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Ten Feet Tall is a DC band that does the near-impossible - mix joyous original music with some of your favorite songs in such a way that their own music never lets you down. TFT's original tunes are rooted in classic soul and funk but with the sly wit and storytelling of classic rock and pop as a secret weapon. When the band hits the stage, the crowd moves on gut, on instinct. A good time has arrived.

The History

It's been a full decade of evolution, but the band began with a curious mixture of modern soul drumming, highly literate guitar, and harmonica. Founding member, drummer Jeff Cohen provided the steady beat and technical agility that drove the band. More than a little Blues Traveler ran through the blood of co-founder, harmonica player Rob Lowe, and many of the wild tunes he brought to the band are still in the book. But the band stabilized as funky-energy bassist Larry Joseloff joined (bringing with him a hunger for the long-form jam) and singer-percussionist Scott Price grabbed the lead vocal mic the same way that he grabs the hearts of audiences everywhere he goes. When Rob left the area, his dramatic leads had to be replaced by two instruments, so the band turned to the jazz-obsessed Will Layman on keys and saxophones -- a man ever-willing to place fuel on the fire. Co-founder and guitarist Josh Himmelsbach remains the mastermind behind many of TFT's original songs. Those Blues Traveler ties have led to Josh playing mandolin with the band when they are touring in the DC area. In early 2015 Cohen's departure led to drummer Chris Murray (Crowded Streets, 8 Ohms Band) joining the band. The result is a quintet equally at home in several styles, bringing them all together in fresh and funky music.

The Music

When your feet haven't left the dance floor after five original songs in a row, then you're certainly hearing Ten Feet Tall. If you recognize material by Marley, Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, and Stevie Wonder, well, you're probably at a TFT jam. On any given night, Ten Feet Tall arrives at the venue packing pulse. A typical set list mixes slow-blues with a popular party jam, an original rockin' funk tune driven by a biting saxophone line, and a danceable update on a song by The Cure. Ten Feet Tall travels this path every time it plays a room, a theater, a bar, or a festival. TFT strives to tell stories that travel across many styles. Get up to get down!

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