter. It was the primary heavy lifter during the Vietnam War and into the 2000's. This sextant was the primary over water navigational aid until dual INS systems were installed in the late 70's. The sextant was then used as a back-up until the C-141A was replaced by the C-141B with air refueling capability and the sextant port was removed. See all .
These gloves were a bit bit pricey, but worth it. The Kevlar knuckle guards are wide enough, they are reinforced where they need to be without being too bulky for shooting. They did need a wile to break in before they fit perfectly. The size chart is totally off though, it says I should wear a large and the 2xl fit snug. See all .
Amber Easterwood
I purchased this bag because the one we had was stolen and it held sentimental value. I couldn’t be happier with the bag and it’s used condition! It looks just like our bag and has a story! The product shipped fast as well! See all .
Have a lot of range time on these boots, they are holding up well, I thought they would be a little heavy, but their design makes them feel 1/2 their weight. if you need a good boot in a narrow size give it a look. See all .
Cathy Turley
This review is about the company and not the product. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my grandson. He had gained a little weight so it was tight on him. I emailed about a return as it tells you to do. No response! I emailed three more times with no response. In the middle of that I also just called there number to tell them that I was receiving no response, had to leave a message and again no response. I am stuck with a .00 jacket that no one can wear and a very non customer service company that I will NEVER consider ordering from again, as none of my large family will either! No Customer Service!!! It's rude not to communicate with someone that many times. Mcguire Army Navy response: I am not showing any record of communication with us but we take our customer service seriously and hope to make every purchase a pleasant one. For any problems or questions please contact us at See all .
Nice liner. Very comfortable and glad it's also made in the US like the Jacket I use it in. A matching color for the jacket was not available but this gray one goes okay with the black jacket. The only problem is the sometimes the edge of the liner gets caught in the jacket zipper. I think that happens because the cut of the liner is so generous but it's not a problem I haven't been able to resolve. See all .
Laura Messer
Excellent quality coat. I live in Michigan and winters get bitter cold with temps to -15 F and below at times. With a good scarf and hat this coat withstands those temps without any problems. I was worried it was too thin - but this is a high quality wool blend - it's soft, tight and blocks the wind great. This is my everyday coat - I wear this with scrubs to and and from work (so not a lot of warm as my base layers!). I would recommend this coat to others! See all .
These were PERFECT for my needs. I have to sleep in the same room with a VERY LOUD, yet sporadic snorer. The volume of the snoring changes from moment to moment. The noise is impossible to become accustomed to and sleep through due to the stops and starts in addition to volume changes. See all .
The G.I. Cotton Sateen Fatigue Shirt O.D. is a classic, brave, heroic, timeless peice of wardrobe. The olive drab color stands out on its own. Like denim shirts in dark or faded blue, the O.D. G.I. Cotton Fatigue Shirt, whether original in mint condition, used, or battlescared, one can just imagine all the action this historical, heroic design concept this shirt. One can only imagine it's been put through, as echoed through time and the classic war movies. A true red blooded American would have several pairs of Levi's 501's amongst there wardrobe. But one should have these kinda shirts gracing their closets, to remember the sacrifices of all our heroic veterans. To remind us "Freedom isn't free." No other Army shirt comes this close to being this cool. See all .
I was issued prescription inserts for these, but was not issued the glasses. The inserts fit well, glasses wrap around and have both clear and shaded inserts. Do a good job of keeping the blowing Kuwaiti dust/sand out of your eyes, and CSM's off your butt for not wearing eye pro. See all .
Definitely an M39. The bag itself was in decent condition considering it's age. The leather conditioned up nicely. The reason I'm leaving two stars is because it doesn't have the original A frame or leather shoulder straps and has just been replaced with canvas straps, leaving it as a droopy pack. See all .
I was going to buy a boonie from Amazon but I decided to try this place. I never received my package and Malvine from Customer support said"I'm sorry but you will have to take it up with the Post Office on your end. Thx & have a great day." If I knew I was going to deal with this headache I would of purchased this boonie with Amazon. Mcguire Army Navy response - You related to us that your item was never received, even though the tracking number stated as delivered. We asked you to contact USPS as they were the shipping carrier, but it is not clear that you tried to reach out to them. Since we are sorry for the inconvenience and we value your buisness, we will be shipping out another hat. See all .
Mike Bilbo
They are accurate reproductions but the heels from the ones I got were not glued on very good - I'll keep them and try to figure which kind of glue to use - will talk to a boot and shoe repair shop. They actually look like they might hold up to hikes and tacticals. The shoe strings that were with them were way too short and not waxed as they are supposed to be so will look around at the WWII vendors to find those. If I can get the heels fixed, then will put 100 miles on them for the upcoming Bataan Memorial Death March. It's a 26.2-mile marathon and whatever you wear better be well-broken in by lots of walking. I think I'll soften the ankle area with lots of neatsfoot oil (will be my 11th time doing this marathon and I wear the uniform of the 200th Coast Artillery, New Mexico National Guard). The marathon honors theirs and other units who were involved in the horrific original March. See all .
The coat is very refined and well-made. The color is a very deep blue and appears black under most lighting conditions. It is a 1/4 centimeters thick Milton wool. It has a matching natural rayon (wood pulp) lining that is like satin. The pockets are lined with a sturdy ivory "woven" (not knit) linen-like material. I ordered a 34 reg. I am 5'5 (165cm) 125lbs (56kilo) My neck size (around the thickest part) is 13 1/2 (34 1/2cm)( I wear a 14 1/2 to 15 inch collar in a dress shirt.) The jacket fit well, very form-fitting. On a hanger, from shoulder tip to shoulder tip, it is 16 1/2 (42cm) From the top of the sleeve seam to the seam where the collar begins (collarbone area) is 5 1/2 (14cm) The top shoulder seam measured at a straight drop to the end of the sleeve is 24 3/4 (62 1/2cm) The sleeve falls 1 1/2 inches above my knuckles. The coat is around knee length. See all .
Dear friends! Thank you very much!!! You're shop is best! This is my second Peacoat. I'll be recommend you site to my friends! I'm happy! 💋 I wish you prosperous economy and good luck! See all .
An overall Great Coat for both Work and Sport, and Made in The U.S.A. For those seeking a Military M-65 this is also as exact as it gets with the exception of the brass zippers ... I've matched this jacket against a G.I. Issue M-65 and I see absolutely No difference regarding materials and Quality. Golden Mfg makes an absolute Out-Standing Jacket and I'm Happy as heck with mine. Thanks' Golden and Thanks' to McGuires' !! See all .
This is a pretty simple pack. It's a very large container that you wear on your back. It consists of one enormous compartment that can be divided towards the bottom (with bottom access for a sleep system or other gear) but otherwise is uncomplicated inside. The two sustainment pouches on the side can be removed if you wish, but make a very convenient place to store items that you want more handily accessible . The top openings of both the pouches and main compartment can be cinched down to keep your gear in place in case you find yourself at odds with gravity. The top flap that covers the main compartment is a handy compartment in itself to store smaller flatter items like maps or cords. This compartment is accessed via the rearward edge of the flap and is held shut by a long strip of velcro. See all .
I took it out in Alaska with just the inner liner and it was a little cold in the fall by itself, but also backpacked it sheep hunting with all three sections and it is great. Yes, it's a little heavy for backpacking, but well worth the little bit extra. When you have all three pieces you can tailor it to meet the vastly changing weather conditions that can pop up overnight in Alaska or many other places. See all .
These are excellent quality ballistic glasses- two sets- made for a narrow face (perfect for women), but still they are a little large on a very small face. Nice and light in weight, with non-slip, and decent styling for shooting glasses. See all .
This thing is a tank iv used it to dig holes for camp fires dig big rocks and weeds from around the camp sight. Let's just day i beat the hell out of this thing. The only think that hadn't held up is the paint but who cares is not for looks it's a tool See all .
j m
These boots are exceptionally comfortable. In fact, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever had. The problem I have with my particular pair is that after one month they are far from durable. As a former 11B, I need to know that what is on my feet will assist me regardless of the environment. So far, after one month of mostly office/light field use, three speed laces and one grommet on the right boot has failed (pulled off the boot). The good thing is that you can lace the boot in the hole that is left behind. The left boot has held up to this point. I would be willing to try another pair based solely on comfort. Pro: Exceptional comfort Con: Durability issues See all .
I am amazed at how light this is. I think the box it shipped in weighs twice as much as the poncho liner. I received brand new liner as described by seller, received ahead of projected arrival date. Outstanding summer, spring, fall camping /backpacking blanket. would definitely recommend. See all .
"Genuine Issue" is misleading, I think it's a brand, this is NOT the Sekri brand used in the military. The brim is about 3/4 inch wider and the chinstrap clasp is different. Not a bad hat, felt light and had a nice sweatband, but if you're looking for an the Sekri official hat, this isn't it (with the differences noted above). See all .
Can already tell that this is way better than the Chine one I picked up years ago and proceeded to demolish in one use. Should have heeded the buy once, cry once motto on this item. It came with the older hard plastic case, which is nice, but not as nice as the newer MOLLE type ones. See all .
Bought 1 pair of these to try them out. Fit was great, wife said they make me look slimmer ! These are the highest quality kit available anywhere. Perfect for shooting & hunting, lots of pockets for storage when travelling. See all .
I use this boot in the jungles of the Amazon, where temperatures are daily 90 deg F and humidity is 80-90%. The conditions are wet, muddy, hot and humid, but my feet stay dry and comfortable. The added safety toe allows me to wear these in heavy work environments where a safety toe is required. One added benefit is the TFX sole pattern does not pick up the mud as much as per boots with traditional Vibram patterns. Essentially a great boot. This is my second pair. See all .
The socks were a hit with my husband. and they don't leave link all other the house. that is a plus for me. he said they are comfortable. he is a K-9 officer and is in boots all day long. First socks that he has ever been pleased with. See all .
Jeff VanHassel
As a civilian looking for affordable heavy duty boots, I turn to Altama. I have long wide feet and these boots fit awesome. Thanks McGuire, for the deal on these long lasting boots. Trust Altama when it comes to your feet. Altama since 1991 for me! US Military Spec BDU Tactical Pants, 100% Cotton Rip Stop, Made in USA See all .
First, I am a Marine Vietnam veteran. I ordered two pair of these, because I had previously purchased BDU's from another supplier. That supplier discontinued them and posted that the manufacturer went out of business. Well, I was very pleased to see that was not true. These BDU trousers are from the same U.S. manufacturer, at a better price. They are almost identical to the jungle utilities that I was issued in Vietnam. They are cool in hot weather and dry fast when wet. I love 'em! See all .
Sean Gaines
Although it states that it's used the one I purchased is almost unusable not only is there what appears to be a 4 1/4 by 3 1/4 rip looks as if it was sliced with a knife and a bad repair up on further examination under light there are multiple small holes and abrasions all over I am Not satisfied with this purchase I don't recommend See all .
Best sunglasses ive ever had. Wore them in the middle east and they lasted three more years. I just ordered a new pair. Very pleased. Came in the case which is tough and awesome, has MOLLE on the back, it came woth a clear lens,and two nose peices (badass), a strap, and some antifog solution. Super happy. Best day of this month so far. i recomend you buy some before theyre gone. See all .
Raymond Glenn
There are a lot of stocking caps out there, and most are more expensive than this one. None are better though. I wore it today on a hike, and I'm wearing it right now on my porch. It's not the least bit itchy, and it warms, even when it's soaked in sweat. Highly recommended! See all .
The suit fits perfectly just like my other Propper CWU Nomex flight suits. I wont even dare to compare this top of the line flight suit to any other cheaper or economical flight suit available on the market. I use this brand of flight suits for my Rotor Wing training. Very comfortable and strong material. Holds up well to continuous cold water washes (hang drying of course). No complaints here. See all .
I've been wearing these boots for about a month now and the lowest temp so far has been -16 F. Prior to this I was wearing a pair of Belleville gortex lined boots with safety toes, soon as those safety toes got cold it was game over. See all .
Very well made and nice and warm gloves that fit comfortably. I use it on its own riding on my bicycle in mid 30 degree weather in the cold dawn and it keeps my hand warm. See all .
very happy with these boots, I wear them working in North Dakota, I drive truck and have to get in and out a lot. and for some reason have to have a safety toed boot. these are great, no issues with cold feet, if I was outside all day that might be an issue. very light weight and comfortable. I will definitely buy another pair when the time comes. See all .
I have purchased 10 sleeping bags over the past few years. Without a doubt this is the most comfortable, well made system I have ever purchased. It is great for all temperatures I have tested it. It has my highest recommendation, See all .
David Murphy
Very nice cold weather boots perfect fit ..Boot is a bit heavy. But i knew they would be i had these bata boots in the military for cold weather training so i knew what to expect .These are the best cold weather boots i ever owned. Fast shipping and great price .excellent quality boot. See all .
After trying two set of boots I found these in my size. The boot is very rugged and well built. These are the lightest boots made for the military. They are lighter than a pair of house shoes! I am extremely pleased with them. Beware they seem to run about 1/2 size small so beware. See all .
Aidan Cash
The coat occasionally has some loose fibers that stray around on it, and the collar's a bit floppy. But, the coat is made out of a comfortable material and it looks and fits great. I enjoy the large pockets on the coat as well, and I adore the fact this coat is made in the USA. I would recommend. See all .
Bill Gausman
My new favorite pants! Thanks, McGuires, for carrying these, and carrying larger sizes! I bought two pair, and am going to buy more. Very well made! See all .
Propper is my favorite uniform company and mcguire army navy always has the best pricing on their stuff!!! I bought this shirt for my boy friend and he's loving it!! See all .
Warm cap !!!!! (and I shave my head,too!) Great if you have a jacket (MA-1 or CWP-45)that does not have a hood. Retaining strap easy to fasten/unfasten. Bought one a few years back from McGuire Army/Navy. Very rare, and a great price. See all .
Excellent!! I purchased the remanufactured Ames E-tool and it seems like new. I have used this shovel a lot through out this past winter and it had no issues with the frozen ground. For the price, way better than any folding shovel you can get from Walmart or the like. No failures, no damaged or loose parts. I would not hesitate to order another E-tool from McGuire Army Navy, they were honest, priced very fair, and their service is awesome. See all .
Randolph Bowles
Was very disappointed when I received the woobie. 1. it wasn't "CAMO" as listed ... was OD green ... no real biggie. 2. Was apparently machine washed rather than hand. All of the batting is wadded up around the perimeter .., as a blanket useless. Sorry guys ... don't think I'll be recommending your site. See all .
Excellent boots, very comfortable and rugged. Haven't gotten any blisters since I started wearing them. I will definitely purchase another set when these wear out. See all .
Absolutely the best piece of kit the military ever devised. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to make a long lasting blanket that's light weight and keeps you at just the right temperature. Wrap yourself up, wait 2 minutes and you're perfectly warm. Not too hot, not too cold. Does a perfect job from about 50 degrees to 80 degrees. I still sleep with my "woobie" every night. My wife always made fun of me and my "woobie". Then we took a road trip and I had the AC on high, since the sun was beating down on me. The sun was not on her and she was cold. 15 minutes later she was converted and now has a "woobie" of her very own See all .
Lt Ebuka
been waiting ages for more size option of this boot, i wear 11R and cant wait to own a pair of this .... See all .
Great product. Purchased two of these, and they arrived very quickly via standard shipping. I will be ordering more. These are your basic .50 cal ammo cans. They arrived clearly in used condition; however, they were very clean and in perfect working order. On each one, when I popped the latch I could hear a long hiss of air - evidently the rubber seals are working as intended. Will use these for storing - guess what - ammo with some silica packs to safeguard against humidity. See all .
Kathy Osthoff
I would like to add an update to my previous review. The company has sent me a new shelter half that is better than I hoped for. It took three attempts but I am happy with purchase and customer service. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Thank you. See all .
Ian King
This cwu36p jacket I received has no contract number that showing the year of manufacturing and name of the manufacturer on its label. This info should be on every real issued item label. I got suspicious, so I did a test. There are some untrimmed thread ends on the jacket. I cut a longer one and light it up with a cigarette lighter. It burned so fast and left melt residue, so it is regular nylon thread not the aramid fiber or even pure cottom/wool (won't melt and stick to skin) for fire safety clothing. The jacket itself looks like aramid fiber but I don't want to test it by burn it. I have emailed Mcguire to ask which manufacturer made this jacket, but no response so far. This is potential lawsuit if anyone use this jacket for fire hazard situation. It is my opinion that this jacket is not from US gov. contract. The labeling is different compared the official issued one and the sawing thread used for this jacket itself is not conform to fire hazard requirement. I am still waiting Mcguire to contact me. There was an issue with this jacket. We contacted the customer, and issued a refund -YY See all .
Steve Edwards
Good product for a used item. Fifty years ago I spent the monsoon season in the Central Highlands of Vietnam using a poncho liner for sleeping warmth. This is a bit of a nostalgia. I'd definitely recommend the product for lightweight camping. See all .
Caesarito NUQUE
WRONG ITEMS RECEIVED: I ordered US Navy Genuine Issue "Dixie Cap" or "GOB" Sailors Hat WHITE, but what I got was Desert Camo boonie hats ... WHAT A MESS !!! I send an email about this and I am awaiting a response. Mcguire Army Navy response - We have no record of any contact with us regarding the mistake in your order. We have rectified the situation and have mailed out the correct items. We are sorry for the mistake and we value your business. See all .
Seemed like it had good sturdy construction. Unfortunately I got a large was all they had, and these are BIG. I think a large would fit nicely with a layer or 2 on somebody who weights 250 lbs. Also these are made of a heavy canvas, so in terms of getting heat out and bulk. A medium would be great for me for a cold rainy windy day, but too bulky and hot for a day pack sort of parka on a hot day. I know they had some custom made little material type over Christmas, but I think they're gone for now. See all .
This tool is THE TOOL that the U.S. Marines issued for decades. As a former Marine, I'm here to tell you, these are REAL SHOVELS that you can actually work with. You can dig with them. You can chop with them. You can really get them dirty, and they can really hold up. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is an Ames True Temper but an AMES TRUE TEMPER Entrenching Tool. See all .
Curtis Schofield
Had trouble with the returns email- just give them a call and they will help you straight away and with efficiency. I received an amazing original used in great condition - however my arms and torso are too long for XL so I will have to find another way to own this amazing aramid jacket. See all .
Eliot Henderson
Not for your review site; rather, this is for your management. Worn watch caps all my life 85 yr. Something wrong. Maybe with the knit. Hat must constantly be pushed down or slips into a peak. Makes one look like a cartoon character with pointy hat. Suggest CEO wear one for a day. See all .
As far as I can tell this is the exact E-Tool I had in the Army. It even feels like it has been painted with the same spray paint I used before I returned mine to CIF. The dimensions of the blade make this the ideal tool for making a Dakota Fire Hole. My backpacking friends think it is too heavy but they are the ones who dig holes with rocks when camping. The weight is worth the utility. See all .
Army. Very nice boots. Very comfortable. Warm, but not too hot. Can't speak to the durability as I've only had the 6 months or so, but spent a long time on my feet in them and as comfortable as you can get. See all .
Great people to do business with. Ordered a boonie hat, in my error I ordered the wrong size. Got great customer service solving the issue. This is a good store. I would rate this a. 5 stars See all .
These are good quality boots and are rugged made. The run a complete size larger than listed so keep that in mind when you order. McGuire is good to deal with but buying footwear online can cause hard to fit issues with several returns. See all .
Jens Hornberger
Thank you very much for your extremely fast delivery. Even with USPS First Class the package was at the German customs the next day. Customs took another three workdays but that‘s not your fault. The gloves (Camelbak genuine issue max grip MX3 DFAR gloves) are very tight fitted, especially at the cut fingers. I really do hope they strech just a little bit while wearing. But your shipping just swept me away. Kind regards from Munich, Germany See all .
Trish P
I can't review the product itself because it was a gift. But I found the website and ordering process super easy to use and shipping was fast! I'm very happy with the transaction. Thank you! See all .
Oleg Chistov
Data antimicrobial socks I wear with the corcoran boots. The thickness of the socks allows you to wear them even in winter, and due to the good breathability, also summer. Very good socks absorb sweat and do not spread odor. See all .
Randall Janes
These jackets are tough and warm, also quite stylish (had several comments while shopping at grocery store & mall). 2nd one I have bought, black one to complement my replica gray one). McGuire carries very good kit. See all .
Sergio Siguenas
These company sucks, I am very dissapointed with it, first I asked to cancel my order, they said they would send me one order and cancel the order, i thought: ok thats fine, I checked my bank account and they didn't give me the refund I was supposed to get, so I had to message them to basically remind them of it, and then when I get my belt, I get an all fucked up belt with scratches on the loop, I can't wear that fpr inspection, I'm supposed to look professional in uniform, and instead I get a piece of crap belt, I ended up throwing away and buying another one from another website, my advice is these website and company sucks, DO NOT ORDER HERE. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. See all .
This jacket is great, really warm and the reflective portion is perfect for when it get's dark. It is also nice that the inner layer can be worn as a stand alone layer unlike most jackets. McGuire is also a great company the post office misplaced my package and they were on it really fast and took care of everything. I highly recommend this company and will continue to shop here knowing how great their customer service is. See all .
liliana henegar
Perfect! Exactly what I needed!! Great quality and great price! It’s not showing the drop down for rating but if it’s out of five stars, I give it a five! See all .
Theo Williams
They're well-made, but definitely pre-ergonomic in design...gonna take some serious breaking in. Still, a definite bargain, with just the appearance which I need for a costuming project. See all .
john sherry
I've used Altima boots for decades and they produce a comfortable and long lasting boot at a reasonable price. As for McGuire Army and Navy store their pricing was reasonable and I received my boots with very little wait time. I would do business with them in the future and recommend them to others See all .
Not only are these boots comfortable but my feet stay toasty warm. Make sure you have socks that come up over the boot or the boot will wear a nasty burn on your calf. I wish I'd known about these years ago. See all .
David Vessels
Not the cap pictured. The cap pictured is a heavyweight wool cap that isn't full stretchy material like the one I received. Not satisfied. The cap i received is a stretchy beanie that looks nothing like the one on the picture. The cap i wanted was a naval issue watch cap that is made of wool and is thicker in weave than the one I received. Not satisfied with the difference between advertised picture and what I received. If you are looking for the old naval style wool watch cap, this is not it. See all .
Since I received this garment it's very easy to have it as a favorite, it is very comfortable, keeps you warm, looks great and it's also very well constructed giving you this military looks but fashion at the same time. Lots of compliments on it. Love Alpha See all .
This is the second pair of boots I bought for my husband from McGuire. They no longer make the initial pair but was able to find a replacement that he likes even better. Customer service was awesome. See all .
My search for eye protection ended right here with the Crossbows, and particularly with this item from this seller. It literally comes with everything in the photo. I was stoked to see that it really did come with both the clear and dark lenses. These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece! I also ordered the Suppressor frame and stuck my dark lens in it - the Crossbow Suppressor frame is ultra thin so you can wear them with ear muffs. This way, I've got a pair for work and a second pair for the range. You will NOT be disappointed with these glasses! See all .
Used these boots for hunting in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. I usually get cold feet, but with these boots I was able to sit for 5 hours or more without my feet getting cold. Constructed very well. Very durable. See all .
I was issued prescription inserts for these, but was not issued the glasses. The inserts fit well, glasses wrap around and have both clear and shaded inserts. Do a good job of keeping the blowing Kuwaiti dust/sand out of your eyes, and CSM's off your butt for not wearing eye pro. See all .
Cody Edward Duncan
I have to admit, I was expecting to get screwed over considering theow price point for this truck sack, but she's 100% solid. No tears, no blemishes, no fraying, or any other deficiencies. I would even venture to say that this was in even better shape than the ruck I received from cif back in '08, though I could be wrong because I spent that entire time drunk. Hoofed it around with 40lbs in it and it performed well, which may not be saying much because I'm an out-of-shape smoker. Regardless, I'm delighted that this exceeded my expectations. Expect to take more of my damn money, Mcguire's. See all .
Victor Anderson
These boots are amazing. Its a shame i heard they dont make them anymore. These are really the only boots i would want to wear with my uniform. They're light weight, have good ancle support, they have drainers, and they mold to your feet very well. Also they can take a beating like no other. Trust me i put them to the test. See all .
John S
Issue item, genuine, good price. Had to replace my issued Woobie as I lost it to my daughter, then lost the new one, too, because it's got a "cool pattern." Have to purchase more, but this is the place to get it. See all .
Finding a good pair of shooting glasses can seem like a never-ending quest. I won't be so bold as to say that my quest is finished, but I will say that of all the shooting glasses I have tried, the ESS NARO ICE are by far the best. I am still reluctant to pay 0 or more for a pair of shooting glasses, especially to order them without trying them on, etc. At 1/3 that cost, the ESS glasses have proven to be my go-to glasses for range practice and competition shooting. See all .
Joseph Treloar
Great hats at an amazing price. They are nice a warm. They're not soft, but not so rough as to be itchy (and I'm really sensitive to that). I did notice that part of the hat seemed to flatten and stay compressed after I slept in one of them on a cold night, but I don't think it's noticeable when the hat is on my head and I haven't noticed it affecting the warmth of the hat. If these ever wear out, I'll definitely be looking to order more. See all .
Field trousers to go along with a field jacket, how nice. I was not entirely aware that these were even MADE until I got a glimpse of the trouser liners for sale elsewhere, then a light went off! Once I found my size in liners and trousers to match, I was in G.I. Heaven, talk about WARM! I've had field jackets for years, and I know that the liners make ALL the difference, and so it is with these trousers. But they are built of the same durable cloth that I know well in the jackets, the field pants fit over your regular pants, so don't be surprised if your order seems extra large when you receive them. They are meant to be an outer layer against cold and wind. To this end, they fill their role outstandingly well. If you like being outdoors in winter, these are a great item to consider. See all .
I wear these pants everyday to my internship in the hospital. I purchased five pairs and rotate every work day. Everyone in the medical field should buy these pants!! AND THE PRICE IS AMAZING See all .
Great boot as far as stability and durability, however they are extremely hard to clean once dirty. I wore my first pair (I've purchased 2 pair) to a FTX a week after bought them and couldn't get them clean enough to wear on a daily basis afterwards. They still work great for field training though. See all .
I found my pair of 10W have a fantastic fit and are very comfortable. These are even more comfortable than my Bates RAT boots. The problem I have with these hikers is the speed lacing metal loops are pulling off the boot. I've worn them for 6 days in an office environment and two on the left and one on the right have pulled through the leather and left a hole. The good news is that the hole does accommodate the boot lace and you can wear them as is. As a former 11B, I expect more out of a pair of boots. Very comfortable, but don't make them your only pair of boots. See all .
Daniel Ball
I sent this item to my daughter who is an inmate at Bedfordford Hills Womens prison @ 247 Harris Rd Bedford Hills N Y 10507. She loves it and most of the women @ the prison would buy one if they got the opportunity. They all love it See all .
This Polartec jacket is well-constructed and built to last. It may be a true "everything" jacket in times of dire straights. The zipper vents will help cool you if you don't want to take it all the way off. I don't see any negatives about this item. It's a good deal on a great item. See all .
This is a great watch. Looks good and it wears well. Its the only one I'll have. I'm thankful I could find them here at McGuire. See all .
ordered 2 and received them they are ames copies same quality however I did order with the rubber cover and I never received it or an email that it is backordered or anything. I'm not sure if this is a poor description as I've been alittle busy to contact the site back and see where my covers are as I did pay the extra for them, but since I saw this I'd like to put it at one star to see where it goes from here. Response: These items are 100% Genuine Issue Ames Tru Temper Shovels. We mistakenly did not send the covers out with the order and have done so at this time. Mcguire Army Navy Sales Team See all .
I actually first got a pair of these straight from the product designer and instantly loved 'em. Unfortunately, the frames don't stand up to a large dog chewing on them so I had to buy another pair. Good news: the lenses were only a little pocked from teeth marks, but I could still see through them clearly! LOL See all .
This Rucksack comes brand new, there is some minor assembly and strap tightening required, such as attachment of the two top shoulder harness adjustment straps to the frame. I found the instructions for connecting these straps to the top of the frame on YouTube. The value point on this product is excellent. The price I paid for this pack, in brand new condition, was less than what all the other online vendors I researched, charged for their excellent condition grade. This is exactly what I was looking for to be used for backpacking, canoe camping, a 72+ hour bug out bag & all around utilitarian rucksack. Once I got the pack set up and adjusted to my frame, I have been amazed at the comfortable fit and amount of space found in the two main compartments plus size of the two additional sustainment pouches. With free shipping, outstanding turn around time and receipt of this rucksack in the mail in 2 days from the initial shipping notification, I could not be more satisfied with this company, their customer service, and the outstanding value of this rucksack. Overall review I gladly & honestly rate this product and customer service as Outstanding, and I do not easily give that high a rating! Thank you McGuire Army Navy, I'll be ordering from you again. See all .
Oleg Chistov
This is a rare instance Arctic jackets. Now these do not. The upper part has the appearance of the N2B jacket. This jacket keeps the wind and rain, very warm and at the same time is easy enough. Has an optimal length. The hood fully covers the head. A huge plus that the edge of the hood with natural coyote fur, not white washcloth as contract N3B jackets. I think this jacket is better than N3B, Alpha Industries is the level of jackets the spiewak company. See all .
Steve garidel
Very good,especiallyfor the price.....a lil dusty but shipped down and god to go!......love mcguires.....seconed to none See all .
Wow! These boots are great. These were my first pair of actual military boots, and they're great quality. Very breathable and good for wearing in the summer. 10/10, would buy again. See all .
My husband is a Steadicam/Camera Operator in the Film & Television industry. Not only does it get hot on a set with the lights. It gets hot when he has to run around with a camera & sturdy vest on his body to operate the Steadicam. He can go through five regular t-shirts in a day. These will smell like - - well lets just not go there. And they will be soaked. Not nice around actresses..... So one of his assistants suggested these & bought him one. Now he loves them & I had to buy him more for the new show season. He uses one each day. No more five stinky, sweaty & soaked t-shirts. Just one regular t-shirt. These are super light. Some how he just doesn't sweat in them & he loves them. They are perfect for what he wants & needs. I will buy him more. At this time I only have five for him which are black. I want to get a few different colors for him. Worth every penny for this wife who has to do the laundry. See all .
Large is not the word that describes this RuskSack. I can actually put my large ALICE pack with frame inside this one and still have room to pack more stuff. once the straps were adjusted, this pack rested on my back so very comfortably. In fact so well that I put 50 pounds of food in this and could very easily carry the load and stand upright at attention and walk very easily. I am very impressed with this pack See all .
You can't beat Alpha Ind, Golden Mfg, USGI spec equipment. Bought this coat for the wife, she likes the fashion statement and it's warm & comfortable. Made in USA, offshore kit isn't even close ! See all .
I own an Alpha Industry CWU-45 in black leather size large. This review about by John Ownbey CWU-45/P in distress brown size large. This merchandise deserves a 5-star rating with hands down. The merchandise is made of soft goat skin, with very nice and snug waist band, and sleeve cuffs. Compared to the the cross-town rival Alpha Industries CWU-45 which is made off cowhide with loose waist band and sleeve cuffs. I am 5'11'' and 170 lbs with 31" waist. See all .
belt truly was adjustable down to even a child’s size but it would have been less bulky with a youth sized option See all .
Went on a limb and decided to purchase from mcguire because it was the lowest price overall. The item is indeed as described. Unfortunately there was a mixup with what I received but was immediately taken care of with quick responses via email. Shipping was quick (both times). No harm done. See all .
This kit has everything you need to upgrade your old PASGT or ACH/MICH. It comes with all the hardware you need, even the bolt to terminate the hole for the NVG mount. The only thing is if you are using it for a ACH/MICH helmet, the band to attach your helmet cover needs to be stitched together at the end because the ACH/MICH helmets to not have 6th hole in the back like the PASGT does. I had ordered the OEM OD chin strap as well not realizing this kit comes with a Skydex brand chin strap and hardware. The military OD chin strap does feel a little more comfortable but I decided to use the one in the kit because it was black. All in all I am very pleased with the product and the shipping was right on schedule. I sure am glad I spent the extra .00 to get the Skydex over the OEM pads because they sure do feel good on your noodle noggin. See all .
Charles Broyard
Well made N2B. No "loose" thread ends as far as I can see. Fits well also ! My original N2B hood zippers had to be replaced ( from "another contractor" had to be replaced after 40 years, telling me it was time for a replacement I really like the fact that it has real coyote for hood trim, at this price. Thank you, Mc Guire Army/Navy Surplus !!! See all .
Made of good materials and assembled well. Material could have been beefier like the old cotton canvas material used in the older model bags. The nylon manufacture does make it water proof. Something the cotton canvas bags lacked. Generally speaking, overall, it's a decent bag for packing cloths in for a road trip which was my main reason for the purchase. See all .
I use these goggles on a 2000 acre horse ranch when the wind picks up and the dust and hay start to fly. They are very comfortable to wear even in 90+ degree heat. They do not fog up even when I am working. See all .
They fit perfectly to the sizing guide on the page. Just push your palm as flat as you can and that's your size. Excellent gloves! They fit like a second skin and are just what I wanted. So nice I ordered a second set just to have them handy. Thanks for another great shopping experience McGuire! You're my go to place for gear. See all .
LEE Hadsock
shoes looked great. i had to order a size larger because they were out but made them work. See all .
Cody Amundson
These boots are awesome! Second pair I have ordered. They are comfortable, aggressive, and great looking boots! I will definitely be buying another pair when the time comes. Thanks McGuire, never been disappointed. Fast shipping. Descent pricing. Great company. Satisfied veteran! See all .
Bought these for my older brother to replace a set he was issued in the army back in the 70's. He reflects they fit perfect, are solidly built and keep his feet warm just like the original. he is extremely pleased with them. the fast shipping was a plus as it has gotten cold fast up here. See all .
Bought these for a mission in MN and have only worn to break them in. So far, appear to be well made, rugged, and well suited to the task. Per other comments, these boots do run large. Great service with McGuire. See all .
Wore these in desert conditions overseas. Kept the sand out of my eyes. Lenses change easily. Durable. Don't fog. The elastic strap is essential. However, the temples are useless. Have two pairs and am buying another. Work for skydiving too. See all .
Good , light and reliable Bought one 8yrs ago Still have it But can't find 10.5 size now See all .
I really love it's protective quality, firm grip for smart movement, the vibram sole: strong and grippy. This desert boots also serve civilian purpose as i have been wearing them with my straight jean trousers. So i hereby recommend them for any body loving smart, beautiful and protective above all, light weight boots. See all .
Great hat at a great price. Keeps the sun off my egg and looks good doing it. Found them for less, but made outside of this country. Worth paying the extra $ to get something or this quality that's made right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. See all .
Neal G.
Last year I purchased an Anorak in XL from this company. The fit was perfect. A little extra roomy to have multiple layers underneath. This year I purchased this particular Anorak in XL. Regretfully, I must say that I was disappointed. It was very constricting in the arms, chest, and shoulders, it barely touched below my waist, and I could not wear a few layers on underneath of it as stated in the description of the product. If an XXL was available, I would have done an exchange. But one bad experience will not deter from shopping here. See all .
Cody Maverick
Actually NOT genuine issue. I'm a retired Marine and have the actual articles. The embroidered EGA on the front is different - eagle's wings too thin, globe larger, the inside tag is wrong and actually has a spelling error. It should say, COVER, FIELD, MARPAT, WOODLAND. But this one says COVER, FIELD, WOODLAND, MARINE CORP. Really? Marine "CORP"? I didn't know that we were a corporation! The tag also doesn't indicate that it was made by SEKRI INDUSTRIES, INC. who is the authorized contractor for it. The tag is also incorrectly affixed to the side of the cover versus the inside top as it should be. The chin strap clasp is a cheap piece of leather versus the plastic clasp that comes on the real thing. Lastly, it's listed as being made in the USA. The genuine articles don't say this. I would guess that this is a Chinese made knock off. However, with that said, when I purchased this I had expected this to be a knock off and the quality is very good for the price and shouldn't dissuade anyone from this purchase, unless a genuine article is actually required. Excellent copy, but not genuine issue. See all .
Robert Powers
Just received this Anorak today, appears to be well made and the fabric should repel burrs and thorns well enough. i normally wear a 2xl but since they only had xl and it is an Anorak i was hoping it would have a loose fit. i wasnt disappointed, fit is loose enough to get a layer of fleece under it and still move freely. Shipping thru Mcguire was very fast,and service was excellent See all .
Andrew Taylor
Thank you so very much! The product is absolutely awesome... I have owned a Vietnam era casualty bag for over 20 years and it's enormous because it's constructed to carry within it a stretcher assembly. This compression sack works perfectly! I am overcome by the great quality,fit and finish of this device, especially since I much entertain an outdoor active lifestyle... grew up on a military base during conflict and was hard trained in survival skills... including desert and alpine placards to my resume. I very much appreciate the great quality product! Thank you once again! See all .
take some quality time breaking these in and you'll have the best boots you will ever own. these are standard issue in the IDF and are a hit with Israeli troops. i got mine to bring with me when i join the IDF next year. See all .
This is a great sleep system, I have purchased 6 total and everyone loves. We do a lot of hammock camping and these sleeping bags keep all of you warm which is a bonus when keeping the kids sleeping well and happy. I am sure I will be purchasing more of these. See all .
I had been looking everywhere for this mask at an affordable price. I found it here and and it fits my needs perfectly. The customer service was very helpful as well. See all .
Anthonyy C
I've been searching for a long/knee length pea coat for awhile and finally found it at McGuire Army Navy site. This is a genuine bridge coat (knee length pea coat) made for the U.S. Naval Academy. Heavy weight material and top quality. I can't wait to use it this fall/winter. See all .
William B. Couch
I ordered and rec'd my CWU-45p Navy Flight jacket in the mail today. Very quick to ship, great original jacket. No wants or worries. every thing they said it would be. Highly recommend, if you want the best and the real deal this is it. See all .
Real Deal. Actually, better than real deal, since it was new, and didnt have the funk from previous Soldiers in it. Was issued the same thing in the Army. Liked it so much I bought my own. It's heavy, compared to modern bags, but it does what it says and it won't fall apart, even under heavy use. Camping trip with friends over New Year's. 19degF out, and snow on the ground. Only guy in camp who didnt get cold at night. Also, only guy in camp who didnt have fancy electric blankets or whatever. Works better against bare skin. Crawl into it in skivvies only. Wear long johns or other layers to bed and you wont be nearly as warm. See all .
William Woody
I've been wearing Gargoyles sunglasses for almost two years and in Florida you need good sunglasses. I purchased two pairs of the Squall model recently and I love the fit and the light weight besides the fact that they are REAL safety glasses. They come with a zippered hard case too. Think"no brainer"...if you need good sunglasses get them at this great price. My daughter loves them too. See all .
I have long been a fan of Altama boots. These are hard-wearing, long-lasting, remarkably comfortable footwear. And made in the US! The mil-spec jungles are my go to summer footwear for working outside. Break-in time is minimal, and I can actually get them in a size that properly fits my foot, unlike most manufacturers. See all .
James Stone
Excellent boot! The aggressive tread provides superb traction. The wide sole provides a very stable boot. Have only spent one total day in the boots so far, but they were comfortable out of the box and performed well even without break-in. See all .
Thomas Knotts
It is easy for a company to get a good review when everything about the transaction goes well. But McGuire's customer service shown brightly when something didn't go quite right. My order was for a thermal top and upon receipt, I realized that I had received a thermal bottom instead. A quick call to customer service, and they quickly made everything right, in a friendly and efficient manner!! See all .
I didn't get this Vietnam Veteran- Trucker Cap because I wasn't in the Vietnam and maybee I wasn't born in that time.Maybee it is forbidden to buy one and I can understand that. I will say Thank you for all the Service and I will never forget it. McGuire Army and Navy- the best Online shop ever!!! I have another question? Please so kined and erase all the Review's I write under my correct name-like Bulut Meryem and Guenduez or Bulut Guendeuz. My correct psoidoname is ''STEVE''--Thank You!!! See all .
I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these boots were from day one. After wearing them one day I purchased 2 more pair. I really do love these boots. They seem to wear pretty well I have not had any thing fail on them yet. See all .
I have 10 acres in Montana on which I like to camp. Needless to say, there aren't facilities and I don't want to pollute the pristine area by using the outdoors as a restroom. I purchased the Clean Waste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet SystemCleanwaste GO anywhere Complete Toilet System and love it. It includes the sturdy three-footed toilet, privacy shelter, handy backpack, and waste kits. The Poo Powder contained in each kit absorbs all liquid waste and biosolids, turning them into a gel. Adding extra Poo Powder with each elimination can get up to 4 additional uses for each Waste Kit (depending on the size of your deposits)--reducing cost. The waste kits include a heavy-duty inner bag and outer bag--the latter of which seals "zip lock" style. Everything can be packed out and disposed of in the regular camping garbage. The shelter is well-made and super easy to set up and take down. The best of all worlds is that it has good ventilation and, near its top, can accommodate the hose from a tree-suspended Sun Shower! You just take out the toilet and now you have a private shower, too! There really isn't anything comparable in the retail market. See all .
Bought these boots to wear when I'm on duty at the fire station. They are holding up great. Only problems I have had is I did not like the insoles that came with the boots. Also I have noticed that when I polish with kiwi boot polish the next day the polish flakes off. But I am happy I bought them See all .
Mary Bowling
I bought 50 wag bags from mac Guires and they were delivered within several days . These are the same ones they want about each for in retail stores. It a was a great bargain and we do a lot of camping and rafting-that's why I needed 50. See all .
My first pair came from the military. Best well fitted goggle I have owned. At 6'7 250 lbs it fit perfectly on my big head. After a few years the foam started to wear out and dust was getting in. I ordered a few other pairs and they where junk. Then found some new revisions on here See all .
L. Jones
I needed two new Dixie Covers for our children who are in the US Naval Sea Cadet program. They were preparing for an annual inspection. They arrived quickly and looked AMAZING! Both boys received kudos for how white their covers were! Will definitely be ordering more as new inspections come up. See all .
Now this is a real sleeping bag...not one of those fancy but do nothing bags...This Military bags delivers and I am glad I purchased it future camping trips etc...Also can be used in an emergency as well during a big storm or if you are camping in extreme cold conditions...Excellent product especially for the price... See all .
I was very surprised when I got the Molle 2 sleep system carrier, it looked brand new, not a mark on it even though it was marked used. A great bag made of high quality material. McGuire also did a great job in the shipping, I got it only a week after I ordered it. A great job for international shipping, I will be ordering again from them when I need some more camping equipment. See all .
I bought qty 62 of this product in DEC 2014. I now need qty 50 of same, Kindly indicate Fob prices to Nairobi. See all .
Used these boots for hunting in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. I usually get cold feet, but with these boots I was able to sit for 5 hours or more without my feet getting cold. Constructed very well. Very durable. See all .
Jeffrey Stahoviak
I purchased these gloves as an alternative to Nomex flight gloves to wear in situations where FR is required, yet I am not doing anything that requires heavy leather work gloves. I liked them immediately, as well as the sage green ones I bought at the same time. They are a much better value than the flight gloves that cost roughly the same amount . If they had armored knuckles, they would be perfect for me. See all .
I had one of my buddies, who is an Army veteran, take a look at this website to verify if the products were military grade and he said it's as legit as it gets. Plus, he couldn't believe how reasonably priced everything was! See all .
It's a solid quality product that offers maximum mobility, while giving good ankle support. It is highly durable and will last a good couple years of heavy duty use. See all .
Wilbur Mesing
I recently purchased several Hot Weather GI Baseball Caps, OD Green - US Military Genuine Issue from www.mcguirearmynavy.com. The caps are excellent and as described. the cost is very reasonable. McGuire Army Navy is reliable and dependable! See all .
This review is more for mcguires than than the sleep system. I served in the Army so I already knew the system was a great piece of gear. What I didn't know is how exceptional the customer service would be. I ordered this system for my wife and I for our stay in the hospital for our daughters open heart surgery. They went above and beyond to make sure I got my package in time even checking the tracking along the way and calling me to let me know it would arrive on time and even taking a moment to address my daughter and checking her health. I have never gotten this type of service from any company in my life and from my entire family we want to say thank you for your service. See all .
Allen Gann
The tunic is very good, reminds me of the one I wore in the 1960's. McGuire quickly replaced the tunic when I returned it for a larger size. I would suggest ordering one size larger than your chest size in a sport coat. See all .
Perfect fit for my medium 7 1/8 noggin. Wear it both indoors, outdoors, even in bed, stays on no problem. Color is actually black black, product image is off. Enough material to wear it all the way down covering ears, or cuff up one inch for that dock worker look. Very soft fleece material. See all .
Just received my jacket today and it is Not Authentic. It does not have Military Tags or a cinch cord at the waist as my other jackets. Does have a elastic nonadjustable waist band stitched into the jacket. Not even a military bag. Too tight for carrying a sidearm. Now trying to return for a refund.
We apologize for the mix-up. The item has been taken down, and the return process started. - YY See all .
James Snyder
I was very glad when I receive this coat that it was just like the one I had in the seventies period only difference being this was Urban Camouflage compared to the OD Green I had in the seventies. I highly recommend this jacket it is one of the warmest jackets I have ever owned period I normally wear an extra large but in this jacket they are on the large side and they are meant to be that way so that you can layer underneath so if you wear an extra large I would order in a large and you will still have plenty of room See all .
Justin Wells
This product shipped fast and arrived in good condition. My only complaint is that the coyote tan boot has desert tan soles. I wouldn't have bought them if I knew they were two different colors. See all .
As a jacket collector i’ve Been wanting an official ecwcs military jacket for several years. The price point is what has kept me away. Luckily these guys had 25% off during the time of purchase. I was extremely disappointed upon receiving the jacket. Several factors played a role. The jacket came inn rolled up into a ball, as if someone had no care in the world the amount of money any customer paid for it, no official product tags were attached to the jacket. It almost looked as if it was a return mess, shipped over to a paying customer. Don’t be fooled with its Goretex (type) of material with Gore-Tex official material which is always embroidered on the jacket. The forearm had extra baggy sleeves for some odd reason. The Velcro on the wrist was poorly attached to an extremely expensive jacket. It took me 15mins to make a decision to return a jacket that I’ve been wanting for three years! I own 20 jackets & know quality when I see it on a jacket. See all .
I already own 3 of these due to them being decommissioned to me. The items pictured are the actual canisters used by the US and others to store 50 CAL ammunitions. 50 cal ammo cannisters are water and air tight, even if they are deformed: aka buldging. Highly suggested for storing flammable objects, but not large ammounts live rounds in a home environment. Also a great case to build a ermgency pack out of in case you get stuck in your car, office, camping, or at home. See all .
Took six weeks to get this item. I ordered it as part of my Halloween costume. Ordered it three week before Halloween and received it three weeks after Halloween. [We apologize for whatever delay there was. This was ordered when we posted 'no shipping until October 26, and the tracking indicates that it was delivered on October 29. Please email us if this is not correct, as we would like to fix whatever went wrong - YY] See all .
Jacqueline Dirsa
I have searched everywhere for "real sailor hats" and could not find them in stores. I used to buy them for my children when we had our Trimaran built by my husband. I wanted them for my grandchildren who go boating . i am looking forward to get these hats to give them for Christmas. I will be visiting this site again, I am sure. See all .
Just got it today. Paid 5 dollars for a 3 day shipping but I got a 1 day shipping service instead. May have to do with me being in New jersey though. The pack is new and in original package. So unlike other surplus stores in Jersey, these aren't used. The water I poured into it didn't have any bad taste and it's easy to drink out of. Build quality is perfect and of course nothing has frayed or ripped yet. My only grip is that their no bite valve closes itself from the suction when you're drinking. I may go out to replace it with one of their Helix valves. Sternum strap does its job to hold the shoulder straps in place and I can't wait to go out on a run with this thing. Removing the bladder from the pack is simple but I'm not sure if the bladder is supposed to be flat when reinserted or kinda squished into it. Either way, it serves its purpose. The straps can be folded into the back of the pack into a small compartment. Then it has buckles on the top and bottom for securing it onto your vest or plate carrier. Unfortunately I can't test the rigidness of the pack on a vest since I don't have one but I'm sure its fine. As far as I know, this pack was discontinued either in 2014 or 2015 and it went onto Source's outlet/clearance section for awhile before actually being sold out. Hence the discounted price on Mcguire. That about sums up my review. Going to shop at MCGAN again some time soon so long as they keep their quality products like this! See all .
Lawrence Toomajan
I like this store for certain. But, when I went back to buy 10 more pairs of size 11.5 they were still sold out so I had to get a size that was one half size smaller instead. It takes them a while to replenish their stock. See all .
Joshua Cox
Had a very good experience. Jacket was correct size and in great condition. I had one just like it in the U.S. Army in 2004 and 2005. It really took me back to my time as a dog face grunt. Shipping was timely and convenient. See all .
These are made just like the military fleeces. It covers my ears and is not too bulky. My Patrol Cap size is 7 1/4, just to give you an idea how the fleece fits. It can be broken in and stretched if worn over night for a couple of days. This fleece is two layers verses the Army issued one is only one layer. It seems to be warmer than the Military issued one. Great fleece for the price. See all .
I bought these Mickey Mouse Boots because sometimes I have to stand outside in extreme cold weather. My friends told me about these as the secret to keeping your feet warm. They were definately right about keeping your feet warm in cold weather. Just be warned that these things weigh a lot and are very clunky to walk around in. These boots are the actual "Bata" military contractor models and not imitations. If you need to keep your feet warm and not move around a lot, I would reccomend these See all .
ed sanders
Quality is excellent, fit is good, but mine leaves a goofy looking peak on top - not like the pictures in your add, which are flat on top. I'll order another one soon, as the price is right and maybe it'll look better. See all .
John Keegan
I just my S & W Shooting Jacket from Amazon.. Receipt says it came from McGuire Army Navy.. My price from Amazon + tax... Your website price + tax... You don't honor your own website price? I'll never purchace anything from you again...It's a shame...I like your products... Poor business practice on your part...I'm a little disgusted. [Given the costs and fees we have associated with selling on Amazon as opposed to on our own site, virtually EVERY item is cheaper on our website than on Amazon. Anyone is welcome to shop here instead of on Amazon. -YY] See all .
Daniel Novak
Mom was super happy to find another gi women's leather handbag her previous one she had for over 15 years has been on its last leg and needed a replacement. See all .
This is a great company! I accidentally chose the wrong size and had to call them up to correct. No problem whatsoever. The boots got here fast and, as anyone who has worn the "Mickey" boots before, they are AWESOME and completely worth the price. See all .
PERFECT! Just like having again what I had in the military. If you have an AR and want the perfect glove for your evolutions, THIS IS IT! Customer Service is Tremendous. Don't waste your time or money on anyone else. See all .
Paula Pittington
I love these boots! I had a pair for 10 years before I got pregnant and my foot size changed :( hence purchasing these boots. I purchased them used and was pleasantly surprised by the like new condition. Also they arrived days before I was expecting them. Win win! I have never owned a better boot. My feet stay warm and dry and they are very durable. I may never have to buy another boot again! See all .
Darby D James
The vest is just the cover. Doesn't include the soft inserts . Cover was like new and great quality. Just expected the liner to be included. See all .
I've used 3M EAR Classics for 5.5 years with great results. I used to use Flents, but one time I got a defective couple of boxes (200 pair/box as I recall). The plugs would spring back instantly, instead of gradually, making it very difficult to insert. So I switched to EAR Classics and never had a problem since. See all .
I like this case. It holds all my boredom alleviation tools (computer, magazines) for plane flights and other trips. Things I like: - Holds laptop (in my case, a samsung chromebook) perfectly. Padding on all sides including the bottom. - Front pocket can hold power cables and a few other things. Has an organizer panel with slots for pens and the like, and a mesh zippered pocket inside. - Has an external pocket at the back (you can't see it in any of the photos) which I store magazines and other papers in. This pocket is merely a pocket, it has no cover or flap or anything, but it's extremely useful. - Can be fit into a backpack and have the laptop be accessible. This was my original criterion for buying it; almost no other laptop bags open at the top. - PALS webbing on front pocket allows me to attach other small things. I have a number of small MOLLE pouches which work well to hold additional accessories. See all .
I LIVE IN THE CENTER OF THE USA at 9000 feet. It can get to -20 to -40 here. I live in a cabin on top of a mountain. That being said...I turn of the heater, turn off the furnace and zip up 1 or 2 of the zippers and I am quite warm for the night. I save money on fire-wood, propane and electricity not needing to heat my cabin when I am in this bag. This is my second one. I bought this one as a spare. This deal is the best one out there. See all .
Ryan P
Part of my Army RFI for Afghanistan. Very comfortable boot right out of the box. A little short (they're 6") but they wear well (although I'm only in an office environment) and show little sign of wear after over 2 months in country. The laces are a bit thicker than I'm used to, which makes tucking them into the boot a little uncomfortable; this is also why they don't work so great as speed laces (top 4 eyelets aren't speed by design). I would definitely buy another pair with my own money. See all .
Anthony Manzi
Overall the boots are well made and fairly accurate (its basically a copy of the type 2 service boot) ,and and come in a size that actually fits me (i'm a 11.5 4E, and the 12.5 3E fits me fine). I was skeptical that since these boots were a size bigger and width smaller than I usually buy, they would not fit me, but I was wrong (which is good). The actual quality of the boots are fair if not overall pretty good and I just dubbed them for a WWII reenactment in a few weeks. I was really surprised about the price and overall quality of the boots since they were about 30 dollars overall (boots 25 and 5 dollars shipping) and came in 3 days. For 30 dollars they are a steal and am thinking about picking up another pair down the line. When looking for a good pair of WWII boots for reenacting or everyday use at literally 5 times less than other sites that sell the same boot (like At The Front,WWII Impressions, etc) look no further and buy them here. Again while they need to be broken in and dubbed, they were a steal and am looking forward to using them for reenactments and everyday use. See all .
These boots seem to be holding up well. I bought them for warm weather hiking and wading through creeks and marshes for deer hunting. They seem to be the right tool for the job. I have dunked them in the water a few times and the water drains out pretty well. Your feet do stay wet for a while after that, no miracles are performed, however there is less sloshing and squishing around than there is with a normal boot. See all .
I like the m-65 Olive drab Field Jacket because it's design is versatile & Dynamic and like blue jeans, the jackets colour stands out. The design concept is original & unique. Most commonly imitate by other foreign military jackets, not to mention jackets of the same design & Various selection of colours. What make this version outstanding & Special, is that it is made by Winfield mfg. made in U.S.A. An American original. What more could you ask for. See all .
I have had my 1 st pair for several months now and I can truly say they have been fog free both indoors and outdoors as well as mark resistant even fron direct Airsoft hits. So good I bought another pair for my outdoor bag. I've tried ess and was not only was disappointed with the product but also with the factory svc. See all .
Comfortable and nice pack to wear. I use it for mountain bike riding and can tighten in with the buckle so it dose not slide back and forth and move when you hit jumps. See all .
Greg Schluter
This is not what I was expecting. I was expecting something of similar quality to thermarest, which used to supply this item to the military. The problem with this one is the air valve is not a screw down type like thermarest and other high quality suppliers. This mat has the old fashioned valve that is very rough to the mouth. It is alos makes adjustments to the level of inflation next to impossible to do in the field. See all .
Awesome gloves. I used them for the NATO summit in Chicago. The fit was perfect I was able to grab use my tools and use them Without fumbling around. No I'm not a one of the loser protesters either. I recommend them to anyone needs a good pair of work gloves See all .
Tim D
I love the boots. I have been wearing Altama military boots for over 8 years for work. I work in a boiler plant so the hot weather boot is great. McGuire handled my order very fast and shipped them to me faster. I liked the boot so much that I ordered another pair the day after I received the first pair. They last me almost 2 years so these two pairs should take me to retirement.(YEA!!!) If I need another pair I will definitely be back to McGuire. Topnotch company with great customer service. A+++++ See all .
Bought these for my son. The boots arrived quickly and fit exactly as expected. The toe on one boot was crushed in. I was able to press it back out but it left a crease which was disappointing. Other than that these are excellent boots. See all .
I work in news. Here in Arizona I get stuck on the front line of major dust storms alot. I must say these are great! No leakage from dust or water. No fogging and very durable. A must buy for hardcore protection in any work with the elements or saftey. See all .
Jeffrey Stahoviak
My iPhone won’t let me see how many “Stars” I gave this item. I would give it a “5”. Although it arrived with a small tear, McGuire Army Navy customer service was excellent, and I am a very satisfied customer! After a near-death experience after bivouacking in wet, freezing conditions at high altitude, I have wanted a Gore-Tex bivy cover for a very long time. Although I have not tried it out, I am sure it will be useful, and it could be essential survival gear in some circumstances. See all .
These are my third pair since 1978 so they wear well and since using them, I have never suffered from cold feet. I ice fish and often work outdoors in Michigan so I see all extremes of weather. These are military grade boots, the same kind my brother wore (and loved) when he was stationed in Alaska while serving in the military. I like the way they hug my ankles when inflated slightly. They offer good traction, fit very comfortably and are not so big that they feel clumsy when walking. See all .
Aaron Frankel
Bad service wrong sizing Horrible return policy. Will never order again and also make sure no one else does. Mcguire Army Navy response: We take our service seriously and we have no communication stating that you were unhappy with your purchase. For any problems or questions, please contact us at See all .
The pants are slightly too long given what I ordered and they ride up very far on my hips above my belly button. I prefer my ABU's from the Air Force, though they are more expensive. The pockets are very hard and loud to open due to the velco they use. Nt great for being stealthy. I thought I would like velcro more, but it seems that Air Force ABUs actually have the buttons ergonomic enough that they still seem easier to unbutton quickly than these multicam pants are to unvelcro. Pants seem tough, they were good for the price. See all .
matt smith
I was very disappointed. I though I had ordered a large and got a medium. It did not fit and I ended up giving the shirt away to our Church collection. I went back to the site to order either a large or extra large and neither of those sizes are in stock. See all .
The quality is fantastic! The feel of the gloves is very tight fitted, and has very strong grip. They are warm, and comfortable! Probably the last pair of gloves I'll ever buy. Thank you for these Gloves :) See all .
Ed Bushey
Shoes are very good deal for the price . the quality of the leather is surprisingly good. I m not sure these shoes are accurate reproductions of a wwii service boot but they are reaaly comfortable i ve been wearing my pair all the time. See all .
I ordered this item to add to my 1969 Swiss Army Pack and it worked perfectly. The were quality pouches and I will order again. JW See all .
Eugenio Carmine Marino
Il berretto acquistato è molto bello e di ottima fattura. mi calza bene e ha un bell'aspetto. sono contento del mio acquisto. ho già acquistato diversi articoli e sono contento di questa azienda. See all .
Put these in my restored RV "glam camper" for overflow guests or interns on the farm. They take 2 or 3 pig pees, or 2 pees and one poop. I have found that you can save a lot of money on this kit by purchasing additional "poo powder", and adding a scoop to each bag. There is plenty of room for double my aforementioned waste input, and the main bag will still fold and fit in the supplied ziplclose bag most of the time. No smell, no splashback, I am keeping a spare in the car for when the grandkids visit anfd there is the inevitable "I have to pee now!" when stuck in traffic. I LOVE these things. See all .
Theese Boxer Briefs are better than all I wear since a long time . See all .
First of all, the sizes are not off as many reviewers have pointed out. Under Armor has 5 different types of fit for their clothes. Athletic, compression, fitted, semi-fitted and loose. This T-shirt is the loose fit. Unfortunately Amazon.com seems to have included photos of UA compression fit t-shirts among the genuine photos of the product. Out of all tops I ever bought that claimed the breathable, quick drying and moisture wicking, this Under Armor T-shirt is by far the best. It looks like cotton, it's soft like cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle, shrink and most importantly, retain moisture. It's perfect and also reasonably priced. See all .
I received the boots faster than expected. I am extremely happy with your service and the quality of product I purchased. I am referring other friends to you store. Good luck in your business. See all .
Bret W Spangler
This is the cover I was issued in 1990, before it was actually official, it has help up well all these years, I still wear it gardening, this is the correct dessert camo for the period See all .
I have used this product for 10 years in the Marine Corps. It is a quality product that may be just a bit heavy for the all day hiker. If weight is not a issue, it would be foolish to go with another product. As far as the team of McGuire, they are top notch. First I sent a message; it was answered in 15 minutes, then I ordered this system and it was delivered the next day. I will use them again. See all .
These socks are just what I needed to keep my feet warm in the cold months. Just the right thickness to still wear with my regular shoes and with the right combination of wool and cotton to keep them warm but dry. See all .
These are the real deal! Probably the most versatile piece of gear I was ever issued over a 20+ career. Maintains warmth, sheds water, drys super fast, rolls up compact, lightweight, and two color patters in one. I use them for hunting, watching ball games, picnics, family napping on long car rides, laying on and tied up for shade at the beach (sand shakes right off!). Buy an original, not one of the cheap knock-offs; you'll be rewarded with YEARS of use. See all .
Great Jacket. Very heavy outer nylon, and heavy duty zipper. Fits great. I thought a large may be too big, but it fits well. The only minor detail that I wish it had is an interior pocket. Although the front pockets are large. Being waterproof the Jacket is great in the rain See all .
Very nice looking shoes. My boyfriends loves them and said they feel like they're good quality, but they sent the wrong size. I ordered a 9.5 r and they send a 10 r but it wasnt a problem because they still fit. I think Im going to order a size 4 for myself (: See all .
Ordered Khaki Mil-Spec Boonie hat. Arrived early, well made. States on label to order larger size which I did although did not know it was recommended. After seeing how well it fit and served its purpose I ordered a second in black, same size. It was a little smaller in fit but I stretched it out. Believe slight variation in size is simply part of manufacturing tolerances, no two "things" are exactly alike. Very pleased with both hats. Waiting for McGuire to get Tiger Stripe M/S boonies in stock in my size. It is best to order one size larger, it's supposed to fit loose and comfortable, besides it has a strap to hold it on. Highly recommended! See all .
I bought an ACU M65 and decided to get the liner at the same time. It buttoned right in, perfect fit. McGuire is a seller I'll return to. Great products See all .
I've owned this sleeping bag since 2008. The sleeping bag still looks and works great, even after a tour in Afghanistan where temps dropped to around 30 degrees. Granted, I did throw on some extra layers because the bag only supports around 41 degrees comfortably. I've used the bag on several field training ops and used the bag for personal camping trips and no complaints. In short, I’ve used this bag a lot and no issues. It's the best sleeping bag I've owned and I’ve used a lot of sleeping bags over many years. I'm not sure what bells and whistles and colors a person needs for a sleeping bag but this one works better than the rest. See all .
Great Jacket! Very comfortable and well made. The sleeves taper towards the wrist to keep from getting in the way while operating controls. I wear a MR blouse and purchased the LR jacket. It fits perfectly. Be advised this is NOT the Cold Weather version that has a fleece liner. This is the softshell only. Great working with McGuireArmyNavy! See all .
This was exactly what I needed to wear over my service dress uniform in winter. Not only is it wind and waterproof, but I was surprised how warm that liner is! Delivery was fine. See all .
You cannot go wrong with the quality and durability of military clothing. This anorek is lightweight with just enough weight to keep you warm and dry. A great outer layer for work or hiking. See all .
Hello My friend . How are you. I'm Steven from CHINA With Reference to the product offering on your Site,May I know If you need hunting Clothing&Military Uniform,Supplies from CHINA. We are a Chinese Manufacturer ,Mainly products hunting wear, ( jackets, coats, pants etc.) & Military Uniform, ACU.BDU UNIFORM,ECWCS Mil-Spec Parka If you have interest ,please contact us with no hesitate. We are sure any of your Inquiry will get our prompt reply. Best Regards Steven Pan LANXI SHELOVE ACCESSORIES FACTORY Email: Skype:stevenpan258 WhatsAPP:0086 ICQ:673211050 GG:56812106 Address: Room 201,No. 61 building YI DONG Road YIWU City Zhejiang Province CHINA Tel:0086-0579-88218030 Cell:0086-13858993816 Zip code:322000 www.clothingoem.com See all .
Jennifer L Adams
I'm not happy with customer service at all. I tried to contact McGuire four times, by phone and email. This was something like 2 weeks ago. No one has answered me. The jacket did not fit me. I sent it back to get an exchange and no one contacted me back for any of my issues. See all .
Very nice jacket. Just like the one I got from my uncle (Sam). Fits fine and is a quality product and best of all - IT WAS MADE IN AMERICA! The only problem is that the water retardant that was added by the manufacturer seems to make any iron on military patches a non-stick experience. I resolved it with some "Locktite" Blue Gel. That aside, it's a great coat, glad I bought it and have already recommended it several time. See all .
I have a small face, am a 5'9 155lb male. These fit perfectly and do not make me feel foolish behind oversized eyewear. They provide excellent all round protection. The tinted and clear lenses are all you should need indoors and out. The headstrap is a nice touch, especially when moving and shooting or moving to prone and seated positions aggressively; the eyewear stays in place. My friend who is a 4'10 100lb female also has this exact pair and they fit her very well too. The case absorbs shock well, and protects the eyewear in my range bag. Highly recommended, and exceptional quality. See all .
My first pair of Altama boots were the tan version of the 4168s. I bought them at an Army Surplus store, HEAVILY used. In spite of that, they were the most comfortable and durable daily-wear for years, and I put them through a LOT - various chemicals, 4 miles of walking a day, etc. - before the sole finally cracked. Just now invested in a brand new pair of these Black-4168s and they seem to be no exception - insanely comfortable (I prefer mine with the insole removed), durable, and practical. For the price of this boot, the quality is phenomenal. See all .
Thank you so much for the Navy Sailor cap. I lost mine years ago and now I have a new one for my office. It is the official cap. I was a first class petty officer in the Navy and now I own first class plumbing. Your hat is hanging on my wall! See all .
John Morris
these boxers are very soft and comfortable. I had to order on line as I cannot find them in any of our local stores. I prefer the camo color as it is not as repugnant as the other types of boxers which look like the pants colors the golfers used 30 years ago. Keep making those camos. See all .
have used these in the military and now police force with no difficulty, very durable, great feel, great trigger finger, dexterity is good. I do think people don't understand gloves though, these are great tactical gloves but any professional knows that you need to break a gloves in and make subtle changes to operation between a handgun and a rifle, not saying these gloves are a problem, to me they work great. Camelback notoriously run small, use the sizing chart, print it off and size your hand. I can take these gloves from the package and go right into operation, they fit that well. See all .
I bought this pair to wear while I plein air painted in Anchorage Alaska. It was December 10-19. The temperature while the sun was out was a steady 20 degrees F. I was standing on snow for about 4 hours and in a forest on a mountain everyday. The boots kept my toes warm for three hours. After that I had to stop painting and kick my feet around and walk a bit to warm them up for the last hour. These are the best boots I've owned for being relatively motionless outdoors. I do not recommend them for hiking. They're too heavy for that. See all .
Excellent product! I'm so glad that McGuire's carries the larger sizes! I regretted growing out of my earlier pairs of these, and finally, now, I have been able to replace them. They are great quality, comfortable and strong! See all .
Manuel Lopez
Excellent quality, I always bring my boonie hat to any sunny place, the materials are perfect. The boonie is design to keep you head always dry by the internal materials they used. It is just an excellent product. See all .
Comfy, light and packable. Extremely durable, great sleeping pad. See all .
This is one of the warmest fleece caps I have ever worn. It is the exact same color as the Army PT Cap but twice as warm. I wear mine every morning to PT and have not been questioned once about it. It also is big enough to cover my whole ears (I wear a 7 3/8 hat size) which is very nice. Quality made and warm. Hard to beat this cap for the money!! See all .
Spencer Rawlins
I was searching online to replace my Navy issue CWU-45/P cold weather Nomex flight jacket. While most found were USAF style with extra velcro patches, I wanted USN version which has only the name tag Velcro. Seeing picture of one on McGuire Ebay site, I inquired if they had a USN version is size large. I received confirmation in a day, ordered it and received it a few days later all to my satisfaction. Bottom line is McGuire had what I wanted at a very good price and proved customer friendly. See all .
I kept stealing my husbands, so he found me these. I bought a few, because at this price, how can I pass them up? These feel wonderful, and are warm. Love that I can wear them underneith my work shirts, as an extra layer. It was perfect during this Polar Vortex winter. See all .
Brandon Tran
Note this does not come with the soft kevlar inserts or SAPI plates. You’re going buy them and insert it yourself. That aside the vest is comfortable and has two length adjustable straps on both sides in case it doesn’t fit you properly and because it utilizes the MOLLE webbing system it’s very modular. The base vest only has inserts for the front and back panels. Other attachments such as groin, deltoid protectors, side panels, neck protectors and many other attachments can be mounted to it for maximum protection from ballistic threats but is not designed to protect from stabbing and cutting. My only complaint is the funky smell but that’ll disappear after a while. Well worth the asking price. See all .
I like this somewhat modernized version of my old patrol cap very much. The ear flap lining used to be a thin layer of wool, but this new one has a thin fleece liner. The old one wore well for years, but time for an upgrade. Perfect winter hat. See all .
Ruben Ferrer
2nd pair in twenty years. I use them for road details, standing 8 hrs+ and my feet are warm. Never have to worry about my feet getting cold. Plus the rubber makes them waterproof. "You won't be disappointed" See all .
I love this sleep system! Yes, if you pack the whole thing it's heavy for backpacking, but you can just pack the parts you need for a given trip. I mostly do warm weather backpacking, but with this I'm ready to head to higher elevations where the zombies can't go. The gore-tex shell kicks butt, the bags are the best qauality out there. This is the newest version, and it's what the military is currently purchasing FOR A REASON. Excellent stuff! 2 different size compression stuff sacks, so you can use the smaller one if you only want to take the bivy and patrol bags. Yes, you can buy ultra-lightweight bags, but judging by the ones I've tried, you might just as well take a bedsheet instead and save a wad of cash. This thing is warm, comfortable, and waterproof See all .
I haven't had a chance to wear the anorak yet as it is still hot here in the south. I tried it on and checked it out when it arrived and I was very pleased. I plan to wear it over a down jacket to protect the jacket, so I was concerned about the sizing. I ordered an XL. The tag says it is XL / Regular so it is sized for up to a 47" chest and 71" height. I'm 73" x 200 lbs but it fits well with the sleeves being just right and plenty of room to layer. If it doesn't shrink in the wash it will be great. It seems well made and I think it is a good value for the money. I'll wear it this winter and know for sure. See all .
Received 2 pairs of these, knew they were made offshore, but bought due to positive reviews. Save your money, buy American made, these were made in Cambodia and didn't fit, leather was cheap. Returned (cost me money on this deal) and ordered Altama combat boot. Don't waste your time elsewhere, pay a bit more and get something made in USA. `Nuff said. See all .
Charles Lovelace
This coat is exactly as described. Buying surplus is much more affordable than buying from the Navy. The coat was new, and exceptionally warm. I used this coat during the extreme cold front that came through the Eastern seaboard at the beginning of 2018. This coat was perfect for that, and it can be worn with uniforms, or with civilian clothes and it looks equally good. My only complaint is that it arrived in a very wrinkled condition, so I had to go get it pressed professionally. Even with this additional cost, it was still nearly half the price of buying the coat elsewhere. Well worth the buy. See all .
Item is just as advertised as far as construction and dimensions; actually, slightly larger than advertised (82.5�x 63�). Both sides are rip-stop nylon, making it �slippery�; a good thing if you don�t want it binding to other fabrics or materials (e.g. you can comfortably move around under it). It has a single layer of polyester batting (not padding, which is what most people think of when the term �quilt� is used). Well suited for backpacking purposes. Stuffs nicely into a 6L stuff sack (about 5� x 14�). Intend to use as both a ground blanket and as a hammock under-quilt See all .
This vest turned out to be so cute & flattering, I can't stop wearing it :) Wish there were more colors to choose from since this makes it a lot easier for me to carry (I am tall & thin which means it's usually very difficult to conceal unless i wear baggy clothes). Got this in XS and it fit me perfectly. Shipping was fast too! Will definitely order from here again, looking forward to seeing more women's products on the site. See all .
These boots are perfect for basically anything!! I'm glad that I read the previous reviews and got a size smaller. These boots are very warm and my feet never get cold in them. I hunt during all seasons and they are they ideal boot for that purpose! They are also great for construction and I often use them for plowing! As long as I have these, I will never buy a different boot brand again! See all .
Neal Gulotti
Last year I purchased an anorak from this company. I absolutely love it. It is an XL with much extra room to layer. This year I wanted a backup, so I purchased this anorak. Regretfully I have to say that I was highly disappointed. It was really constricting in the shoulders and chest, it barely went below my waist, it was not as heavy as the previous anorak that I have. Also, I could not wear a couple of layers on underneath as described in the picture. But, this will not deter from shopping here. This was only one bad experience I had with this company. If a XXL was available, I would have done an exchange. See all .
Linda Warden-Burglund
I was looking for a genuine "Cob" Sailor Hat to put in a shadow box, along with my dad's blue shirt and a picture of him wearing his uniform. My father was a WWII Navy veteran on a battleship in the Pacific theater, from 1942-45. I will be giving it to my grandson for his birthday. Much of my dad's memorabilia was lost in a fire, so I was thrilled to learn of your website. I found exactly what I was looking for, the price was right, and it was delivered in a very timely manner. I know my grandson will treasure this memory of his great-grandfather and his service to our country. Thank you! See all .
Manuel Lopez
Excellent Pants, I wear them at 5650 meters over the sea level with a big storm, all my body was cover by ice. Always I was warm and dry. I already order an extra pair. Excellent quality, and Gore-Tex material is perfect. I put 6 starts. I have some commercial pants more expensive and less quality. I recommend them with my close eyes. See all .
Rick Hesslein / Raisin'Heel! BC & Tele. Equip.
These come in different cable sizes, but perhaps could be modified with a cable swage and tool? Yellow cable heel cover Lg?, Green Med.?, Red Sm.? I have a pair and they do seem to work with proper welted boots (soles), and I use my tele ski boots w/ duckbill OK.....Not sure I really trust the cable hold on boot cable groove in downhill mode w/ cable routed through side sleeves mounted to ski side edge under ankle. (perhaps I should have mounted the side cable holders a little further forward for less extreme angle to boot heel?). Otherwise I have skied them cautiously at the "resort" and they have worked. They even have a release function that MAY have some effect if adjusted properly? The freeheel / "telemark" mode is unsuitable for telemark due to too little spring / heel hold down effect, but seem fine for touring and climbing modes....... See all .
Richard Cady
I purchased three pairs of these boots for military memorial displays. They are excellently made and at a price that cannot be beaten. I like them very much and if I have need of more, I know right where to go for them. See all .
These boots are very beautiful That's for sure as well as being comfortable as much as both the users and would be users anticipate them to be. Well, i am a size 14 but it's not available. How could i get my size please? See all .
Mark Tuffy
Ordered size 7.25, received size 7.5 The hats are useless to me Perils of the internet Mcguire Army Navy: I am sorry for the mistake in your order and we will be shipping out the correct items. We value your business and would like to make it right. See all .
My search for eye protection ended right here with the Crossbows, and particularly with this item from this seller. It literally comes with everything in the photo. I was stoked to see that it really did come with both the clear and dark lenses. These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece! I also ordered the Suppressor frame and stuck my dark lens in it - the Crossbow Suppressor frame is ultra thin so you can wear them with ear muffs. This way, I've got a pair for work and a second pair for the range. You will NOT be disappointed with these glasses! See all .
Wilfredo Molina
The corinth n2b jacket is made in the USA but the quality is so cheap people may think it is made in China ,then you have same jacket made by Alpha (made in the USA ) i found same jacket Alpha made in the USA not China for 99.00 dollars at a different army surplus website .make things clear not only about the brand and where the product was made but provide details about the quality of the product .Thanks. See all .
My husband got a Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool Folding Spade with Serrated Blade for his birthday but it didn't come with a sheath :/ So I got him this! It fits perfectly!! So happy with it because my husband is thrilled! :) See all .
Fantastic customer service!! Ordered with small sack. Came missing sack and bivy was ripped. Let customer service know right away and they immediately shipped new bivy and small sack. Arrived within a couple days. Great quick service to make the order right. See all .
The patrol cap is of very good quality, but it isn't exactly like the the ones we wore in the early 60s in that its ear flaps are lined with polyfleece, not just plain cotton fabric. In spite of that, buyers should order their correct head size, not a slightly larger size, as I did. I'm highly satisfied with my cap. Thanks, McGuire! See all .
This is the best backpack I've ever owned, civilian or mil spec. It is durable, roomy, water resistant, expandable with the Molle system, and I think it will last a very long time. This is the real deal, not a knock off. Compared to Vietnam era ALICE gear, this is an incredible improvement. The frame is durable thick impact resistant plastic but not too heavy. See all .
Sergeant Fit
This is the real deal! My original Air Force issue from 1976 started to fall apart after many years of great service. This coat is every bit as good as my original. American made quality for a great price. I love it so much I bought two. See all .
This is a bag that usually goes for far more than I can afford on a reserve officer's pay. I took a chance on used and am very happy. The bag came in good working order and clean with only minor cosmetic blemishes. No complaints here! See all .
I am in the military and was issued this at CIF. After a field problem mine came up missing. I ordered it to replace it and it is an exact match. See all .
Ordered a IMSS 5 Piece Sleep System so I could clear my hand receipt after 36 YOS, only to realize that company had a hidden spot on the order form so I think I am ordering a beat up used system only to receive a single gray bag (used) you got me this time won't happen again, 1SG See all .
I first became aware of this product six years ago when I was bedridden and needed a toilet next to my bed. These bags are durable, clean, do not smell if used correctly, and easily disposed of in a dumpster. I highly recommend them to anyone with a need for an indoor toilet that is discrete and easy to use; to anyone who travels; and to anyone who thinks they need a safe, sanitary and transportable toilet ensemble. See all .
Same high quality and featherlight weight but the added insulation suits the PA winters as a contractor. I wear the non-insulated ones in summer and these in winter. I use Tac-Laces with both pairs and love that system too. See all .
I searched for weeks in order to find just the right vest for concealing my weapon and do it in style. Trust me when I say, this vest is extremely durable, great quality and is so nice I'm purchasing the jacket style too. Smith & Wesson hired the perfect company to create this vest! I'd buy another one (different color) but no need. Highly recommend you stop searching and get this now. Size fits me perfect too, I wear a large 5'9 and about 160. Whatever size you usually wear, go with it. I went strictly by the chest however, guess a medium would do but not when you're going to wear a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath. See all .
R. Schmitt
Not satisfied; very disappointed. First of all, the shoes shipped are not as pictured. Also, the return policy is ridiculous. Between the cost of shipping, return shipping, and restocking fees I would end up losing money to return. See all .
This hat is very well made, very warm, and looks great. This is probably the lightest weight watch cap I've ever worn but it still keeps my head very warm. This hat is well worth the price! See all .
I love the vest. I usually wear medium but ordered the large and it fits perfect . It is a little heavier than I was expecting but will be great for cold weather. I'm so glad I found this for concealed carry. I'll be buying the jacket too! I purchased it on amazon but was sold and shipped by mcguirearmynavy.com See all .
This sweater was one of the most effective, practical, and sought after pieces of US Army cold weather equipment ever devised. Kept you warm, dried quickly, and looked good. Everyone loved the 5 button sweater. See all .
These pants looked new! all buttons and pockets were intact and looked hardly worn! On the inside permanent ink roll marks were visible but not anywhere on the pattern outside. I would definitely buy these again! See all .
Just like in Basic. Fill it, strap it on, just add running. It does all that you need to keep you hydrated. Be sure to get the cleaning kit so that it does not grow bacteria in storage. See all .
bobby hock
I was disappointed even after I sent an email changing the size from x-large to large,they sent me the x-large. even after mcquire acknowledged the email and changed the order to large . See all .
Best sunglasses ive ever had. Wore them in the middle east and they lasted three more years. I just ordered a new pair. Very pleased. Came in the case which is tough and awesome, has MOLLE on the back, it came woth a clear lens,and two nose peices (badass), a strap, and some antifog solution. Super happy. Best day of this month so far. i recomend you buy some before theyre gone See all .
This is exactly what it says it is. Very heavy duty cover, reinforced sides, excellent stitching, solid buckle, drainage hole in the bottom. Connects easily to my Maxpedition Kodiak EDC. Perfectly fits a government issue entrenching tool. Would recommend any day over the old original G.I. heavy plastic cover that have alice clips. See all .
every part of this purchase exceeded my expectations. excellent quality, prompt shipping, follow up thru email on progress of processing and shipping. Fully intend on making future purchases here. See all .
Super like .its one of the A one eye protection eyewear ever made with the best style ever exist See all .
Though it's called a 3 day pack, I'd say it is closer to a 1 1/2 day pack. It has plenty of separators in it for organizing what you need and when you need it. When loaded, with cooking gear, sleeping bag, shelter tarps, clothes, and two full canteens , this pack carries very well. The shoulder straps are very comfortable in regards to all the weight being packed. For short hikes this pack is ideal, but if you're planning on a 3 day go of it, I'd suggest a little larger pack to provide more meals on the trail. See all .
mike kilgore
Awesome Bonnie hat, good price, easy ordering, love the hat, keeps my ears from sun burn, wished I would have ordered sooner, thanks. See all .
Rich Colter
The pant quality seemed excellent. However, I had to return as it was too small. I wear a size 44 and the 2xl was very tight on me. I have the jacket as well and it was oversized as an outer garment should be. See all .
G`day don`t expect bells and whistles from this sleeping bag, budget priced bag more suited for boy scouts and army cadets. Based on what we have received is a moderate sleeping bag for mild nights, the only thing army about this bag is the color "Green" See all .
These boots are amazing! We live in Minnesota where it gets -20 every winter (it was -18 this morning) and I have NEVER had cold or wet feet. I have had the same pair since 1995 and I've decided it was time to get a new pair…..so I paid about .50 a year for the greatest boots ever. See all .
These spacers do exactly what they should, which is compensate for a space difference inside the footwear. They are much stronger material than store bought ones, that is why they are SWAT! Thanks. When the ones I have are worn through I will DEFINITELY be re-ordering. See all .
This is my second pair of these gloves. My first pair is still serving me well but I wanted to have another pair when needed. The medium size fits my small hand perfectly. I love them for driving or other outdoor activities. See all .
Rosie Leake
I really liked the vest - it fit true to size and is comfortable. The problem I have with it is that my Smith & Wesson 9mm doesn't fit in the conceal carry pockets - which is what I bought it for. My Ruger 9mm fits in it great, so I decided to keep the vest, but I really prefer my SW. See all .
I ordered the USMC Boonie hat for my river rafting trip. This hat is indestructible! It provided shade, it's lightweight, and held up against the elements. I ordered it late and wasn't sure I'd get it in time but McGuire's came through. Very happy with my purchase. See all .
Just "the best " Super like .its one of the A one eye protection eyewear ever made with the best style ever exist . See all .
The bag is exactly what I was looking for. My nephew is in the Marines and Forceprotector Gear is what the Marines use for travel bags. Very durable, quality on the zippers and the material. The wheels are stainless steel ball bearings. I would recommend this bag to anybody that is looking for quality. See all .
Jacket is brisk weather capable. Lightweight and fit is good, though the hood is a bit larger than expected (possible to fit over an ECH). Great jacket and service overall. See all .
forrest curran
glad I got mine before the 5 reviews pile up; somewhere I still have my real Navy one, but can't find it; so I started looking and considering paying big bucks for some with big names; then I found this and it is the real deal and it is big enuf for my big head, and it is comfortable, and it can be pulled down as much or as little as you want, and is of sufficient size to do that about any way you want to. Great hat, just like the old days...I sure miss the old days. See all .
I've had 2 pair of these over the years and warn them with no socks in -25F weather and my feet where still warm and toasty. They are heavy but that's just due to all the insulation. The valve on the side is to equalize air pressure from inside to the boot to outside for the paratroops. Unless you're jumping out of high altitude aircraft, you don't need to mess with the valves, just keep them closed to avoid getting moisture into the actual lining of the boot. See all .
Stan Knutz
I can not say enough positive things about the ECWCS Parka, and I currently own two. I am very tough on gear, and the fancy designer rain wear can't stand up to the beatings I regularly endure. First Parka I bought was a large, used it for years. Two yrs ago I lost some weight, so I picked up a Med. All jackets performed flawlessly. See all .
An exceptional boot at an even better price! I've paid more for boots with faux leather that fall apart in three to four months. I'm going to purchase a second pair and just throw them in the closet. Just in case.. See all .
Shannon Alton
It was bought as a birthday gift for my husband who spent 8 yrs in the Army Infantry. He did 1 deployment to Iraq and 2 to Kuwait. He has been saying for years how much he loved his Woobie. When he opened it the smile on his face was priceless. Thank you for making it possible. See all .
I purchased 10 of these blankets to be re-purposed as dog beds for my business. I usually purchase about 100 of these blankets a year, so I expect some wear and tear. Only 2 of them did not contain numerous quarter sized holes and larger or stains that covered the majority of the blanket. No where in the description does it mention anything about this being a possibility. I did purchase them under the thought that they would be gently used, but not virtually threads and stains. See all .
Joe N F Harrisson
Hi, Very disappointed since that not only they are not original American but cheap Far East copies and the canteen does not fit properly in the cup. Joe I'm sorry that the fit isn't exactly right, but it's the canteen that isn't genuine issue (as clearly indicated), not the cup. - YY See all .
Eric Kuehn
Have had no problems with the boots. Have wore them deer hunting a few times already and with 2 pairs of socks my feet stay warm. Am looking forward to wearing them this winter ice fishing as well. The only thing I didn't like was the short boot laces. Can't even lace all the way to the top. I will have to buy a longer pair. Otherwise a great product. Definitely recommend them. See all .
I bought my first pair 2 years ago. that being said, the pair I bought 2 years ago has lasted through 12 hour days, walking on concrete, stone, and sand, survived one trip across the world, and they are still going strong. honestly I wouldn't even replace them except I know their time is about up and I want a pair ready when they go. I shopped around but I just couldn't buy another brand seeing how Danner has treated me. so I stick to what I know, and what is, in my opinion, the best boots o the market. See all .
I bought a "camping shovel" like my old army surplus trenching tool I lost. It was cheap bendable metal and did not last after digging one hole. I am glad I found this one on-line. It is built like my old surplus trenching tool, heavy duty construction and folds nicely into a compact size See all .
Mike Wurtzel
Fantastic looking boots and I love them. Thank you very much for everything. I`m sure I`ll be shopping for your company again in the future. See all .
No kidding, hands down, the most comfortable and durable boots I've ever owned. Much lighter than traditional steel toes with the same crush rating these boots feel little different from the non-safety toe pair I also own. Breathable and dry these boots are well suited to tough environments and are good through all but the coldest days. (Yes, it does get cold in Arizona in the mountains in winter). Easy to clean too. See all .
John Taylor
Listed as Genuine Military Issue and was suppose to be New Condition. What I received was a factory reject. Has a huge seam in the middle where two pieces of material was sewn together. Over 10 active duty and seen thousands of woobies and never saw one sewn like this. Not the first I’ve been sold factory rejected items by McGuire. Received a USGI laundry bag about a year ago that was clearly stamped “reject” on it but was not listed as such in item description. Will probably be shopping elsewhere from now on. See all .
i bought this to use as a work bag as well as an every day carry bag. it is bigger then i thought it would be which is great. i am able to fit everything i need in there, including work stuff and some basic survival gear, and then there is still some extra room. it has a lot of pockets and i really like the fact that it has a water bottle pocket as well. i take this with me everywhere i go and it is everything i hoped it would be. overall, this is a great product and is well worth the price. See all .
Reginald Whitaker
I received the hat in the mail today. It is NOT wool and is made very cheaply. The hat may have some small percent of wool but is mostly nylon. There is a tag affixed which indicates it being 100% wool. This is clearly not true. I called the customer support number and they did not even attempt to refute the fact which indicates to me that they are fully aware of this false representation and are betting on buyers who are either unaware or not willing to take action against them. I was informed that they would be sending me a shipping label to return the item for a full refund including shipping. If this does not transpire I will seek legal action. I will follow up on this post if this becomes the case. Buyer beware, this is not the item shown in the photo and is NOT 100% wool as is stated. Mcguire Army Navy response: We have checked with the manufacturer and the item is as stated. It is 100% wool. See all .
Great product! Great product! Great Product! Great product! Great product! Great Product! Great product! Great product! Great Product! Great product! Great product! Great Product! Great product! Great product! Great Product! Great product! Great product! Great Product! I enjoy it a lot and I'm glad I ordered it. My friend recommended this product to me as well. So I'm glad I ordered it. It's great that's all can I please stop typing now? See all .
Ryan Murphy
Five stars, this mask is amazing. Perfect unused surplus still had the red x over the lens indicating that it is unused surplus and it also had the preservation powder on it. The mask forms a perfect seal and works flawlessly. Definitely worth the money for the quality. See all .
After wearing the jacket for only 6 months, the knit collar, cuffs and waistband have lots shape and started to fall apart. The materials used vary to my colleagues identical Alpha Industries jacket that he purchased directly through the manufacturers website. I'm very disappointed with this jacket. See all .
Bought one of these for my Range Officer friend at the club (we support our veterans). He said it was so warm with the MP-Tex material and cuffs, looked great on him also. That was when I decided I needed one also. Looks very professional, lightweight and breaks the wind and rain. ns) See all .
Kathy Osthoff
I bought one of these used shelter halves for less than it would have cost me to buy a brand new shelter half. The package came and there was a 12 by 24 in tear in the middle of the half, a grommet torn out, and several other holes throughout the half. It was completely unusable. I contacted the company and they did not respond to my email. I sent another email and received a quick message back saying that they would be mailing out another one immediately. In short time I did receive a second shelter half, however, it had a 3-foot tear in it even bigger than the other half and several more holes throughout. Very dissatisfied! Update: I would like to add an update to my previous review. The company has sent me a new shelter half that is better than I hoped for. It took three attempts but I am happy with purchase and customer service. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue. Thank you. See all .
I am very pleased with my US Army Genuine Issue Official Gen III Level 5 Softshell Extreme Cold Weather Jacket, Multicam. They fit great, shipping was straight forward. I cant wait to order my level 6 jacket and pants, when is that going to be in stock? I definetly recommend this site to my friends See all .
Within months of our wedding, I knew I was never going to get any sleep unless I started wearing earplugs. My husband's snoring was deep, loud, and irritatingly sporadic (yes, turned out to be apnea). I tried a few other brands/types, and then found these. Have worn them every night since then. The beauty of them is how his snoring is just a background sound, but when something is wrong - with him, something in the house, an alarm that goes off - I hear everything I need to hear! Just a note: I wear one pair for 3-4 nights (putting them back in the cardboard pack each morning to keep them clean) and then toss them. Have never had an infection or irritation. They're a keeper! See all .
Joseph Mosser
Bought Grey lenses, arrived quickly, no damage. Needed genuine ESS lense, as I bought goggles on Ebay and they came with non-Ess lenses. Would recommend. Am going to purchase clear as well. See all .
Rosemary Mroz
My husband was in the Navy in the 60s and loved his navy wool that had worn out years ago. Always tried to replace but none were ever quite right until we got these. He is so happy again and WARM!! Thank you For making this sailor happy. See all .
I got this cap after buying two of the same type made by Rothco, which seemed and were in fact small. I have shaved head so that is not an issue, large size head at about 7 3/4. The rothco caps did not cover my earlobes and creeped up, this tactical micro fleece cap by Condor is much larger and covers my ear lobes, has room in top so it doesn't creep so much, and is a well made/sewn cap of comfortable fleece...I love mine and will not part with it. the old Rothco caps go to charity collection. See all .
I still have these glasses and it's been over a year. I race my bicycle with them, and weirdly enough are the best pair of shades I own. See all .
Micharel Paradis
Best socks I've ever owned! I bought 30 pair and wore them exclusively every day for the last 5 years before they wore out. That's about 60 days worth out of each pair! See all .
it is great for sports that require high endurance like running and racquetball. It makes a lot of difference as it absorbs sweat and dissipates it a lot better than other t-shirts See all .
I use these for Airsoft. Since I do a lot of peaking out, these have been hit dozens of times. There have been some light surface scratches from a few close shots, but nothing terrible (I can still see out of them perfectly) and hey - their job is to protect my eyes which they do. The first thing you should do when you get these is rip out the foam around the outside to expose the air vents. That will help prevent fogging but I use Fogtech in combination with this strategy for fog free gameplay. See all .
I ordered mine to store batteries for my radio control electric planes. I needed a large, secure and fireproof box, since the lithium-polymer batteries which have become so popular for powering electric planes are sometimes prone to swell up or burst into flame at up to 2000 degrees F, so they're not the kind of thing to store near flammable materials or leave unprotected in a vehicle. Once it is insulated with high temperature materials I'm good to go. These ammo boxes are larger and more capacious than most, have a solid latch, and are dirt cheap. Mine arrived in excellent condition, without rust or dents. See all .
This is a very well made jacket that has become my goto jacket in the winter -- with the liner. I bought this jacket to replace my ancient M-65 surplus jacket from the 60's and I haven't been disapointed. I found with the liner a Med is a Med, but if you plan on not wearing much underneath it, and want a slimmer look, you might want to drop down a size. This is an incredible price for a US made Alpha jacket. I'm very pleased with my purchase and with McGuire. See all .
This is a great little shovel. I have not had the opportunity to use it yet; however, it is very well made and sturdy. I ordered a used one and it looks brand new. I keep it in the trunk of my car with a little emergency kit. See all .
This bag is unbeatable! The best travel, go anywhere type of bag that will last a lifetime and is made in the USA! Bag is in like new condition and was hard to tell it was used. You won't find a price like this anywhere else and is well worth it. I'm on the road constantly and am able to live out of this bag with no problems, just buy it!!! See all .
This is the 'real deal'. This is what you want to stay warm and toasty - in even the most bitter wind driven cold. I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. Get the pants too if you can. McGuire had it at a very good price. Came in original packaging. I am a repeat customer - buy this item, and from them, with confidence. See all .
Jeffrey Stahoviak
Five Stars! These are very similar to the tan pair I also purchased and reviewed. Often my work requires FR, and the Nomex flight gloves I was given by my employer are so creepy-looking that I have worn them as part of a scary Halloween costume, plus they are not nearly as substantial as this pair of gloves. These are similar in price, and a much better value for the money. The only improvement I could ask for would be hard-armored knuckle protection. I like their high quality design, materials, and construction. See all .
I've been wearing these boots for about a month now and the lowest temp so far has been -16 F. Prior to this I was wearing a pair of Belleville gortex lined boots with safety toes, soon as those safety toes got cold it was game over See all .
Anorak could use more velcro at wrists and a zipper at the neck. Minor complaint for a product that was just what I've been looking for. Service was excellent, fit and performance just right. Recommended! See all .
hans kistner
The only boot that stays warm, in my opinion. I wore these when I walked a mile to class in a Boston winter. They are comfortable and dry. They are not practical for any other use than keeping feet dry and warm, however, because they are very space-consuming. They are not that heavy, though. See all .
This does not have ega on front of cover . I purchased one and had no ega . So how can it be a Usmc cover with no ega. (Apologies. We had received a batch of hats without the EGA, they are being replaced with the proper ones immediately -- Sales team) See all .
Brand of carrier was Specialt Defense Systems (not point blank, not a problem). The carrier was brand new and was not faded or torn. Now I need to get new woodland pouches since those are faded and worn. Very pleased and the price was excellent. See all .
This is exactly what I wanted! I've had a lot of sleeping bags over the years, but the modular nature and different possible sleeping combinations of a genuine military sleep system was always superior. Not the lightest, easiest to carry bag for hiking... but perfect for my (mostly car camping) needs. Bag arrived quickly, clean and in great condition. I would definitely recommend McGuire Army Navy and this sleep system! See all .
Joseph Treloar
Amazing coat. I'm 6'4" and slender. Finding an overcoat that isn't made for a man with a gut is hard. This coat is perfect! And double breast really cuts down on wind, which is a big plus when I'm walking to work. Finally, I have received several comments on the coat, some from complete strangers! The only thing to be aware of is that the coat will ship folded up in a bag, so there will be a lot of creases that need to be pressed out. The solution is to wet a dish rag, squeeze it out until it is damp, and use an iron on the wool setting to press the flattened, damp towel against the creases in the coat. It took me a while (30 to 60 minutes), but it was easy to do and will save you a trip to the dry cleaners. See all .
James Miller
Bought this couple weeks ago. I used one when I was in the marines so I knew the quality. I do landscaping work and this thing can keep water cool in 90+ degree direct sun on my back for a while. For a good reference it holds 5 standard bottles of water like you get from walmart(3L). Don't know why I can't set a rating(maybe cause I'm on my phone) but 5 stars . most others out there i seen are bulky and in the form of backpacks, can't speak for the quality but you don't want an entire pack on your back working all day just for your water. Highly recommended if you want a good quality low profile camelbak. See all .
My job requires me to stand and walk in cold, wet, and windy conditions during the whole winter season. I borrowed my friends mickey mouse boots when my regular work boots failed and I was sold! The next day I bought my own and never regretted it aside from not knowing about these boots years ago. I can stand in the worst winter conditions and my feet stay warm and dry all day!! They are not the most comfortable to walk in for long distances but with a few layers of socks you can create a nice cushion. They dont make your feet look cartoonishly huge and they are not fur lined. I recommend going with a half size larger than your norm for layering. They are worth every penny!!! See all .
Megan Meeks
After looking everywhere for these thermals, I came across these and McGuire's was the cheapest place to buy them and these thermals are the only ones my husband will wear. The price and shipping charges were perfect considering these are new and not used like everywhere else I looked. Thank you so much for having these available. These thermals are the best that we can find for having to work out in the snow at times since they keep you warm and last for many years, we have and still use some that were used when we bought them and that was 10-15 years ago.

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