Upside down fishtail braid bun 2018

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hairstyles / upside down braid to bun hairstyles 2017-2018

Upside Down Braid to Bun Hairstyles 2017-2018

The Dutch braid is all time favorite of women and here is a new version in which the   braid starts from from the neck and turns to a messy bun ate the crown. It is a simple and stylish hairstyle which is suitable for formal events and meetings. It can be carried for evening events.


The braid simple Dutch upside down braid and bun


The hairstyle is a combination of two hairstyles a braid and a bun, which are very easy to style and carry. Those who are good at braiding and chignon bun can get the perfect hairstyle. You might need practice at the start. This upside down fishtail braid bun 2018 hairstyle is ideal for formal evening events.

The hairstyle works on medium to thick hair in density. Round and oval face structure are ideal for it.


Simple dutch upside down braid and bun 2017-2018


To achieve the hairstyle follow the following steps


1. Start with blow dried hair, flip your head and keep the hair underneath.
2. At the nape of the neck take a piece of hair and separate it into three parts.
3. To create the braid bring the side piece and cross with underneath the middle one.
4. Repeat the same step till it reaches to crown section but keep in mind; you have to add a extra hair with side strands each time before crossing.
5. Secure the braided section with elastic.
6. Collect the hair from the front section and create a ponytail at the point where the braid ends.
7. Now twist the length and wrap it around the elastic.
8. Use bobby pins to secure the twisted bun.
9. Use your finger and pick some piece of hair making it loose and giving a messy look to the bun.
10. Apply a holding spray at the end.


The double upside down braid and buns


This hairstyle is similarly to the Dutch upside-down braid which is suitable for workout, jogging, and other outside activities. Square and oval face structure works well with this hairstyle.


double upside down braid and buns 2017 2018


To get the hairstyle follow these steps:

1. Blow dry hair and divide it into a centre part from front to back.
2. To make a clear braid keep one side pinned or hair clip.
3. At the neck nape take three piece of hair and create a Dutch braid
4. Add other piece of hair with the side strands and continue until reaches the top.
5. Secure the braided section with elastic at the top.
6. Repeat the same process on the other side.
7. Gather the hair from one side at the front and create a messy bun at the top, where the braided section ends. Use fingers to make the loose and messy. Secure with bobby pins.
8. Repeat on the other side.
9. Apply a holding spray.

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