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diy marble moon phase wall hanging <i>wall hanging ideas 2018</i> | almost makes perfect

because moon phases are currently my favorite thing, i really wanted to make an easy wall hanging for our bedroom. so i created this one in about 20 minutes!

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect

diy moon phase hanging

01. soften up your clay and shape out your black balls (teehee), i used each slice of the package as a separate ball (teehee).

02. add a bunch of small pieces of white to your black and roll around in your hands to get the white to spread organically like marble. careful not to blend the white in too well or you’ll have to start over. (you may remember this technique from )

how to marble clay

03. roll out each piece using your rolling pin (that you obviously don’t use with food because that would be nuts).

04. using the circular cookie cutter, shape a circle. to get the crescent moon shapes, press the circle in again lower. cut out all the shapes you’d like using the various cookie cutters.

05. let the clay cool off from your hands if necessary – then poke a hole in the top of each piece using a toothpick, and bake according to the package directions.

diy moon phase wall hangingdiy moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfectdiy moon phase hanging

06. once baked and cooled, tie your pieces together. this was super hard to figure out how to do / photograph, so gideon drew this diagram for you. basically — you loop the thread through with your needle, and knot on the backside. try to space yours out better than we did.

moon phase chime | how to tie

07. tie a loop at the top of your string and hang!

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfectdiy moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect

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