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Celine Soft Cube Bag Review (2 of 3)-min.jpg

October 15, 2018

Hi guys and it’s finally here, the Céline Soft Cube bag review I’ve been promising for the last couple of weeks (months?). I purchased this bag through my holiday favorite secondhand bag retailer,, using mostly credit from a bag I sold to them (read about how that all works ). And I’m so thrilled that I was able to “trade-in” my rarely used Valentino glam lock bag for this Céline soft cube bag that I’ve been using almost daily since I got it! I had my eye on this bag for awhile now but I couldn’t justify purchasing it since I also purchased my Celine Nano Belt Bag (reviewed here) this year. But I love my Soft Cube bag and it has quickly become a workhorse in my closet.

 Lol posting this awkward photo since it captures the bag best

Lol posting this awkward photo since it captures the bag best

{Wearing: (review coming soon), (), Celine Soft Cube bag ()}

The bag measures 8.66 x 9.45 x 4.33 " so it’s not quite a cube, but of course it’s better this way (a real cube would be so awkward to carry lol). The shoulder strap is about a 21” drop and sadly it’s not adjustable. The inside has a flat pocket with two slots that are pretty useless. They can hold credit cards/business cards and sometimes I stash receipts in them but I can’t fit my iPhoneX in it.

Inside the bag feels pretty big and can easily fit my essentials (wallet, keys, phones, sunglasses) along with my reusable bags and other odds and ends. Because it’s just one large compartment, things sometimes do get lost on the bottom and it can feel like a bottomless pit. Luckily, the bag is small enough so that you’re not searching endlessly for stuff.

I’m not particularly careful with my bags and I find that the leather is quite durable. No scratches or marks on it. It’s more durable than the smooth leather of my Sangle or the Trio I had before that. Also on a new Soft Cube bag, the handles tend to stand up but with wear I’ve noticed that they fall to the sides when wearing the bag crossbody (which I prefer).

Celine Soft Cube Bag Review (3 of 3)-min.jpg

Overall, I feel like this is a great simple, no-fuss bag from (old) Céline (read all about my ode to them ). If you’re looking for a classic daily bag that can fit all your essentials and then some, I highly recommend looking into getting this bag! I’m not sure how much longer Celine stores will valentino holiday bag 2018 be carrying the old stuff, but you can sometimes find the Soft Cube bag on Fashionphile or on The RealReal.

Hook and Stem Review

October 14, 2018

I recently ordered this from Etsy and I loved how it came out (the pot itself is from Ikea)., which by the way has a ton of cute stuff, is a husband and wife team making hand-made wood objects out of their home in Canada. And when I asked them a question about what size plant stand to get they kindly offered to do a custom order for no additional cost. I guess that’s the nice thing about buying things made-to-order from a small business (plus there’s no excess waste of over-producing). All of their wood objects are made with no additional dyes and stains. Talk about looks good and feels good! I might get another shorter one to have two staggered plants. Also please notice how a new big leaf will be unfurling soon! My Home Depot plant is one it’s way to becoming a one, lol.

And I know this is a heavy note to leave on, but I think is too important not to share. One of my favorite and most respected blogger I’ve been reading for years shared her sexual assault story and it breaks my heart. But I think it’s so important to hear these stories because it’s more common than we think. I’m so extremely lucky that I’ve had friends who’ve watched out for me when I’ve been black out drunk and so I’ve never had to face such an ordeal. But this could have easily been my story because it can happen to any woman who was ever “foolish” enough to drink one drink too many.

Lauren Manoogian Review

October 12, 2018

This past post-summer sale season I got sucked into buying two things (which I was happy about for being quite minimal for me but also not happy about because I was trying to buy zero items), one of which was this skirt (the other was the linen Alta top from Only Child). Here I was feeling all superior not partaking in the sale season frenzy and saying things like, don’t plan for Fall and instead live in the moment. But then after seeing Grechen’s notification post of things for sale at the Garmentory and specifically about this skirt, I succumbed to temptation >.<. I was especially tempted after seeing Grechen rock her version of this skirt. This skirt was just made for Autumn!

I’ve been hearing about Lauren Manoogian around on the ethical blogosphere, and she’s known for her awesome knit pieces. She believes in sustainability and thus works with Peruvian artisans to knit pieces from consciously-sourced materials. The number of items she makes every season is limited, but you know they’re made well and made to last. You can read more about her ethics.

Lauren Manoogian ReviewLauren Manoogian Review

{Wearing: (), Lauren Manoogian Skirt (similar ), (), Hermes Lindy 30 (, )}

You can no longer find for sale anywhere on the internet (it’s last year’s release) but you might be lucky enough to score it on eBay or some other secondhand site. And if you do, I highly hiiiighly recommend you snatching it up if you’re even a tiny bit interested. Because this skirt is so awesome. It’s a blend of pima cotton and merino wool, which means it’s slightly warm but not at all itchy. There’s also quite a bit of stretch, which is perfect for my pregnant belly. Also, that means it’s not that hard to walk in either.

Lauren Manoogian ReviewLauren Manoogian Review

I’m wearing a size 2 here, which is their medium. I also like that I can hike the skirt up to work with my cropped tops and show some ankle.

The one thing I don’t like about the skirt though is that you can see my panty lines with it, which is surprising considering it’s a knit. But since the tube skirt is so form-fitting, you can get some VPL if you’re not wearing the right underwear.

But despite that, I really enjoy wearing this sweater skirt! It’s the perfect comfy, stretchy piece to pair with my sweaters. Also the quality is top notch, and rest assured when you’re getting something from Lauren Manoogian, you’re getting a well-made item made to last!

Anyone else have something from Lauren Manoogian and what do you think?

October 10, 2018

This is an unsponsored post but it does contain affiliate links

So I know I’m waaaaaay late to the game with here, but for the longest time I had a bit of a bias against them because of some stories on the PurseForum of people buying fake bags on the RealReal (and since they have a no return policy on bags, some of them were in a pickle). So I kind of steered clear. But Fashion Week/Month on Instagram must have infiltrated my brain because I started looking for some designer clothes to augment my normal normcore/classic style. I first looked on eBay and there was nothing, but a quick google search led me to the RealReal. So I finally decided to try them out to buy some clothes.

First of all, I decided to shop through their iPhone app so I could scroll through on the go. And I have to say, their app is awesome. It’s so easy to browse, search and to save your favorites (your “obsessions” as they like to call it). I also love that you can save your specific searches (what they call “feeds”) and then easily browse them all from one page (with the newest items clearly visible across several feeds—genius!). For example one of my feeds is (yep, I’m still eyeing this bag but I’m just biding my time with the hunt) and. You can also refine the search by size and other factors to tailor the feed specifically for what you’re looking for. Buying through the app was also super easy. Just plug in all your info and done!

The shipping time varies depending on where you’re located. But since they have an east coast and west coast facility, some items will reach you sooner than others. I like how they will ship items separately just so you can get your items asap. I ordered some things on Monday and got them on Tuesday! The other half of my order is coming next week Monday. They’ll let you know when things ship but you don’t know what is in which box.


The items I got were in excellent shape and clean (seriously so much better than a thrift store). They all come with large tags which you only remove when you want to keep the item.

So here are some of the things I didn’t like about The RealReal:

1) shipping and returning!! Yep that’s an arm and a leg so you better buy all your items in one order for the month and one return. I kind of get it since they’re dealing with 2 warehouses and they’re shipping with UPS. But still, eeek!

2) And since returning is so expensive, I wish they would take more than just 3 pictures of each garment. Like at least the inside or tags, especially since Asian countries still make fake branded clothing and I need to see the tag to determine authenticity.

But overall, I think shopping at The RealReal for clothes is a great way to participate in the sustainable circular economy as well as give your wallet a break. And it’s especially great if you want to try designer clothes but aren’t sure how well they’ll fit into your current closet. At least you can experiment without a huge financial commitment! As for me, the more pregnant I get, the more I feel like wearing something other than my really classic clothes. For some reason I’m starting to feel frumpy in them, so now I want to try new things and have fun with my style!

October 8, 2018

This is for all those who were interested on my Insta-story in making this necklace for themselves:

diy irene neuwirth (1 of 1)-min.jpgIMG_5697-min.PNG

It all started when I read an article about Busy Phillips’ rise on Instagram as the every-girl best friend, and so naturally I was curious to see what all the hoop-la was about. So I began to follow her too and I slowly became hooked on her Instagram stories. And this led me to Irene Neuwirth’s opal beaded necklaces like and, which Busy rocks on a daily basis (and seeing as she’s friends with Irene, she sometimes promotes them too). I was intrigued, but when I looked up the prices I could not believe my eyes (I felt like my eyes literally leapt out of their sockets, lol). These necklaces range from k-,000!! For something that looks like sweet candy necklaces, they sure do cost a lot! So forget it, I’ll never buy one. But I figured they can’t be that hard to make, and you know what? I was right!


The Beads:

So in general, opals are not cheap. But I found some of the best prices on Etsy by buying directly from suppliers in India. I purchased these. I purchased them for about and there was an added shipping of (they sometimes hike up the price but I’ve seen it stay at this “sale” price for weeks at a time so don’t purchase these beads for anything more than!). They came well packaged and delivery was quite quick, especially considering they were coming form halfway around the world. The quality was pretty good with some crap beads but the bulk of them were quite nice. These beads are about 3-5mm so they’re on the smaller side, which worked for me. But if you want larger beads, they have those too (they just cost a bit more). Since I wanted my necklace to be shorter than 16 inches, I was able to eliminate the crap beads and some small nice beads and still come out with a 15” necklace using only the best beads. Also since the knots add length to the necklace, your final product will be longer than the 16” if you do use all but the few crap beads.

For my second necklace, I decided to try a different seller (also from India) and I got. I got a 16 inch strand for and again “on sale” but that seems to be the normal price. I can’t yet verify the quality of the beads but they seem to have really good ratings on Etsy. I’ll update this post once I get my shipment.

The Silk Thread:

Following a Youtube tutorial (which I posted below), I purchased meant for beading and stringing pearls. This thread is great because it comes with it’s own needle and there’s enough thread to make 2 necklaces. I purchased the No. 1 size (0.35mm cord size) because you want to make sure the thread can fit through the bead (which for these opals from India are 0.4mm). And make sure your string matches your beads for a more seamless look.

The clasp and french wire:

I bought my, and found the quality to be so-so. If you’re only planning to make one necklace and thus only need one clasp, I think it’s a good price. There was nothing wrong with the function of the clasp, but it was slightly tarnished (which a silver polish cloth should fix). For my second (and third necklaces, yea I’m getting a bit ambitious) I bought clasps from. Their clasps look nicer and cost only slightly more, but since they’re coming from Canada the shipping is more and thus the overall price is higher than the Florida seller. I’ll update this post about their quality when I get them.

You will also need french wire (explained in the video below) to cover where the clasps connect to the string of beads. I purchased mine. And you want to get the thinnest silver one for this necklace.

Other Tools:

So the two other things the video recommends getting is a pair of and to ensure your necklace will never unravel. I definitely recommend getting the tweezers since regular tweezers won’t cut it.

And here is this great video where I learned how to make this necklace:

And that’s it! It took me about 2 hours start to finish. I can’t wait to make my white opal necklace (maybe make it long like Busy’s?) and I also got material for another aquamarine necklace (my birthstone). I’ll take pictures and post them here when I’m done.

Total, my necklace came out to about with some start-up costs. So it wasn’t exactly cheap, but at the same time it’s waaaaay below that several thousand dollar starting price of Irene Neuwirth’s versions so it’s worth it in my book. Plus the next one will be a lot less since I already have some of the materials (french wire, the tweezers, and glue). Anyway if you decide to make this necklace I would love to see your versions so please send pics through email or Instagram!

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